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A Beacon in the Dark

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Located on rocky coasts, towering cliffs, and on islands, lighthouses serve as beacons, guiding ships safely into harbor at night or during a storm. According to the Lighthouse Preservation Society, coastal lighthouses were first constructed in the 17th century to warn mariners of dangerous rocks, reefs, and currents. By 1900, nearly 1,000 lighthouses had been built in the US; and today, there are nearly 50,000 lighthouses in existence. 

This old lighthouse is set in the volcanic landscape of Iceland near Akranes, the country's 9th most populous town. Almost all inhabitants of Iceland live on the coast, due to the mountainous lava desert and glacial terrain of the interior. 

§ Read a book set primarily on an island OR a book with fire on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover)
First Time in Forever Sarah Morgan 9/5/16

Built in 1862 in Paris and transported to New Caledonia, the Amédée lighthouse lit the way for ships bringing French convicts to the port at Fort-de-France (now Nouméa). It fulfilled this role until 1897, when the French government stopped using the island as a penal colony. 

§ Read a book by a French author OR a book in which a character is or has been imprisoned
Royal Winter Renshaw 9/11/16

The Beach Lighthouse, also known as the Lower Light, is a 44-foot tall sandstone lighthouse in Fleetwood, Lancashire, England. Unusual for a lighthouse, it is in neoclassical style with a square colonnaded base, square tower, and octagonal lantern and gallery. 

§ Read a book with a square of some sort on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover) OR book #4 or lower in a series (tell us its position)  #4
Teague Juliana Stone 9/5/16

The world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse was built on the Bell Rock, 11 miles from the shore. First lit in 1811, it stands 115 ft tall and its light is visible from 35 statute miles inland. The challenges faced in the building of the lighthouse have led to it being described as one of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. 

§ Read a book with an "11" in its total number of pages (tell us how many pages) OR book #7 in a series (tell us the series) Charley Davidson Series
Seventh Grave and No Body Darynda Jones 9/26/16

This cast iron tower now sits in the middle of a four-lane highway on the Gulf Coast. The building was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, with water climbing nearly two dozen feet inside the tower. The building is the city logo and was even on the state's license plates for many years. 

§ Read a book with a X somewhere in the title or the author’s name OR a book set in a Gulf Coast state (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida; tell us the state)
Ruthless Lexi Blake 9/1/16

The Victorian style light keeper's building is what makes this spot stand out. The 2.5-story building is topped with a pink roof and connected to the beacon atop the Mohegan Bluffs. 

§ Read a book set in the Victorian era (1837-1901) OR a book with a predominantly pink cover (post the cover)
Sweet Talk (Bakery Sisters) by Susan Mallery Susan Mallery 9/8/16

This 156- foot Outer Banks beacon is often overshadowed by the nearby Cape Hatteras lighthouse, located on the same National Seashore. But its renovation last year, which opened the tower for climbing, makes it a must-see. 

§ Read a book that has been re-released since its original publication (tell us the year of both releases) OR a book whose title begins with a letter in BODIE (disregard A, An and The)
Bachelor Winter Renshaw 9/11/16

Australia's most easterly lighthouse is supported by the Cape Byron Reserve Trust, which acquired and has maintained the buildings since 1998. The facility is currently being used as a base for whale watching. 

§ Read a book whose title contains a word ending in "ly" OR a book set in Australia or with an Australian character 
Seduce Me Sweetly Iris Morland 10/17/16

This lighthouse at Key Biscayne, FL was established in 1825 in order to guide ships away from the Florida Reef. Guided tours of the lighthouse and the keepers cottage are given twice daily. 

§ Read a book in which a character gives or takes an organized tour OR a book with a word in its title that rhymes with KEY
One Last Sin Georgia Cates 10/6/16

Located on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks, this lighthouse was first built in 1802. The current 210 feet high lighthouse was built in 1950 and is the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. It is still activate today. 

