Monday, September 26, 2016

AMMP October Word Hunt

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It is autumn here in the United States, which means the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler, and the leaves are changing colors. This month's word hunt is celebrating the beautiful fall foliage. There are four groups of words relating to the colors of the fall leaves. Each word group will have its own badge. One word per group per book, so each book can be used up to 4 times. The five words associated with each badge need to be completed to earn the badge. For example, to earn the red leaf badge, you need all 5 red words. Find the words as they are listed for this word hunt (don't think about plurals or anything like that, just as they appear here.) Have fun! 

Word List

Red Trapped Under Ice Loc 216
Crimson Ocean p. 47
Scarlet Southern Comfort p 132
Vermilion The Cure for Dreaming p 44

Orange Trapped Under Ice Loc 4155
Tangerine 3:AM Kisses Loc 1937
Cheddar Be My Love p. 24 
Carrot Southern Comfort p 82
Pumpkin The Next Sin Loc 1135

Yellow Beneath These Scars p 57
Dandelion Trapped Under Ice Loc 1513
Canary Seduce Me Sweetly Loc 2331
Lemon One Last Sin Loc 582

Brown Trapped Under Ice Loc 107
Walnut Southern Comfort p 214
Hickory Answers For Julie p 10
Chestnut A Necessary Sin Loc 283
Oak The Cure for Dreaming p 3

 For completing ALL of the words.

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