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It's the Great Pumpkin!

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Even though my kids are grown, one of our favorite October traditions is watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, usually more than once :) We've created this challenge in honor of the 50th anniversary of the show's first broadcast. 

1. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was the third Peanuts special, preceded only by A Charlie Brown Christmas and Charlie Brown's All-Stars. 
✤ Read book #3 from any series (tell us the series) OR a book with a proper name in its title.  
Beneath Series
Beneath These Chains Meghan March 10/2/16

2. The music was performed by the Vince Guaraldi Sextet; original music was written by Vince Guaraldi as well. 
Read a book with a character who earns his/her living as a musician of some sort (tell us the job) OR a book by an author whose first or last name begins with V. 
Rock Star
Trapped Under Ice M.J. Schiller 10/2/16

3. The show was first broadcast on October 27, 1966. After the first year, the show was re-aired annually on CBS until 2000. In 2001, it was picked up by ABC, which still shows this much-loved special every fall.
✤ Read a book you added to your list in October of any year OR re-read a favorite book. 
Ocean Jo Raven 10/7/16

4. The show opens with Linus van Pelt choosing a pumpkin from his pumpkin patch, and rolling it home for Lucy. When she plunges a knife into the pumpkin to begin carving it, he looks anguished and cries, "You didn't tell me you were going to kill it!"
✤ Read a book featuring a pair of siblings OR a book in which a character is killed (not a natural death)
Beneath These Scars Meghan March 10/3/16

5. As Linus writes his annual letter to the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown asks ""When are you going to stop believing in something that isn't true?", Linus responds with "When you stop believing in that fellow with the red suit and the white beard who goes HO! HO! HO!"
✤ Read a book with a repeated word in its title (disregard A, An and The) OR a book written in letter/diary format. 
Never Say Never Winter Renshaw 10/11/16

6. Lucy refuses to help Linus reach the mailbox to mail his letter, so he uses his blanket as a lasso to open the mailbox slot and sails the letter in.
Read a book in which a character refuses to help another character OR a book with WESTERN on its main Goodreads page.
Southern Comfort Ciana Stone 10/4/16

7. Charlie Brown meets Lucy, who is tossing a football around. She begs him to kick the football, but as usual, she pulls it away at the last minute, so he lands on his back yet again. 
✤Read a book featuring an athlete OR a book by an author whose first name is Lucy, Charlie or Charles. (Spelling variations work, other variations do not.) 
Be My Love Lucy Kevin 10/5/16

8. Rather than going trick or treating with the rest of the kids, Linus persuades Sally to sit with him in his pumpkin patch, waiting for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin
✤ Read a book that you have been anticipating for a long time OR a book with a main character who is a loner. 
Beneath This Mask Meghan March 10/1/16

9. Charlie Brown's costume, a ghost with too many holes in the white sheet, may be the reason the other kids get candy, gum and other goodies while, after every house, he declares, "I got a rock."
Read a book with a predominantly white cover (post the cover) OR a book whose title contains only words that are no more than four letters long (two-word minimum) BOTH
The Next Sin (The Sin Trilogy, #2) by Georgia Cates The Next Sin Georgia Cates 10/6/16

10. Snoopy, wearing his World War I flying ace costume, climbs atop his Sopwith Camel and engages the Red Baron in a dogfight. When his plane is shot down, Snoopy eventually finds his way to Violet's party, where Schroeder plays some World War I songs on his piano.
✤ Read a book with a dog on the cover OR with a flying object of some sort on the cover (post the cover). lots of birds.
The Obsession by Nora Roberts The Obsession Nora Roberts 10/19/16

Some of my favorite quotes from the show include
11. Linus: "There are three things that I've learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin."
✤ Read a book that is controversial (tell us why) OR a book by an author whose initials can be found in THEGREATPUMPKIN. (To use a letter more than once, it must appear more than once in the phrase.)
PLEASE NOTE: For the second option in this task, if a middle name or initial is listed on Goodreads, that initial must be in the phrase as well as the first and last initials. For example, Eva Marie Everson would work (E, M and E are all in the phrase), but Mark J. Asher would NOT (there is no J in the phrase).
Winter Street Elin Hilderbrand 10/13/16

12. Lucy: "All you have to do is walk up to a house, ring the doorbell, and say 'tricks or treats.'"
Sally: "Are you sure it's legal?"

✤ Read a book whose title is a question OR a book with a residential house on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover).
Winter Stroll (Winter #2) by Elin Hilderbrand Winter Stroll Elin Hilderbrand 10/13/16

13. Sally: "What a fool I was. Trick-or-treats come only once a year. And I miss it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead. YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!"
✤ Read a book with a main character whose first initial can be found in PUMPKIN (tell us the name) OR a book in which the first letter of every word in the title can be found in RESTITUTION (ALL WORDS COUNT; minimum three words; to use a letter more than once, it must appear more than once) 
All Fired Up Carmine Valentine 10/12/16

Other tidbits
14. After the show aired, bags and boxes of candy from all over the world were sent to Schulz "just for Charlie Brown"

✤ Read a book with candy or other sweets on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; post the cover) OR a book in which significant events take place in more than one country (tell us the countries). 
- USA & Scotland.
A Necessary Sin Georgia Cates 10/5/16

15. This is the only special that shows Pig Pen wearing glasses.
Read a book by an author whose first and last names begin with the same letter OR a book with eyeglasses or sunglasses on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail; the cover)
Beneath These Lies Meghan March 10/3/16

See this thread for more detailed rules for all CCC challenges.

♦ If you want to participate in this challenge, please sign up by posting at least a partial list of the challenge requirements. This gives us a post to link you to, which you can use to update your books as the challenge progresses. 

♦ Unless otherwise noted, books must be at least 150 pages long. (See the link above for rules regarding graphic novels.) Books may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged :) Re-reads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book. You must read at least half of the book AFTER the challenge begins in order to count it for this challenge.

♦ For each book you read, please post a link to the title, and indicate the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item on the cover or specific author initials or name/s, you must include a link to the book cover and/or author's name, respectively.* 
PLEASE NOTE: When we say that an item must be visible in the Goodreads thumbnail, we mean the little cover that shows up in a post, not the cover on the book's main page. 
    * If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions here: Add a link to the book title, book cover and/or author 

♦ When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message. If you do this while you still have the Edit window open, it will copy all of your links and formatting. If you don’t repost your list, your name will not be added to the list of those who have completed the challenge. 

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