Thursday, August 25, 2016

AMMP Back to School Read-a-Thon

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Join us for our Back to School Read-a-Thon!
Dates: August 26 - September 6, 2016
Time: Start at midnight your time zone on Friday night/Saturday "morning"!
End at Midnight your time zone on the following Tuesday night! This way you get two weekends PLUS the Labor Day holiday:-)


1. Start when you feel like it
2. Finish when you feel like it
3. Read whatever you want (Any number of pages or books; finish books already started or start books from scratch, doesn't matter. You can even read things not normally included in the AMMP guidelines!)
4. Set a goal or don't! It's up to you! (Goal ideas: Number of books you want to read; number of pages you want to read; finish or start a certain book or series; work on books toward challenges, etc!)
5. Share your progress here in this thread! Set up a tracking post!
6. There will be badges! (Info in Post #2) 

1. Strings of the Heart Katie Ashley 8/26/16
2. The Truth About Him Molly O'Keefe 8/26/16
3. Burn Down the Night Molly O'Keefe 8/27/16
4. Melody of the Heart Katie Ashley 8/27/16 

5. The Marriage Mistake Jennifer Probst 8/28/16 
6. FURY: A Rio Games Romance Alison Ryan 8/28/16
7. Hope Harbor Irene Hannon 8/29/16 
8. Driving with the Top Down: A Novel Beth Harbison 8/29/16
9. Cowboys Don't Cry Anne McAllister 8/29/16 
10. Tailored for Trouble Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 8/30/16 
11. Fighting to Breathe Aurora Rose Reynolds 8/30/16 
12. Wide Open Spaces Aurora Rose Reynolds 8/30/16 
13. Tucker Juliana Stone 8/31/16
14. Jack Juliana Stone 8/31/16 
15. Maverick Juliana Stone 8/31/16
16. Hard Rules Lisa Renee Jones 9/1/16
17. Ruthless Lexi Blake 9/1/16 
 Badge for Participating in this Read-a-Thon! (Any number of pages or books read, whether finished or not!)

 Badge for Reading A Book for a Challenge

 Badge for Reading One Book in a Series

 Badge for Reading a book that fits the "School" theme in some way

 Badge for reading a Children's/Middle Grade/YA book

 Badge for Finishing One Book (doesn't matter when you started it)

 Badge for Finishing Two Books

 Badge for Finishing Five Books

 Badge for Finishing Six-to-Ten Books

 Badge for Reading Eleven-to-Fifteen Books

 Badge for Reading Sixteen-to-Twenty Books

 Badge for Reading Twenty-one or more Books

 Badge for Reading at least 100 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 250 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 500 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 750 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 1000 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 1250 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 1500 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 1750 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 2000 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 2500 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 3000 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 3500 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 4000 Pages

 Badge for Reading at least 4500 Pages

 Badge for Reading 5000 or more pages 

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