Wednesday, July 27, 2016

AMMP August Word Hunt

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This year, the Summer Olympics are happening during the month of August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This month's word hunt celebrates the Olympics and the Olympic spirit. In 2020, the Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. We have put together a list of 25 words that are Olympic related.

You may use a book up to 5 times. Plurals of words listed as singular are fine. Singular of words listed as plural are fine (except for Olympics, which needs to stay plural). Standard AMMP rules apply. If you can find all 25, you can have the bonus badge! 


 1- 5 words found
 6 - 10 words found
 11 - 15 words found
 16 - 20 words found
 21- 24 words found
 Bonus for completing all 25 words


Olympics FURY: A Rio Games Romance Loc 121
summer Unafraid p 6
competition Marrying Daisy Bellamy p 22
athlete(s) Ever Enough p 7
sport Hollywood Lights loc 70

medal(s) Marrying Daisy Bellamy p 154
award Hollywood Lights p 42
gold Stranger at Plantation Inn LOC 108
silver Carolina Girl p 114
bronze Unconditional p 7

podium Marrying Daisy Bellamy p 72
international Uninhibited p 42
flag Tangled Up in Blue LOC 167
torch Stranger at Plantation Inn LOC 1173
ring Hollywood Lights p 66

red Hollywood Lights LOC 59
blue Harmony LOC 590
green Marrying Daisy Bellamy p 15
yellow Stranger at Plantation Inn LOC 215
black Carolina Girl p 265

Greece Unwritten p 26
Rio (de Janeiro) Music of the Heart p 5
Brazil FURY: A Rio Games Romance Loc 1522
Tokyo Family Tree p 160
Japan Marrying Daisy Bellamy p 17

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