Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gettin' Birdy Wit It

WACKY READING CHALLENGES discussion on goodreads

Gettin' Birdy Wit It
Duration: 1 year from beginning date March 1, 2016-March 
1, 2017

I came across this list, and realized that I had read quite a few on the list, with several more in my TBR plan for this year.

The Birds

For this challenge, read books:
★about birds;
★with a bird on the cover;
★with the word “bird” or a type of bird in the title;
★OR for which the author’s first or last name is a type of bird (ex: Robin)

Level 1: Fledgling - 0-10 books
Level 2: Nester - 11-20 books
Level 3: Raptor - 21-30 books
Level 4: Master Ornithologist - 30+ books 

7. Teasing The Boss Mallory Crowe 4/20/16 
8. Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers, #2) by Jamie McGuire Beautiful Redemption Jamie McGuire 4/29/16
9. The Girl on the Train Paula Hawkins 5/26/16
10. A Catskill Eagle (Spenser, #12) by Robert B. Parker A Catskill Eagle Robert B. Parker 5/31/16

Level 2: Nester - 11-20 books
11. Summer Sky Lisa Swallow 6/8/16

12. Falling Sky Lisa Swallow 6/8/16
13. Family Love Liz Crowe 6/10/16
14. What We Find Robyn Carr 6/10/16
15. On My Knees (Bridge, #1) by Meredith Wild Meredith Wild 06/20/16
16. The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews Mary Kay Andrews 6/22/16
17. Wilde at Heart Tonya Burrows 7/23/16 bird in story
18. Hope Harbor Irene Hannon 8/29/16 birds in story -Floyd and Gladys
19. Sea Rose Lane Irene Hannon 9/5/16 birds in story -Floyd and Gladys 

20. First Time in Forever (Puffin Island, #1) by Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan 9/5/16

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