Wednesday, June 29, 2016

AMMP July Word Hunt

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In the United States, July is the month of independence. It is the middle of summer and full of fun. This month's word hunt was inspired by a classic commercial forChevrolet. (Those of you who remember it from the 1970's and get the tune stuck in your head, you're welcome! :-D) The commercial was updated in 2015 just in time for the All-Star Game. So let's celebrate July with baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.

The rules are slightly different this time around. The change is that the badges match the categories. In this case, to earn the badge, find all of the words for the category. There are still 20 words and you may use a book once per category. (The following words: home run, hot dogs, ice cream, apple pie, pickup truck, and bow tie are considered to each be one word, so they need to be found as listed.) If you find all 20 words, you will receive a special badge.


Baseball All Summer Long p. 139
Pitch Here's to Us p. 203
Bat Lovers At Heart p. 252
Home Run Summer at Willow Lake Loc 2028
Fireworks Only with You p. 43

Hot Dogs Taken by Love p. 46
Pretzels Only with You p. 35
Peanuts Here's to Us p. 222
Popcorn Lovers At Heart p. 50
Beer All Summer Long p. 168

Apple Pie Don't Let Go Loc 2219
Crust All Summer Long p. 55
Sugar Here's to Us p. 237
bake or Baked Lovers At Heart p. 24
Ice Cream Only with You p. 37

Chevy Here's to Us p. 192
Camaro Don't Let Go Loc 369 
Pickup Truck Lovers At Heart p. 153
Bow Tie In Too Deep Loc 4391

If you have found all 20 words, you have hit a Grand Slam! A Grand Slam is often celebrated with fireworks, so celebrate your accomplishment with this special badge.

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