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Favorite Album - Some Hearts

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Favorite Album - Some Hearts
Date: 03/01/16 - 04/30/16


Thanks to Connie for our next Favorite Album challenge! This round we will work with Carrie Underwood's debut album, Some Hearts.

Levels of Participation
Disc One = 1 to 3 Tasks
Disc Two = 4 to 6 Tasks
Disc Three = 7+ Tasks

Choose a level of participation and complete the required number of tasks. Tasks can be mixed. For example, if you choose to do the Disc One Level (1 to 3 tasks), you may choose to complete a task for numbers 1, 2 and 3, OR you may choose to do a task for numbers 2, 5, and 9.

Challenge Rules:
The page limit requirement is 125 pages; however, participants are welcome to combine smaller books to reach this requirement. All books and formats are allowed (children's, manga, graphic novels, audiobooks, etc). When updating your challenge with the books you've read, please include: (1) book title link, (2) the author's name, (3) the date you finished reading the book.

Read a book by an author whose first and last initials can be found in SOMEHEARTS.
Molly Harper Driving Mr. Dead 3/16/16

Some Hearts is the debut album by Carrie Underwood released on November 15, 2005.
Read a book published in November (any year), or Series/TBR book #1 or #5.
Letting Go Jennifer Foor 3/6/16

Five singles were released from this album: (1) Jesus, Take the Wheel, (2) Some Hearts, (3) Don't Forget to Remember Me, (4) Before He Cheats, and (5) Wasted.
Read a book with a title beginning with 'J', 'S', 'D', 'B', or 'W'.
Jax Lane Hart 3/3/16 

The album was released on the Arista Nashville label.
Form a word (at least 3 letters long) from the letters ARISITANASHVILLE, and read a book with the formed word in the title. HEARTS
Queen of Hearts Jami Denise 3/2/16

6. RIAA:
In 2009, RIAA listed Some Hearts as one of the 100 Best Selling Albums of All Time.
Read one of the top 100 books from your TBR, or a book published in 2009.
Instant Gratification Jill Shalvis 3/1/16

The album is 50 minutes, 19 seconds long, and features 13 tracks.
Read a book with the number 5, 1, 3, or 9 in the total number of pages. 451 pages
Noah Jennifer Foor 3/6/15

The album was produced by Desmond Child, Dann Huff and Mark Bright.
Read a book with an author or character with one of these names first or last names (or a variation), or with a portion of the name found within the author's or character's first or last name - different spellings work as well (Lee Childs, Markus Zusak, Dan Brown, etc). character named Mark Ross
Two Times as Hot Cat Johnson 3/11/16
Carrie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Read a book published before 1983, or a book set in Oklahoma.
 One Night with a Cowboy Cat Johnson 3/11/16

Some Hearts went to #2 on Billboard's 200, and to #1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums. 
Read a book that has won an award, or a Series/TBR #1 or #2
Game for Trouble Karen Erickson 3/3/16

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