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From Sea to Shining Sea - Vermont

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From Sea to Shining Sea – Vermont
Duration: Sep 01, 2016 – Oct 31, 2016

1. The first state to be admitted into the Union after the ratification of the constitution, Vermont entered the United States as its 14th state on March 4, 1791. Vermont’s name comes from the French, Verd Mont, the name the French explorer Samuel de Champlain gave its green mountains on his 1647 map. Its nickname is Green Mountain State. These names are apt, as three quarters of Vermont is covered by forests.
✒ Read a book with a mostly green cover (post the cover) -or- read a book with a French character or set in France -or- read a book that has any two numbers from the following in its number of pages: 1, 4, 7, 9. (state the number of pages). 341 pages
Wrong Number, Right Guy Elle Casey 9/6/16

2. Much of what is now Vermont was settled by the French Colony of New France. France ceded the territory to Great Britain in 1763 after being defeated in the Seven Years War. For many years, the nearby colonies, especially the provinces of New Hampshire and New York, disputed control of the area. Settlers who held land titles granted by New York were opposed by the Green Mountain Boys militia, headed by Ethan Allen, which supported the settlers whose claims were based on grants from New Hampshire. Ultimately, those settlers prevailed in creating an independent state, the Vermont Republic. Founded in 1777 during the Revolutionary War, the republic lasted for fourteen years. While still an independent republic, Vermont abolished slavery becoming the first of the future United States to do so. 
✒ Read a book with a militia in it (any non-military population fighting along with or instead of regular armed services will do; mention how the book fits) -or- read a book which deals with segregation, slavery or racism -or- read a book that spans at least seven years from start to finish (include prologue and/or epilogue if you wish).
Forever Mine: Callaghan Brothers, Book 9 Abbie Zanders 9/2/16

3. Vermont is the 45th largest state in the United States. The west bank of the Connecticut river forms its eastern border with New Hampshire, and Lake Champlain forms its western border with the state of New York. Vermont also shares a border with Massachusetts on the south and with Canada in the north. Vermont played an important geographical role in the Underground Railroad, helping refugee American slaves to flee to safety in Canada.
✒ Read a book with a large body of water on its cover (must be visible on the GR thumbnail, post the cover) -or- read book #4 or #5 of a series -or- read a book set in Canada. 
Teague Juliana Stone 9/5/16

4. The state flower of Vermont is the Red Clover. The state animal is a Morgan horse. Monarch is the state butterfly, and Sugar Maple is the state tree (Vermont produces more than 500,000 gallons of maple syrup every year). Hermit Thrush is the state bird. Freedom and Unity is the state’s motto. In 2015, Vermont adapted a Latin motto in addition to the previous, “Stella quarta decima fulgeat” (May the 14th star shine bright). In 2013, Vermonters were crowned the fifth happiest residents in the country, as well as put in the top five states for happiest Twitter users the same year. 
✒ Read a book with an obvious night scene on the cover (post the cover) -or- read a book that makes you happy -or- read a book in which the characters actively use modern communication devices and technology.
Wrong Question, Right Answer (The Bourbon Street Boys, # 3) by Elle Casey Wrong Question, Right Answer Elle Casey 9/7/16

5. The capital of Vermont, Montpelier, is the smallest state capital in the country, with a population of under 9,000 people. Vermont’s state capitol building is one of very few capitals to be adorned by a gold dome. A statue of Ceres sits on top. It is the only capital in the United States that doesn’t have a McDonald’s restaurant. Vermont made it all the way to 1996 as one of the only states to still not have a Wal-Mart. Billboards are illegal in the state of Vermont and advertising along roadways is highly regulated. The first exception to Vermont’s no-billboards rule came when a hand painted mural advertising downtown Bellows Falls was allowed in 2008. This opened up the possibility for advertising as long as the signs are hand painted murals meant to support and endorse a downtown district.
✒ Read a book in which the main character is a mother or is pregnant -or- read a book set in a small town -or- read a book whose title is in gold letters (post the cover).
The Edge of Dominance Shayla Black 9/14/16

