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Pretty Posies Across The USA

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Pretty Posies Across the USA

Purples and Yellows and Reds, oh my!

It’s time to celebrate the stunning flowers that make up the landscape of the United States. From Apple Blossom to Yucca, let’s get started!

For this challenge, you will use any 3 consecutive letters in the state flower name and read a book using those exact 3 consecutive letters in the book title. Examples would be Texas Bluebonnet. Using the *bon* in Bluebonnet, you may choose to read Viscount Vaga*bon*d by Loretta Chase. Or, Utah’s Sego Lily – taking the *go L* from Sego Lily, you may choose to read White *Gol*d by Rachel Amphlett. Another example would be in Alaska’s Forget Me Not. By using the *org* in Forget, you may choose to read Min*or G*ods by A.M. Yates. You choose which 3 letters to use for your book title, but THE LETTERS MUST BE CONSECUTIVE in both the state flower and in the book title. The letters you choose from the flower name may flow between 2 words in the book title. And the letters you choose in one word in the book title may flow between 2 words in the flower name. You may use A, An, The in this challenge.

For state flower names with 6 letters or less that provide limited 3 letter options, you may use the same 3 consecutive letter rule using the authors’ name as well. You may only use this option for these flowers – Peony, Yucca, Rose, Violet, and Iris. If you choose to do this for these 5 flowers only, please link the author’s name. Thank you to Barb for pointing out any author’s last name that begins with McCa would be great for Yucca.

Please indicate after each state flower name which 3 letters you used. This will make it considerably easier for the moderator and other readers to find the connection between state flower and book. This is a requirement of the challenge or your name will be excluded from the list of the completed challengers.

Every effort has been made to confirm the official state flower name from each states’ website. Some states have changed their state flower since their original statehood and we’ve made every effort to make sure these official state flower names are up to date. 


Begins June 1, 2016 - no deadline to finish

ALABAMA----- Camellia (CAME)
Then Came Alexandra E.L. Todd 6/30/16

ALASKA----- Forget Me Not (FORGET)
Unforgettable: Book One Nelle L'Amour 6/30/16

ARIZONA-----Saguaro Cactus Blossom (ACT)
Blind Attraction Eden Summers 7/18/16

ARKANSAS----- Apple Blossom (APPLE)
The Apple Orchard Susan Wiggs 7/11/16

CALIFORNIA----- Golden Poppy (DEN)
Her Accidental Husband Ashlee Mallory 7/28/16

COLORADO----- White and Lavender Columbine (INE)
Because You're Mine K. Langston 6/2/16 

CONNECTICUT----- Mountain Laurel (same as PA) 
Sweetest Scoundrel Elizabeth Hoyt 6/9/16

DELAWARE----- Peach Blossom (EACH)
Whisper Beach Shelley Noble 6/26/16

FLORIDA----- Orange Blossom (RANGE)
Stranger at Plantation Inn Jennifer Blake 8/7/16

GEORGIA----- Cherokee Rose (ROKE)
Unbroken Melody Grace 6/12/16

HAWAII----- Yellow Hibiscus (LLOW)
Summer at Willow Lake Susan Wiggs 7/24/16

IDAHO----- Syringa (ING)
Icing Kelly Jamieson 6/27/16

ILLINOIS ----- Native Violet (LET)
Don't Let Go Michelle Lynn 7/7/16

INDIANA----- Peony (ONY)
Harmony Addison Jane 8/3/16

IOWA----- Wild Rose (ILD)
'Til Death Do Us Part Amanda Quick 7/6/16

KANSAS----- Wild Native Sunflower (WILD)
Wilde Nights in Paradise Tonya Burrows 7/21/16

KENTUCKY----- Goldenrod (OLD)
Highland Soldiers 1: The Enemy J.L. Jarvis 6/14/16

LOUISIANA----- Magnolia (OLI)
Carolina Man Virginia Kantra 8/9/16

MAINE----- White Pine Cone and Tassel (PIN)
Hoping for Love Marie Force 6/6/16

MARYLAND----- Black Eyed Susan (CKE)
His Wicked Games Ember Casey 8/12/16

MASSACHUSETTS----- Mayflower (LOW)
A Lowcountry Wedding Mary Alice Monroe 6/3/16

MICHIGAN----- Apple Blossom (APP)
Unwrapping Her Perfect Match Kat Latham 7/6/16

MINNESOTA ----- Pink and White Lady’s Slipper (SLI)
Righteous Lies Patricia Watters 7/4/16