§ Read a book with a lighthouse on its cover OR a book whose title begins with C or H (disregard A, An and The) AND by an author whose first or last initial is C or H.
Examples of books that work: The Case of the Gilded Fly, by Edmund Crispin; The Confidant, byHelene Gremillon; Hallowed Halls, by Hannah Alexander; Helen of Sparta, by Amalia Carosella.
Books that do NOT work: A Chain of Thunder, by Jeff Shaara; He Needed Killing, by Bill Fitts.

How to Knit a Love Song Rachael Herron 9/19/16

The Cape Race Light Station has been in existence since 1856 and has been a guiding light for ships from Europe approaching the Newfoundland coastline ever since as Cape Race was - and still is - the first land point they reached in North America. The original Cape Race lighthouse was built in 1856, but was replaced by the current lighthouse in 1907. The Cape Race Marconi Station, which was located at the light station site, is most famous for receiving the Titanic SOS message via wireless radio on that fateful day in April 1912. 

§ Read the first book published by the author of your choice (post a link to the author's books) OR a book in which part of the story takes place in a famous location (tell us the location)
The Coincidence of Coconut Cake Amy E. Reichert 9/30/16

Amy Reichert's Book List

Located in Uruguay, this lighthouse was built in 1881 to reduce the large number of shipwrecks in the area. There are 150 steps to the summit, and the building is open to tourists. 

§ Read a book with a woman’s name in the title OR a book with a 1 or 8 in its original year of publication (tell us the year) 
Ruby Flynn Nadine Dorries 9/21/16

After a large ship sank in their waters in 1804, the residents of the Fanad peninsula started to demand a lighthouse be built on the Fanad Head. In 1818, the 90 foot structure was completed and lit. In 1909, a new, brighter light was installed that operated on a weight- driven clockwork rotation machine, built to display six flashes every fifteen seconds. Eventually, this apparatus was replaced in 1975, when the light was converted to electric power. 

§ Read a book with a demanding character who is significant to the plot OR a book with a main character whose first name begins with a letter in FANAD (tell us the name)  Delilah
Filthy Winter Renshaw 9/11/16

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse began warning sailors of hidden danger on May 1, 1846 and has been flashing out its beam ever since. In the decade before the lighthouse was constructed, a total of 39 vessels were wrecked off the Western end of the islands. Here the reefs extend some 16 miles or more out to sea. At the time of its construction in 1844, steel was not available for building purposes. As a result, Gibb's Hill Lighthouse is one of the few in the world made of cast iron. 

§ Read a book with an apostrophe in its title or author’s last name (example: O’Neil) OR a book in which a hidden physical object is important to the story 
Her Vigilant SEAL Caitlyn O'Leary 9/16/16

The first lighthouse on this spot in Ottawa County, MI was a small, square wooden structure built in 1872. The present building, known as "Big Red," was built in 1907, and citizens had to petition in order to rescue it from demolition in the 1970s. It's now being preserved and restored by the Holland Harbor Lighthouse Historical Commission.

§ Read a book with a cover that is predominantly red (post the cover) OR a book with a character who goes by a nickname rather than his/her given name (tell us both names) 
Chance “Lucky” Larieux
Wrong Question, Right Answer Elle Casey 9/7/16

Hook Lighthouse, also known as Hook Head Lighthouse, has stood at the tip of the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, Ireland for almost 800 years, making it one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, and the oldest working lighthouse in Ireland. The light was automated in 1996 and continues to operate as an aid to navigation. 

§ Read a book with consecutive double letters in the author’s first or last name OR a book with a hook or hooked object on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover)
Stuck-Up Suit Vi Keeland 9/6/16

Also known as the ‘the lighthouse at the end of the world’, this lighthouse is located on a small island 5 nmi (which are 9.3 km) east of the Argentinian city of Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. The lighthouse was built in 1920 and is now a popular tourist attraction that can be reached only by boat.

§ Read a book with a boat on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover) OR a book whose title begins with U (ALL WORDS COUNT!)
Under the Lights Abbi Glines 9/17/16

The southernmost lighthouse in Germany, the Lindau Lighthouse is located on Lake Constance. It was completed in 1856, when it took over the port’s previous light station in the Mangtrum Tower, constructed in 1230. The 108 foot tall structure is quite unique among lighthouses because it also houses a massive clock that can be viewed from the city. The tower was converted to electricity in 1936 and automated in the early 1990s. 

