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A Trip to the Mall

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Starts 12/1/16

It's Black Friday in the U.S., the busiest shopping day of the year! So, if you dare, it's time to take a shopping trip--to the mall!

This challenge has 3 levels:
Level 1: Food Court Only (10 tasks) – 3 months (to 2/28/17)
Level 2: Food Court and Stores (30 tasks) – 6 months (to 5/31/17)
Level 3: Food Court, Stores, and Services (45 tasks)– 1 year (to 11/30/17)


Challenge Rules 
♦ If you want to participate in a challenge, please sign up by posting at least a partial list of the challenge requirements. This gives us a post to link you to, which you can use to update your books as the challenge progresses. 

♦ Unless otherwise noted, books must be at least 150 pages long. (See the link here for rules regarding graphic novels.) Books may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged :) Re-reads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book and not simply skim through it. 

♦ For each book you read, please post a link to the title, and indicate the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item on the cover, include a link to the book cover. If it’s not obvious from the book title or cover, be sure to explain how your book fits the task. If you don’t, you won’t get credit for completing that task. 
* If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions here: 
Add a link to the book title, book cover and/or author 

♦ When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you’ve read :) If you don’t repost your list, your name will not be added to the list of those who have completed the challenge.


1. Burgers – Fast food was first popularized in the 1950’s in the U.S. 
*Read a book that is “fast” (between 150 and 200 pages) OR a book that is set in the 1950’s.
179 pages
Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16

2. Pizza – Pizza is an oven-baked flat bread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese, originally developed in Naples Italy. 
*Read a book with a red or yellow cover (show us the cover) OR a book with an Italian character or set in Italy.
Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) by Tara Sivec Seduction and Snacks Tara Sivec 12/1/16

3. Asian Cuisine – Rice is common to most Asian cuisines, with different varieties popular in various regions. Chopsticks are shaped pairs of equal length sticks used as the traditional culinary utensils in all of the East Asian countries for over 6000 years. 
*Read a book whose title’s first word starts with a letter in RICE (disregard A, An, The) OR a book with a long straight item on the cover (show us the cover).
The Courage To Love Christina Tetreault 12/22/16

4. Salads – A salad consists of small pieces of food, mixed with salad dressing, and generally served cold. 
*Read a book with lots of little items on the cover (show us the cover) OR read a book set in the summer months (June, July, or August).
A Death in Summer Benjamin Black 12/14/16 

5. Mexican – Mexican cuisine’s basic staples are corn, beans, and chili peppers, although Europeans (especially the Spanish) introduced meats, cheese, and herbs & spices. 
*Read a book set in Mexico or a US state that borders Mexico (California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas) OR a book with a Spanish-speaking character.
Rustler's Moon Jodi Thomas 12/7/16

6. BBQ – Barbecuing is done slowly over low indirect heat and flavored by the smoking process. 
*Read a book with a title that starts with “B” or “Q” OR a book that has a word in the title that can be used either as an adjective or a verb. Try this link if you need help.
Bedmates Nichole Chase 12/11/16

7. Pretzels – The distinctive symmetrical looped form is traditional, originating in Europe during the Early Middle Ages. 
*Read a book with a character whose first or last name starts with “Z” OR a book with some sort of twist in the plot. Eric Zellinger
Breakaway Catherine Gayle 12/17/16

8. Ice Cream – This is a frozen good made from dairy products. 
*Read a book with snow or ice on the cover (show us the cover) OR read a book whose author’s first OR last name starts with “S” or “I.”
Foreign Affairs Stuart Woods 12/21/16

9. Bakery – The first open-air bakery was developed in Paris. 
*Read a book with something sweet on the cover (doesn’t have to be food, but something you consider sweet like a puppy or a baby—show us the cover) OR read a book set in Paris.
At Home on Ladybug Farm (Ladybug Farm #2) by Donna Ball At Home on Ladybug Farm Donna Ball 1/20/17

10. Coffee Shop – Coffeehouses serve as centers of social interaction while also serving coffee and other hot beverages. 
*Read a book where the characters meet somewhere for coffee OR a book with some sort of coffee or tea cup on the cover (show us the cover).
About That Night Julie James 1/24/17

STORES (20) 

