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Fall Fun Bingo

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Fall Fun Bingo
September 1, 2016 - November 30, 2016

Are you ready for another round of Seasonal Bingo? We have changed one of the requirements (#4) to make it just a little bit harder. Have fun!

Each bingo space has a “FALL” word in it - complete a space one of four ways:
1. Item Found on the Cover of Your Book (Post Cover) OR
2. Word Found in the Title - Partial Words or Variations Allowed OR
3. Author’s First AND Last Initials Found in the Word OR
4. Title Begins with the First OR Last letter of the Word (please note that this task has changed from last quarter making it a little bit harder). You can chose to use A, An or The OR you can disregard it. 

You only need ONE of the above to complete the square AND you can mix and match tasks to complete a line. 

**When posting your completed books include Word from Square and how the book completes the task. Include a cover if using that choice. All formats are acceptable and we will observe the 125 page limit but you may combine books to reach it but both books must meet the requirement of the task.

Choose a level of participation or work the levels as you go:
Level One: Complete One Line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
Level Two: Complete Two Lines
Level Three: Complete Three Lines
Level Four: Complete Four or More Lines

Enjoy the challenge!

Row 1:
 Elemental Pleasure Mari Carr 9/2/16 Title Last Letter
Pumpkin Kristen Proby Close to You 9/10/16 Author’s Initials
Scarecrow Elle Casey Wrong Place, Right Time 9/7/16 Author’s Initials
Basket Bachelor Winter Renshaw 9/11/16 Title First Letter
Leaf First Time in Forever Sarah Morgan 9/5/16 Title Last Letter

Row 2:
 Sweet Tomorrows Debbie Macomber 9/2/16 Title First Letter
Barn Bite Me Cynthia Dane 9/3/16 Title First Letter
Pilgrim Laurelin Paige Porn Star 9/9/16 Author’s Initials
Cider Elle Casey Wrong Number, Right Guy 9/6/16 Author’s Initials
Ghost Good Girl Lauren Layne 9/23/16 Title First Letter

Row 3:
 One Less Problem Without You: A Novel Beth Harbison 9/20/16 Title First Letter
Acorn Arrogant Playboy Winter Renshaw 9/12/16 Title First Letter
Fall Filthy Winter Renshaw 9/11/16 Title First Letter
Sunflower Sea Rose Lane Irene Hannon 9/5/16 Title First Letter
Turkey Teague Juliana Stone 9/5/16 Title First Letter

Row 4:
 Cynthia Dane Save Us 9/4/16 Author’s Initials
Rake Royal Winter Renshaw 9/11/16 Title First Letter
Bonfire Entangled Barbara Ellen Brink 9/15/16 Title Last Letter
Spider Web Winter Renshaw Arrogant Bastard 9/11/16 Author’s Initials
Apple Arrogant Master Winter Renshaw 9/12/16 Title First Letter

Row 5:
 Hard Rules Lisa Renee Jones 9/1/16 Title First Letter
Thankful Linda Howard Frost Line 9/22/16 Author’s Initials 
Football Lexi Blake Ruthless 9/1/16 Author’s Initials 
Candy Corn Cynthia Dane Fight You 9/4/16 Author’s Initials 
School Sweet Talk Susan Mallery 9/8/16 Title First Letter 

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