§ Read a book with a clock or other timepiece on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover) OR book whose title begins with a letter in LINDAU (disregard A, An and The)
Into the Fire Meredith Wild 9/18/16

Cape Neddick Light, also known as Nubble Light and Cape Neck to locals, has always drawn hordes of tourists, and the light’s early keepers were quick to cash in on the interest. Today an estimated ½ million people visit Sohier Park every year to gaze across the channel at the lighthouse. A digitized image of the lighthouse was even sent into space aboard Voyager II as part of the collection of materials designed to teach extraterrestrials about Earth. 

§ Read a book with a character who runs a successful business OR a book set in space 
Close to You Kristen Proby 9/10/16

First lit in 1915, the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Nova Scotia and the focal point of the Lighthouse Trail scenic drive. The original wooden lighthouse that served the area was converted to the keeper’s dwelling after the current structure was completed, but it was damaged and removed after 1954’s Hurricane Edna. In 1958, the lighthouse was automated. 

§ Read a book with a cover that you would describe as "scenic" (post the cover) OR a book in which a storm (snow storm, thunderstorm, etc.) has a significant impact on the story
Come Home to Me Jessica Scott 9/4/16

You can find this tower near San Francisco Bay, but the lighthouse has been closed to tours since 2001 due to its state of disrepair. The renovated lightkeeper's house has served as a youth hostel since the mid- 1960s. 

§ Read a book with a bird name in its title OR a book with YOUNG ADULT on its main GR page 
The Girl in the Time Machine Debra Chapoton 9/23/16

This was the last coal- and gas-powered lighthouse in the UK. It was built in 1860 and is still in use as a navigational aid on the south coast of Wales. 

§ Read the last book of a series that has ended (tell us the series) OR a book set in the United Kingdom
 Forever Mine: Callaghan Brothers, Book 9 Abbie Zanders 9/2/16 Callaghan Brothers Series

This historical Maine lighthouse is located at the entrance to Portland Harbor in Cape Elizabeth. It was completed in 1791, making it the oldest lighthouse in Maine and one of the oldest lighthouses in America. The 80 foot tower was raised during the Civil War to help ward off increasingly common ship raids. It was lowered to its original height in 1881, and raised back in 1893, after mariners complained. The lighthouse is still operated by the U.S. Coast Guard and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It was automated in 1989. 

§ Read a book with HISTORY or HISTORICAL FICTION on its main GR page OR a book with a war central to its plot 
The Cure for Dreaming Cat Winters 10/9/16

There are over 70 lighthouses along the coasts on Scotland. This one is located in the small town of Ullapool, in the Highlands. 

§ Read a book with a 4-letter word in its title OR a book set in a small town 
Hard Rules Lisa Renee Jones 9/1/16

Located on an island near the community of Sambro in Nova Scotia, Canada, this is the oldest lighthouse in North America. It first lit in 1758 and it became automated in 1988. The lighthouse is 82 ft tall

§ Read the oldest book on your TBR list OR a book in which the first letter of every word of its title (ALL WORDS COUNT!) can be found in SAMBROISLAND (three-word minimum; to use a letter more than once, it must appear in the phrase more than once) 
Sea Rose Lane Irene Hannon 9/5/16

This lighthouse, built over 150 years ago, is located on an island in the northern Netherlands, which is home to a small village and a national park

§ Read a book set over 150 years ago (1865 or earlier) OR a book by an author whose last name begins with SCH
Trapped Under Ice M.J. Schiller 10/2/16

The northernmost lighthouse on the European mainland, most often considered the North Cape Light, marking the "top" of Europe. The lighthouse first lit in 1905, heavily damaged during the second world war by German troops, and was restored after the war. 

