Monday, October 31, 2016

AMMP November Word Hunt

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November Word Hunt

In the United States, November 11th is Veterans' Day. With the word hunt this month, we honor the military who have served and are currently serving in all capacities around the world.

Each branch of the US military has a badge and group of words that are related in some way. There are 5 words per badge for a total of 30 words this month. Plurals are OK. One word per book per category, up to 6 words per book total.


Air Force Never Say Never p 4
flight Room for Just a Little Bit More p 26
airplane All I Want p 38
pilot All In p 10
astronaut His Brown-Eyed Girl p 68

Army The Cowboy Inherits a Bride p. 17
infantry Newport p 81
soldier Fair Haven p 31
Ranger Marked p 1 
combat Defender p 8

Coast Guard
coastline Cooper p 37
rescue New Leaf p 244

Marines Marked p 115
pirates The Summer He Came Home p 27
(Mameluke) sword Crimson Death p 231

Navy Fair Haven p 37
ship Royally Screwed p 55

veteran New Leaf p 12
military The Trouble with Mistletoe p 10
duty Marked p. 48 
honor Getting Out of Hand Loc 369
service Love in Bloom p 297 

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