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Amazing Mazes!

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Amazing Mazes!
Duration: Oct 01, 2016 - Mar 31, 2017

One of my earliest toys was a little circular maze, the handheld one where you make your little steel ball move to the center. I think I've been fascinated by mazes ever since, but I've never actually been to any of the physical mazes, not even the corn mazes that farms put up every fall. So, here's a virtual experience, a challenge based on some of the more amazing mazes of the world. 

Since it's a maze challenge, it needs to be finished in order, but with a twist! When you sign up for the challenge, go to this Sequence Generator. Enter Smallest Value=1, Largest Value=15, and Get Sequence. The resulting sequence is your order. For example, I got this: 13, 5, 8, 10, 9, 6, 1... and so on. So I'd be completing the tasks in the same order: The Tangled Maze (#13), Longleat Maze (#5), Penpont Maze (#8), and so on. Once you're done with the first 15, just read the last book, and you're done searching your way out of the labyrinth. :) 

My sequence: 10-15-11-12-7-14-8-2-13-6-4-3-5-9-1

Wikimedia Commons

1. Andrassy Castle Maze, Tiszadob, Hungary: Located along the Tisza River near the Hungarian-Slovakian border, the hedge maze at the Andrássy Castle is supposed to resemble a squid. The castle itself was constructed in the 19th century for Count Gyula Andrássy, complete with the boxwood maze decorated by yew trees.
⇝ Read a book with a sea creature (real or imagined) on the cover (must be visible on the GR thumbnail, post the cover) -or- read a book that is mostly set in the 19th century -or- read a book where the title begins with a letter in TISZADOB (ignore A, An, The).
Twelve Days of Christmas Debbie Macomber 11/21/16

2. Ashecombe Maze, Australia: The unique soft textures of Australia’s Ashcombe Maze are provided by more than 1000 Monterey cypress trees, maintained with careful trimming several times a year (each trimming session lasts an entire month). Visitors must traverse two halves, each with a separate layout, and there are no straight lines anywhere in the maze. The grounds also boast a lavender labyrinth constructed out of more than 4,000 lavender plants—which sounds like one of the most relaxing places in the world to get lost.
⇝ Read a book with a mostly light purple cover (post the cover) -or- read a book with at least two separate POVs (mention how the book fits) -or- read a book that you consider light reading. 
Story was told from Hadley's POV and Leo's POV. They fall in love while she is a club girl who is hiding out with his MC. Her husband was a Fed who was taking a trip on the dark side and decided he was coming for her.
Hadley Addison Jane 10/24/16


3. Davis Mega Maze: Davis' Mega Maze in Sterling, Massachusetts, has been a popular seasonal attraction since 1998. Davis' Farmland, a seventh-generation family-owned farm, holds this unique maze that changes completely from year to year. Designed in Dorset, England, by maze designer Adrian Fisher who is often credited with creating the modern maize maze craze, the Mega Maze takes more than 12,800 labor hours to be created each year. 
⇝ Read a book with two of the following numbers in their year of publication: 0, 1, 2, 8 (mention year first published) -or- read a book set in Massachusetts -or- read a book that has the genre Childrens or Young Adult on its main GR page.
Defender Diana Palmer 11/15/16

4. Hampton Court Maze: Commissioned by William III around 1700, the Hampton Court Palace Maze is the oldest surviving hedge maze in the United Kingdom. Its original hornbeam has been replaced by holly and yew, but that hasn’t made it any less difficult—it’s known as a puzzle maze, and has a reputation for being devilishly difficult to complete. Supposedly, the key is to turn left on entering, and then stay to the left, even through the apparent dead ends.
⇝ Read a book set in the UK -or- read a book in which a royal character is present -or- read a book in which a puzzle is important to the plot (mention how the book fits).
Royally Screwed Emma Chase 11/15/16

Wikimedia Commons

5. Longleat Maze, Warminster, Wiltshire, England: Constructed from more than 16,000 English yews, the maze at Longleat is the longest hedge maze in the world, stretching for close to 1.7 miles. It’s part of 8,000 acres that have belonged to the various Marquesses of Bath since the 16th century, 900 of which were beautified by famed landscape designer Lancelot “Capability” Brown (so nicknamed for his tendency to describe landscapes as having “great capabilities”). The estate also now includes a Safari Park, said to be the first outside Africa, as well as three smaller garden mazes.
⇝ Read a book in which a main character has a nickname (mention how the book fits) -or- read a book set on Earth but not in Africa -or- read a book in which a vacation is taken by the MCs.
set in Oregon
Her Naughty Holiday Tiffany Reisz 11/21/16