§ Read a book in which dealing with the aftermath of war is a significant part of the story OR a book with one of these words in its title: TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN
Wrong Number, Right Guy Elle Casey 9/6/16

This iconic lighthouse, located on South Stack Island, northwest of Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales is known for its spectacular setting, and for being one of the "spookiest" buildings in Britain, according to the BBC. The original lighthouse used 21 oil lamps but today, it is automated, making many of the buildings in the island redundant. 

§ Read a book with NORTH, SOUTH, EAST or WEST in its title or author’s name (Westbrook works) OR a book with a stack of at least four objects on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover) 
Southern Comfort Ciana Stone 10/4/16

This lighthouse in Minnesota was constructed in 1910 after a number of shipwrecks nearby on Lake Superior. It was decommissioned in the 1960s and now serves as a historic site. 

§ Read a book set in Ontario, Canada, or a state that borders one of the Great Lakes (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin or Minnesota) OR a book by an author whose first AND last initials can be found in SPLITROCK
Dare to Love Carly Phillips 9/21/16

One of 29 lighthouses designed by engineer James Walker, the Start Point tower features gothic elements with a crenellated parapet. Inside the tower features a stunning cantilevered granite staircase. Originally the keeper’s living quarters were inside the tower, but they were removed in 1871 after exterior quarters were completed. 

§ Read a book with a main character or author named Jim/James OR a book with a staircase on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover)
Beyond Me Jennifer Probst 9/27/16

St. Augustine was home to the first lighthouse in Florida, though the first structure fell into the ocean after its foundation eroded. The newer, current lighthouse was constructed on Anastasia Island and completed in 1874. The light was electrified in 1936 and automated in 1955. After lighthouse keepers were no longer needed, the keeper’s house began to be rented out to local residents. 

§ Read book #1 in a series (tell us the series) OR a book with an honorific (DR., MR., MRS. etc.) in its title
FBI/US Attorney #1
Something About You Julie James 9/13/16

Tradition tells us that Ten Pound Island, on the east side of Gloucester Harbor, received its name from the amount of money paid to the local Indians for the property by the early settlers.
To help mariners find their way into Gloucester's inner harbor, and to help them avoid a dangerous ledge to the southwest of the island, Congress appropriated funds for a light station on Ten Pound Island in May 1820. A 20-foot conical stone lighthouse tower was built, along with a stone dwelling. 

§ Read a book whose title includes at least one of every vowel (A, E, I, O and U) OR a book with a stone structure of some sort on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover)
Unsportsmanlike Conduct Sophia Henry 10/19/16

The oldest lighthouse in the world, the Tower of Hercules, also referred to as the Corunna Lighthouse or Farum Brigantium, was constructed sometime in the second century. It is located in northwest Spain outside the city of Corunna. The Roman- built tower is believed to have been based on the Lighthouse of Alexandria. While the 180 foot building is around 1900 years old, the structure is not entirely original – during a 1791 renovation, the three- story tower was given an additional level. 

§ Read a book with a mythological character OR a book set in ancient times
Strength from a tarot card 
Frost Line Linda Howard 9/22/16

Built in 1912, the White Shoal Light, one of the most famous lighthouses on the Great Lakes, is the only "barber pole" lighthouse in the U.S. The Lake Michigan light is located 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge and because it was constructed so far from land, it was considered a great engineering feat when it was constructed. 

§ Read a book with a color name in its title OR a book with a striped object on its cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover) 
Past Due by Elizabeth Seckman Past Due Elizabeth Seckman 9/27/16

Soon after Newport, Oregon was founded, the residents recognized the need for a lighthouse to protect ships visiting their port, and the resulting Yaquina Bay Light was completed in 1871. Only three years later, the lighthouse was decommissioned after a newer lighthouse was constructed. In 1996, after over one hundred years of deactivation, the tower was re- lit. The structure remains one of the only lighthouses on the West Coast in which the living quarters are housed in the same building as the light. The lighthouse is open for public viewing, but if you’re superstitious, you might want to skip this lighthouse, because it is reputed to be haunted. 

§ Read a book in which a character lives in the same building in which s/he works OR a book that you consider spooky or creepy
Sweet Tomorrows Debbie Macomber 9/2/16

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