6. Rudyard Kipling invented the game of snow golf in Vermont by painting his golf balls red so that they were easier to find in the snow. Vermont takes a lot of pride in playing a crucial role in the history of snowboarding when former ski racer, Jake Burton, revolutionized the industry with designs that changed the face of the sport. Burton started off as a tiny snowboarding company based out of South Londonderry, but quickly exploded into the biggest snowboarding brand in the world. Burton designed the uniforms for the 2014 USA Olympic Snowboarding Team. Vermont is one of only two states in America to offer snowboarding as a varsity sport that comes with a state championship. 
✒ Read a book in which a winter game is played (mention the game) -or- read a book which is set in a winter landscape (it *should snow or be very cold for most of the book) -or- read a book first published in 2014.
Come Home to Me Jessica Scott 9/4/16

7. Lake Champlain runs along almost the entire length of the border between Vermont and New York and is the sixth-largest interior body of water in the country. Only the five Great Lakes are bigger. In March of 1998, President Bill Clinton signed a bill that officially made Lake Champlain the sixth Great Lake, an action that was pursued by Senator Patrick Leahy. However, that status was rescinded just a few weeks later. Vermont legends claim to have their own Loch Ness monster, named Champ or Champy for its lake of residence. The legends date back to Native American tribes in the region. Both the Iroquois and the Abenaki spoke of such a creature. The Abenaki referred to it as "Tatoskok". Over the years, there have been over 300 reported sightings of Champ. An apocryphal quote attributed to Samuel de Champlain describes the creature as a “20-foot serpent thick as a barrel, and a head like a horse”.
✒ Read a book with a fictional animal present in the story (a dragon or a phoenix will do) -or- read a book set in one of the Great Lakes states (for the purpose of this task: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York; mention which one your book is set in) -or- read a book in which the first letters of all words of the title are in the word “Tatoskok”, 2 words minimum, count all words.
Something About You Julie James 9/13/16

8. The 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, was born in Plymouth, Vermont, and is the only president to be born on the fourth of July. Every year, a birthday celebration is held in his honor at his birthplace. The 21st president of the United States, Chester A. Arthur was also born in Vermont. Other famous Vermonters include the inventors John Deere and Elisha Otis, financial bigwig James Fisk (Diamond Jim), singer Rudy Vallee and religious leader Brigham Young.
✒ Read a book which includes 4th of July fireworks and/or parade -or- read a book in which the main character drives a tractor or rides an elevator -or- read a book from theList of Best LDS fiction.\
Sweet Tomorrows Debbie Macomber 9/2/16

9. One of America’s most famous icecreams began in Vermont, when Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield turned their childhood ice cream making dreams into reality in Burlington, Vermont on May 5, 1978. Today, Ben & Jerry’s is a subsidiary of Unilever, and its employees get three free pints of their beloved ice cream per day, every single day. They give their ice cream waste to farmers to feed their hogs (the hogs reportedly ate every flavor except Mint Oreo). There is also a real graveyard on a hill overlooking the Ben and Jerry factory in Waterbury, Vermont, complete with granite headstones and witty epitaphs for every flavor that has passed on to ice cream heaven. However, Ben & Jerry’s is not Vermont’s biggest employer. Technology giant IBM holds that honor.
✒ Read a book that has two of the following colors on the cover: green, black or white (the colors needn’t be predominant, but they should be visible on the thumbnail. Post the cover) -or- read a book with two people names in their title (like Amy & Isabelle or Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) -or- choose a flavor from this list of Ded & Buried Flavors, and read a book that you think fits the epitaph. Be as creative as you wish, but mention how the book fits. 
Wild Maine Blueberry
From the land of the puffin,
Now when we crave you
We turn to the muffin.

First Time in Forever Sarah Morgan 9/5/16 Book takes place on Puffin Island Maine and they eat tons of blueberry products there. The MC has blueberry plants at the house. 

10. In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from their husbands (or fathers) to wear false teeth. It’s illegal (and also sort of impossible) to whistle underwater, to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole and to undress in public (but you can leave the house naked, if you so wish – 42 cyclists rode through Montpelier in the nude on May 14, 2009 without breaking any law). 
✒ Read a book where a main character is a dentist or has to visit one for any reason -or- read a book with a giraffe in the story (bonus if it gets tethered to anything) -or- read a book in which a main character undresses in front of an audience for whatever reason; a one person audience is perfectly fine.
Porn Star Laurelin Paige 9/9/16

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