1. Men’s apparel – Men’s clothes are often more practical, functioning well in a wide variety of situations. Be sure to visit London for fine hand-tailoring and classic styles. 
*Read a book with lone man on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book set in London.
Looking Inside by Beth Kery Looking Inside Beth Kery 12/3/16

2. Women’s boutique – A wider range of clothing styles are available to women. It is generally acceptable for a woman to wear traditionally men’s clothing, while the converse is unusual. 
*Read a book with a lone woman on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book about someone who works in the clothing industry (designer, tailor, etc.).
An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford, #4) by Charles Todd An Unmarked Grave Charles Todd 12/17/1

3. Children’s clothing – Children's clothing is often more casual than adult clothing, fit for play and rest. 
*Read a young adult or middle grade book (must be at least 150 pages) OR a book with a baby or young child on the cover (show us the cover).
Greenglass House Kate Milford 12/2/16

4. Luggage – Also called baggage, this consists of containers that hold a traveler’s articles during transit. 
*Read a book set in a country other than your own (tell us where you live and where the book is set) OR a book where a character takes any sort of lengthy trip, like a vacation or relocation.
Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16

5. Jewelry – Jewelry consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment. 
*Read a book with jewelry on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book with a sandwiched letter in the title (a letter between two same letters, like j-eWe-lry).
Never Tear Us Apart Monica Murphy 12/8/16

6. Toys – Toys have been found at archaeological sites, with the origin of the word dating to the 14th century. 
*Read a book with some sort of plaything on the cover (show us the cover) OR read a book with a 4-letter title.
ZANE Liv Bennett 12/25/16

7. Bath and beauty– A beauty salon offers generalized services related to skin health. 
*Read a book whose cover you consider beautiful (show us the cover) OR read a book where a character works in a spa or someone who visits a spa.
Your Irresistible Love Layla Hagen 12/30/16

8. Bookstore – Bookselling was originally founded when Christianity spread, creating a great demand for copies of various sacred books. 
*Read a book with “Christian” or “Religion” on the main GR genre page OR a book with an open book showing on the cover (show us the cover). 
Twilight at Blueberry Barrens Colleen Coble 12/27/16

9. Music – Music is an art form whose medium is sound, with common elements of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and timbre/texture. 
*Read a book where music is important to the plot OR a book with any of the following words in the title: MUSIC, SONG, LYRIC, SOUND, CHORD, PITCH, RHYTHM (plural is the only variation allowed).
They're Playing Our Song Carole Bayer Sager 1/8/17

10. Cards and Gifts – The custom of sending greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchanged messages of good will to celebrate the New Year, and to the early Egyptians, who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls. Nowadays they are usually given on special occasions. 
*Read a book set in China or Egypt OR a book with some sort of writing implement on the cover (show us the cover).
Shadow of a Century An Irish Love Story by Jean Grainger Shadow of a Century: An Irish Love Story Jean Grainger 2/12/17

11. Cooking and cookware – Cookware is a type of food preparation container and intended for use on a stove or in an oven. First made of pottery, they now can be found in various metals and composites. 
*Read a cookbook (non-fiction) OR a book with any kitchen item on the cover (show us the cover).
The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health David Perlmutter 1/30/17

12. Shoes – Shoes are intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities and can be made from leather, wood, canvas, rubber, or plastics. 
*Read a book with shoes, sandals, or boots on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book that can be considered more than one genre (such as historical fiction and mystery).
Sweet Water by Christina Baker Kline Sweet Water Christina Baker Kline 2/4/17

13. Housewares – Household goods can be categorized as consumer electronics, appliances, and home furnishings. 
*Read a book with some sort of household furnishings on the cover (such as chair, table, lamp, etc.) (show us the cover) OR a book whose author’s first AND last initial is found in the word HOUSEWARES.
Controlled Burn Shannon Stacey 12/15/16

14. Sports and fitness – Hundreds of sports exist, from those requiring only 2 participants to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or competing as individuals. It generally consists of activities based on physical athleticism or physical dexterity. 
*Read a book with a competitive athlete (either fiction or non-fiction) OR a book with at least 2 people on the cover (show us the cover).
Home For Christmas (Copper Mountain Christmas #2; Bar V5 Dude Ranch #1) by Melissa McClone Home For Christmas Melissa McClone 12/14/16 

