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July 2016 Mini Challenge

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DATE: 07/01/16 - 07/31/16


Hello, July!

Below is a combination spell/task challenge, where you choose the option of task, spell out, or a combination of both to complete.

Challenge Rules:
The page limit requirement is 125 pages, but you are welcome to combine smaller books to reach the page limit. All books and formats are allowed (children's, manga, graphic novels, audiobooks, etc). Re-reads are fine - just be sure to re-read the entire book. When posting updates for your challenge, please include the following information: a link to the book title, the author's name, and the date you finished reading the book.

1. JULY:
Read a book published in July.
Only with You Lauren Layne 7/2/16

2. Seventh Month:
Read the 7th book from your TBR or a Series Book #7.
Taken by Love Melissa Foster 7/4/16

3. Larkspur/Water Lily:
Read a book with water found on the cover, or a book with a purple cover.
Melting into You (Due South, #2) by Tracey Alvarez Tracey Alvarez 7/6/16

4. Zodiac:
Zodiac signs for July are Cancer (through July 21st) and Leo (July 22 and forward.
Read a book with the letters LEO found in the title (any order), or a book in which the author's first or last initial can be found in CANCER.
Here's to Us Elin Hilderbrand 7/1/16
Using the first letter of a book title or the first letter of the authors first or last name, spell out a July item. A list is provided below. You may choose from the list, or use a word of your own that represents July to you.

1. July
2. Seven

3. Larkspur
L Lovers At Heart Melissa Foster 7/3/16
A All Summer Long Dorothea Benton Frank 7/1/16
R Revel Alison Ryan 7/2/16
K KING: Las Vegas Bad Boys Frankie Love 7/14/16
S Sisters in Love Melissa Foster 7/3/16 
The Passion of Patrick MacNeill Virginia Kantra 7/9/16
Up in Flames Abbi Glines 7/9/16
R Righteous Lies Patricia Watters 7/4/16

4. Water Lily
5. Cancer
6. Leo
7. Independence Day
8. Canada Day

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