MISSISSIPPI----- Magnolia (LIA)
Wicked Sexy Liar Christina Lauren 7/19/16

MISSOURI----- Hawthorn Blossom (ORN)
Natural Born Lawman Sherryl Woods 6/3/16

MONTANA----- Bitterroot (ROOT)
Texas Roots Jean Brashear 8/10/16

NEBRASKA----- Goldenrod (OLD)
I Want to Hold Your Hand Marie Force 6/16/16

NEVADA----- Sagebrush (RUSH)
Rush Megan Matthews 7/29/16

NEW HAMPSHIRE----- Purple Lilac  (ELI)
That Thing Between Eli & Gwen J.J. McAvoy 6/28/16

NEW JERSEY----- Common Meadow Violet
On My Knees Meredith Wild 06/20/16

NEW MEXICO----- Yucca (CCA)
MacCallister's War Dana George 7/30/16

NEW YORK----- Rose (ROSE)
Truths and Roses: A Love Story Inglath Caulder 8/13/16

Good Cop Liz Kelly 6/17/16

NORTH DAKOTA----- Wild Prairie Rose (ERO)
On the Rocks Erin Duffy 6/20/16

OHIO----- Scarlet Carnation (CAR)
Carolina Blues Virginia Kantra 8/10/16

OKLAHOMA----- Oklahoma Rose (ROSE)
Redesigning Rose Lydia Laceby 8/13/16

OREGON----- Oregon Grape (GRAPE)
Eight Hundred Grapes Laura Dave 7/29/16

PENNSYLVANIA----- Mountain Laurel (OUN)
All You Need is Love Marie Force 6/11/16

RHODE ISLAND----- Violet (LET)
Don't Let Go Jaci Burton 8/4/16

SOUTH CAROLINA----- Yellow Jessamine (AMIN)
Carolina Dreaming Virginia Kantra 7/17/16

SOUTH DAKOTA----- Pasque Flower (PAS)
The Passion of Patrick MacNeill Virginia Kantra 7/9/16

TENNESSEE----- Iris 
Irish Inheritance Paula Martin 6/9/16

TEXAS----- Bluebonnet (BLUE)
Tangled Up in Blue J.D. Brick 8/3/16

UTAH----- Sego Lily (ILY)
Family Love Liz Crowe 6/10/16

VERMONT----- Red Clover (LOVE)
Fool for Love Marie Force 6/5/16

VIRGINIA-----Dogwood (DOG)
Good Guys Love Dogs Inglath Cooper 7/31/16

WASHINGTON----- Coast Rhododendron (AST)
Last Play Taylor Hart 6/24/16

WEST VIRGINIA----- Rhododendron (END)
Her Backup Boyfriend Ashlee Mallory 7/28/16

WISCONSIN----- Wood Violet (WOOD)
Hollywood Lights Lana Xavier 8/1/16

WYOMING----- Indian Paintbrush (IND)
Skin Deep Pamela Clare 6/11/16 


* Fifty books are required for this challenge to be complete. Read a book for every official state flower represented in the United States. One book, one state flower as spelled above only. We do recognize that local and district areas might have different spellings, but please use only the spelling provided. 

* This is not a cover challenge. No need to post the cover, but we do require that you link the book title. If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions here - Link Instructions

* If you want to participate in a challenge, please post a template of the challenge. Posting "I'm in," or "I want to play" doesn't give us a post to which we can link your name. 

* We will create a link for each participant. You can use that link to update your books read as the challenge progresses. 

* For each book you read, please post the linked book title, the author, and the date you finished reading the book. 

*All books must be at least 150 pages long. Graphic novels will not be allowed in this challenge.

* Re-reads are allowed, as long as you re-read the entire book. No skimming please.

* If you want the moderator to check your progress as you work on the challenge, copy/paste your update into a new message, but please tell us you're updating. We cannot scroll back through the entire thread looking for "message #15," or to follow links back to an original post. 

* Cross challenge posting is encouraged, but each book can only be used once per challenge. 

* If you use books that are in a language other than English, please translate those titles into English for the purposes of this challenge.

* When you complete this challenge, please copy and paste your post as a new message in the challenge thread, so we can all see what you’ve read for the challenge. If you do this while you're in the "edit" window (before you click on "edit post"), it will retain all of the links and formatting you've included in your original post. If you don't repost your list, you won't be included in the list of those who have completed the challenge.

* There is no deadline to finish this challenge, however sign-up to begin the challenge will end May 31, 2017 

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