Thursday, July 21, 2016

RRRC 2016 August Monthly Challenge

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1. 'A' is for August: Read a book that starts 'A' or whose author's first or last name starts with 'A'.
Always Enough Stacy Borel 8/6/16

2. Happy Anniversary!: Read a book that was published in August of any year or read a book of a RRRC member who joined in August of any year. The list for 2015 begins at the link, go further back for other years.
Unafraid Melody Grace 8/4/16

3. Featured Author Challenge - Teresa Medeiros: Read a book by this month's Featured Author, Teresa Medeiros or by any author with her first or last name.
Fun Facts about Teresa:
★Teresa Medeiros was a 8 time RITA finalist.
★ She published her first novel in 1989.
★ She primarily writes Historical Romance.
★ Teresa lives in Kentucky with her husband and two cats.
So you may also read any book that was a RITA finalist in any category. You can also read any book published in 1989, or that is shelved as Historical Romance. Or you can read a book set in Kentucky. 
The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire Molly Harper 8/18/16

4. Summer Olympics (August 5-21): Read a sports romance or a book where a MC is an athlete or is physically active. All of the above
Strike Out Cheryl Douglas 8/7/16

5. Book Lover's Day (August 9): Read a best seller or a book rated higher than 4 on GR 4.14
Harmony Addison Jane 8/3/16

6. Relaxation Day (August 15): Read a perfect beach/deck book.
Starlight on Willow Lake Susan Wiggs 8/17/16

7. National Tell a Joke Day (August 16): Read a humorous or lighthearted book.
Candlelight Christmas Susan Wiggs 8/15/16

8. Senior Citizens Day: Read a book with an older hero/heroine.
The Road Leads Back Marci Boudreaux 8/14/16

9. More Herbs, Less Salt Day (August 29): Read a spicy book or a book with a spicy cover.
Uninhibited Melody Grace 8/5/16

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choosing!
Carolina Blues Virginia Kantra 8/10/16

You can choose 3, 5, 8 or all 10 categories depending on your reading speed, book availability and/or time commitment.

When posting your challenge progress, please make sure to put the date/s when you finished your book/s. 

Please repost your progress as it helps when updating.

Happy Reading!! 

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