6. Masone Labyrinth, Parma, Italy: The world’s largest maze, the Masone Labyrinth, is located in an Italian town better known for giving the world Parmesan cheese. It’s also the result of a dare, made between Italian publisher Franco Maria Ricci and author Jorge Luis Borges after Ricci declared he wanted to build the world’s largest maze and Borges said it couldn’t be done. The star-shaped maze, which opened in May 2015, was constructed using 200,000 bamboo plants and stretches for 20 acres. The septuagenarian Ricci used fast-growing bamboo, as opposed to more traditional trees and shrubs, so he could see the maze completed before his death.
⇝ Read a book in which a dare between two people is a plot point -or- read a book that is fast paced -or- read a book that has a food item on the cover, bonus and a cookie if it's a cheese (must be visible on the GR thumbnail, post the cover).
Never Say Never Nicole Edwards 11/13/16

7. Peace Maze, Northern Ireland: At 2.7 acres, Northern Ireland’s Peace Maze is one of the largest permanent mazes in the world. It also has one of the coolest backstories—it was planted in 2000 to celebrate the signing of the Good Friday agreement and the end of the region’s “Troubles.” The hedge height is lower than normal for mazes, in order to encourage interaction while the maze is completed. The maze has two halves, and completing the maze requires crossing both. Those who finish are encouraged to ring the “Peace Bell” in the center.
⇝ Read a book in which peace (or war) is an important plot point -or- read a book whose author is Irish, has an Irish character or is set in Ireland -or- read a book whose title contains a word rhyming with Bell or Peace (bell or peace are fine too).
Irish Intrigue Paula Martin 10/21/16

8. (Green Man) Penpont Maze, Wales: The spectacle of Penpont Maze, considered the largest representation of the pagan Green Man in the world, makes a private visit to this Brecon estate worthwhile. Local artist David Eveleigh was commissioned to create the maze in celebration of the new millennium and it symbolizes renewal. Its intrigue is enhanced by the beauty of its meandering hedges, the local sourcing of its materials and the reward of the secret wild flower meadow at its centre.
⇝ Read a book in which a pagan ritual is observed or is spoken of (explain how it fits) -or- read a book first published in 2000 or 2001 -or- read a book with a flower (or flowers) on the cover (must be visible on the GR thumbnail, post the cover).
 A character is a druidic witch. She takes one of the MCs to a stone circle and tells him about what she does there. He witnesses her young daughter dancing with "fairies". 
A Woman's Heart JoAnn Ross 10/24/16

Wikimedia Commons

9. Pineapple Garden Maze, Hawaii: The world’s largest permanent maze until the Masone Labyrinth came along, the Pineapple Maze at the Dole Plantation includes 14,000 varieties of Hawaiian vegetation (many deliciously fragrant) crafted into two-and-a-half miles of paths. Not surprisingly, there’s a pineapple at the center, as well as eight “secret stations” and awards for those who travel through it the fastest.
Read a book that you can read in one sitting -or- read a book set in a location that starts with a letter in HAWAII (mention the location) -or- read a book with a fruit in the title.
The Cherry House C.J. Carlyon 11/21/16


10. Reignac-Sur-Indre Maze, France: Called the largest plant maze in the world, the ever-changing maze at Reignac-sur-Indre, France blossoms into a brilliant field of sunflowers in summer and in winter is remarked and sown to reappear as a new design in spring. In 1996, the maze’s debut year, over 85,000 people attempted to find passage through the 10-acre puzzle.
Read a book from a series which has had two books released in the same year (mention the books and the dates of publication) -or- read a book with a circular object on the cover (must be large enough to occupy 25% of the cover, post the cover) -or- read a book published after the year 1996.

Beneath This Ink Published February 9th 2015 Beneath These Chains Published June 16th 2015 
Beneath This Ink Meghan March 10/2/16

richardson adventure farm

11. Richardson Adventure Corn Farm, Illinois: The world’s largest corn maze involves not one, but five, separate “a-maize-ing” mazes inside 33 acres of live corn. The design is rebuilt each year—2013 was a portrait of the Beatles, 2014 a tribute to the “Star Spangled Banner,” 2015’s design celebrates NHL Stanley Cup champions, the Chicago Blackhawks and the 2016 one is a tribute to 50 years of Star Trek
⇝ Read a book by an author who has written at least 5 books -or- read a book set in space -or- read a book where music or sports are important to the plot.
Dirty Girl Meghan March 10/8/16

