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All Encompassing A-Z Challenge

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All Encompassing A-Z Challenge

Duration: October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017
Number of Books: 26


- Read one book for every letter
- You can read in any order you wish
- Letters Q, X and Z can be positioned anywhere 

Choose Your Option: 

1. Title: the first letter in the title of the books (not the title of the series) 

Ace's Wild: A Bad Boy Sports Romance Alice Ward 10/30/16
Beneath This Ink Meghan March 10/2/16
The Cure for Dreaming Cat Winters 10/9/16
D Dirty Love Meghan March 10/8/16
Emergency Delivery Samanthe Beck 11/5/16
The Flower Arrangement Ella Griffin 11/4/16
Getting Out of Hand Erin Nicholas 11/7/16
Heat Exchange Shannon Stacey 10/9/16
I Knew You Were Trouble Soraya Lane 11/10/16
Just What I Needed Lorelei James 10/16/16
Kaufman: The Season Nicole Edwards 10/29/16
 Last Resort Jill Sanders 10/4/16
The Master Tara Sue Me 10/10/16
Never is a Promise Winter Renshaw 10/11/16
The Obsession Nora Roberts 10/19/16
Protege Lydia Michaels 10/12/16
Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16
Rookie Mistake Alice Ward 10/30/16
Southern Comfort Ciana Stone 10/4/16
Trapped Under Ice M.J. Schiller 10/2/16
An Unmarked Grave Charles Todd 12/17/16
Victorious M.S. Force 11/14/16
Wind Chime Point Sherryl Woods 10/27/16
X Sue Grafton 12/28/16
You Make Me Erin McCarthy 11/30/16
 ZANE Liv Bennett 12/25/16

2. Author: the first letter in the author’s name (first or last) 

3. Female Character: the first letter in the main character’s name (first or last) 

4. Male Character: the first letter in the main character’s name (first or last) 

5. Series: the first letter in the series name
A: Artemis Fowl #1: Artemis Fowl
B: Black Dagger Brotherhood #1: Dark Lover 
C: Caster Chronicles #1: Beautiful Creatures

6. Your TBR: Try to use titles that you already own. 

7. Countries/Places: Read internationally A to Z (books representing 26 different countries) (The books could be from international authors (writers from that country); however, it's fine if a book is only set in that country. 
If need be, instead of countries one could use cities, states, regions, etc. The idea is to use proper place names. If you'd like you could even use a few fictional countries.)
A: Austria
B: Brooklyn
C: China

8. Genres a genre list Sub-genres are allowed as long as the first letter matches.
A: Art
B: Biography
C: Children's

9. Children's/YA: Any book that has Children's or YA on the MPG. A challenge you can do with your children, if they need to read for 30 minutes a day!!

10. Mix and Match: Make this challenge your own. One drawback! You must say what you are doing in your original post!

Challenge Rules:
If you want to participate in a challenge, sign up by posting a list of the challenge requirements. 
This gives us a message to link you to so you can use to update your tasks as the challenge progresses. 
Click on the edit link at the bottom of your message to add additional tasks or updates.

All books and formats are allowed (children's, manga, graphic novels, audiobooks, etc). 
Rereads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book. 
There is no page requirement.

When updating your challenge with the books you've read, please include: (1) book title link, (2) the author's name, (3) the date you finished reading the book.

If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. 
If the task calls for an item/color on the cover, please include a link to the book cover. 
A book may be used for only one task.

When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you’ve read and we can add finished to your name!

If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions HERE.

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