Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Get Ready for Summer Read-a-Thon

A Million More Pages discussion on goodreads

Join us for our Get Ready for Summer Read-a-Thon!
Dates: June 17-26, 2016
Time: Start at midnight your time zone on Friday night/Saturday "morning"!
End at Midnight your time zone on the following Sunday night! This way you get two weekends :-)


1. Start when you feel like it
2. Finish when you feel like it
3. Read whatever you want (Any number of pages or books; finish books already started or start books from scratch, doesn't matter)
4. Set a goal or don't! It's up to you! (Goal ideas: Number of books you want to read; number of pages you want to read; finish or start a certain book or series; work on books toward challenges, etc!)
5. Share your progress here in this thread! Set up a tracking post!
6. There will be badges! (Info in Post #2)

1. Good Cop Liz Kelly 6/17/16
2. Bad Case of Lovin' You Anita Louise 6/17/16
3. When I'm With You Harper Sloan 6/18/16
4. I Saw Her Standing There Marie Force 6/18/16
5. And I Love Her Marie Force 6/19/16
6. Ain't She Sweet Marie Force 6/19/16
7. Batter Up Robyn Neeley 6/20/16
8. On My Knees Meredith Wild 06/20/16
9. On the Rocks Erin Duffy 6/20/16
10. Hollie Porter Builds a Raft Eliza Gordon 6/21/16
11. Finding North Rachel Dunning 6/21/16
12. 3 Breaths L.K. Collins 6/21/16
13. Six Months in Montana Pamela M. Kelley 6/22/16
14. The Weekenders Mary Kay Andrews 6/22/16
15. What You Need Lorelei James 6/23/16
16. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox Maggie O'Farrell 6/23/16
17. Screwed Kendall Ryan 6/23/16 
18. A Beautiful Lie T.E. Sivec 6/24/16
19. Whisper Beach Shelley Noble 6/24/16 
20. Last Play Taylor Hart 6/24/16
21. Easy Kisses Kristen Proby 6/25/16
22. Sugar Daddy Sawyer Bennett 6/25/16 
23. Worth It All Claudia Connor 6/26/16
24. Silver Linings Debbie Macomber 6/26/16

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