12. Schoenbrunn Palace Maze, Vienna, Austria: This labyrinth was planted in 1998 in homage to the earlier Schonnbrunn maze that once stood in its place. The 20-year-old maze extends over 2,700 msq. There are plenty of games to try out while in the maze. For example, you can hop your way across the bouncing boards. And for everyone who likes a mental challenge, there are mathematic riddles to solve. Numbers on stone plates tell you how many steps you're allowed to take, by the end you should find yourself right in the middle of the game.
Read a book in which math is important -or- read a book translated from any European language (an original English book only counts if you read the book in a different language) -or- read the middle book of a completed series (if it's a series with even numbered books, like 6, either book #3 or book #4 work).
ROAR Kallypso Masters 10/19/16

13. The Tangled Maze, Australia: A rabbit warren of flowering plants, creepers and blossoms, constantly changing depending on the season, this labyrinth of vegetation never ceases to surprise. The 2m-high hedges, twisting paths and aroma of wisteria, jasmine and honeysuckle add to the maze’s confusion. Should they escape, families can enjoy the mini golf course, synthetic ice rink or indoor play structure.
⇝ Read a book in which a main character works with flowers or perfumes in any fashion (mention how the book fits) -or- read a book set in Australia -or- read a book with a confusing plot-line.
MC owns and operates a flower shop
Love in Bloom Sheila Roberts 11/1/16

14. Villandry: Villandry’s maze, or labyrinth, part of the Chateau Villandry grounds, is formed of hornbeam hedges, known as charmilles. It is based on the designs of Renaissance gardens, in which the labyrinth was a crucial element. This labyrinth is different from the Greek Labyrinth in that the latter was a place where men would get lost and endlessly search for a way out in the midst of ambushes and dead ends. In contrast, the Renaissance hedge maze was, in the Christian spirit, a place of progression, where the path taken by the walker symbolised the progress of life and the centre of the maze, on an elevated plane, stood for the encounter with God.
⇝ Read a book in which a main character gets lost -or- read a book in which religion plays an important role -or- read the next book in a series that you've already started.
Answers For Julie Cate Beauman 10/22/16

15. Villa Pisani, Stra, Italy: Often said to be the most difficult maze in the world, the Villa Pisani labyrinth is also among the most photogenic—and the most historic, having been constructed in 1720. Even Napoleon has tried to complete it, after he seized the estate in 1807. (Rumor has it that Napoleon was stumped by the winding paths and their many perplexing dead ends, and he gave up.) Hitler and Mussolini also had their first official meeting at the villa. Visitors who successfully navigate the labyrinth are rewarded with lovely views from an 18th-century turret.
⇝ Read a book with a scenic view on the cover (must be visible on the GR thumbnail, post the cover) -or- read a book whose author's first and last initials are in any of the following words: "HITLER", "MUSSOLINI" or "NAPOLEON" -or- read a book which has "History" or "Historical" on its main page.
Kiss and Tell (Sunrise Key Trilogy, #1) by Suzanne Brockmann Kiss and Tell Suzanne Brockmann 10/7/16
Congratulations, the end is in sight! To complete your maze, just read a bonus book for one of my favorite temporary maze installations (and I suspect that of every book lover):

The last one! - aMAZEme Labyrinth: An incredible installation created with thousands of tomes that will literally make you lose yourself in books, on display in 2012 at London's Southbank Center. Created by Brazilian artists Marco Saboya and Gualter Pupo, the art installation directed visitors through meandering walls of stacked books.
⇝ Read any book that you like!
Cooper Juliana Stone 11/25/16

See this thread for more detailed rules for CCC challenges.

❖ If you want to participate in a challenge, sign up by posting at least a partial list of the challenge requirements. This gives us a post to link you to, which you can use to update your books as the challenge progresses. 

❖ Books must be at least 150 pages long (unless they are graphic novels, see below) and may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged.

❖ Graphic novels must be at least 300 pages long, but two books can be combined to make up the page count as long as they both meet the same criteria.

❖ For each book you read, please post a link to the title and mention the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item/color on the cover, include a link to the book cover.* If it’s not obvious from the book title or cover, be sure to explain how your book fits the task. If you don’t, you won’t get credit for completing that task. 

❖ If you want the challenge moderator to verify those books as you post them, please copy/paste your update into a new message. If you do this while you still have the Edit window open, it will copy all of your formatting, etc. too. It will make it easier on the moderators if we won't have to scroll back through the entire thread looking for "message #15," or to follow links back to an original post.

❖ When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you’ve read :) If you don’t repost your list, your name will not be added to the list of those who have completed the challenge. 

❖ Rereads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book and not just skim the best portions! :)

* If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions HERE.

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