Monday, October 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

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Thanksgiving Dinner

November 1 - December 31, 2016

What will you serve at your Thanksgiving feast? Collect dishes by completing the associated task. The more you read, the greater the variety you will have at your feast. There are no limits to the number of items per category. Standard AMMP rules apply.

Main Dishes:
 Turkey - Read a book with a bird on the cover Crepe Factor (A Scrapbooking Mystery #14) by Laura Childs Crepe Factor Laura Childs 12/16/16 
 Tofurkey - Read a book with a vegetarian character You Make Me Erin McCarthy 11/29/16
 Turducken - Read a book where people have a large feast or celebrationReckless In Love Bella Andre Jennifer Skully 11/16/16
 Ham - Read a book with a pig on the cover

Side Dishes: 
 Stuffing - Read a book where the MC has a sidekick (ie. Stephanie Plum and Lula, Batman and Robin, etc) Naked Greed Stuart Woods 11/30/16
 Corn - Read a book with a yellow cover Live for Me (Blurred Lines, #2) by Erin McCarthy Live for Me Erin McCarthy 11/30/16
 Mashed Potatoes - Read a book where someone gets smashed or has an accident of some kind The Flower Arrangement Ella Griffin 11/4/16

 Gravy - Read a book with a saucy character (your interpretation) Hang Tough Lorelei James 11/7/16
 Broccoli Casserole - Read a book with a green cover Getting Out of Hand Erin Nicholas 11/7/16
 Glazed Carrots - Read a book with an orange cover Betting on Grace (Dead Heat Ranch, #1) by Nicole Edwards Betting on Grace Nicole Edwards 11/20/16
 Green Bean Casserole - Read a book from the Food on the Cover listopia
 Cranberry Sauce - Read a book from the Berries listopia Seduction and Snacks Tara Sivec 12/1/16
 Sweet Potatoes - Read a book with vegetables on the cover
 Squash - Read a book with a title that begins with a letter in SQUASH 
All In Simona Ahrnstedt 11/3/16

 Rolls - Read a book with bread on the cover The Courage To Love (Love On The North Shore, #1) by Christina Tetreault The Courage To Love Christina Tetreault 12/22/16
 Muffins - Read a book with a muffin or cupcake on the cover.
 Cornbread Read a book where someone bakes something. All I Want J. Daniels 11/1/16

 Pumpkin Pie - Read a book from the Romance Novels featuring Pie listopia
 Pumpkin Roll - Read a book with an author whose initials can be found in PUMPKIN ROLL Gray's Skye Paige Morris 11/28/16
 Pecan Pie - Read a book from the Books featuring Pie listopia
 Apple Pie - Read a book with a red, yellow, or green cover. Crimson Death (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #25) by Laurell K. Hamilton Crimson Death Laurell K. Hamilton 11/24/16
 Cherry Pie - Read a book with cherries on the cover. The Cherry House by C.J. Carlyon The Cherry House C.J. Carlyon 11/21/16
 Ice Cream - Read a book from the Frozen Desserts listopia
 Cookies - Read a book from the Cookies on the Cover listopia
 Cake - Read a book from the Cake listopia
 Jell-o - Read a book with a dessert item on the cover.
 Pudding - Read a book from the Chocolate Covered Fiction listopia

Turkey - Read a book where Thanksgiving is being celebrated. Beautifully Loyal Nicole Edwards 11/12/16
 Pumpkin - Read a book with a pumpkin on the cover
 Apples - Read a book with an apple on the cover
 Cornucopia - Read a book from the Thanksgiving Romances listopia Her Naughty Holiday Tiffany Reisz 11/21/16
 Pilgrims - Read a book where someone goes on a journey Breakaway Catherine Gayle 12/17/16
 Indians - Read a book with a Native American character Defender Diana Palmer 11/15/16
 Fall Wreath - Read a book set in autumn Rustler's Moon Jodi Thomas 12/7/16

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