15. Florist – Many nations have their own style of floral arranging. This is dependent on what flower varieties are readily available and the culture of the nation. 
*Read a book with multiple flowers on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book with a character who gardens as a hobby or a profession.
Protecting His Own Cherise Sinclair 12/27/16

16. Chocolate and candy – Also known as a confectionery, candy stores are filled with an assortment of sweets, often offering a selection of old-fashioned treats from different countries. 
*Read a book with some sort of chocolate in the title or on the cover (show us the cover) OR read a book with a character who is a small business owner (of any type).
Well Hung Lauren Blakely 12/5/16

17. Vitamins – Vitamins are essential for the normal growth and development of a multi-cellular organism. The value of eating a certain food to maintain health was recognized long before vitamins were identified. 
*Read a book with “Health” listed on its GR main genre page OR a book whose title or author’s first or last name begins with “V.”
Victoria Daisy Goodwin 12/11/16

18. Comics and Joke Gifts – Although comic books have some origins in 1700’s Japan and 1830’s Europe, comic books were first popularized in the United States during the 1930s. 
*Read a book set in the 1930’s OR a book whose main character’s FIRST name starts with C or J (tell us the name).
Clare and Jake
White Lies Jayne Ann Krentz 12/19/16

19. Perfumery – The word perfume derives from the Latin perfumare, meaning "to smoke through." Perfumery, or the art of making perfumes, began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, and was further refined by the Romans and Persians. 
*Read a book showing smoke on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book set in Egypt, Italy, or what now constitutes Mesopotamia (including Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey) or Persia (including Iran, Armenia, Russia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan). 
Roman Crazy Alice Clayton 12/25/16

20. Electronics – Consumer electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday use, most often in entertainment, communications and office productivity. In British English they are often called brown goods by producers and sellers.
*Read a book with a brown cover (show us the cover) OR a book with a character who uses some sort of electronics in his/her job (such as a cell phone, computer, etc.).
Never Let You Go Monica Murphy 12/8/16


1. Bank – Banking in its modern sense evolved in the 14th century in the rich cities of Renaissance Italy but in many ways was a continuation of ideas and concepts of credit and lending that had their roots in the ancient world. 
*Read a book with a wealthy character OR a book with a cityscape on the cover (show us the cover).
Game of Love (The Remingtons #1; Love in Bloom #10) by Melissa Foster Game of Love Melissa Foster 12/18/16

2. Gift wrapping – In the United States, an additional five million tons of waste are generated over the Christmas gift-giving period; four million tons of this is wrapping paper and shopping bags. 
*Read a book with some sort of holiday or celebration in which gifts are usually given (tell us the occasion) OR a book with a 5 in the original publication date. - 2015
Hiding From Danger Olivia Jaymes 12/12/16

3. Nails – There are approximately 200,000 nail salons in the United States. People who work at nail salons are usually called "nail technicians or manicurists or 'Nailists' (the well-known appellation of nail technicians in Japan and some Southeast Asian countries)." 
*Read a book set in an Asian country or with an Asian character OR a book with more than 200 pages (tell us how many pages).
(274 pages).
A Lot like Love Julie James 12/20/16

4. Hair salon – A hairstylist is a person whose business is cutting, curling, coloring, and arranging hair, especially that of women. 
*Read a book with a character who works with hair OR a book with more than one woman on the cover (show us the cover).
The Wall of Winnipeg and Me Mariana Zapata 12/31/16

5. Photographer – A photographer can be an amateur (taking photographs for pleasure and to record an event) or a professional (to make money such as for a newspaper, wedding, graduation, or to illustrate an advertisement). 
*Read a book with a wedding or graduation within the plot OR a book with any character who is a photographer. (a double wedding) BOTH
Cowboy, It's Cold Outside Katherine Garbera 12/9/16

6. Pharmacy – The word pharmacy is derived from its root word pharma which was a term used since the 15th–17th centuries. However, the original Greek roots from pharmakos imply sorcery or even poison. In addition to pharma responsibilities, the pharma offered general medical advice and a range of services that are now performed solely by other specialist practitioners, such as surgery and midwifery. 
*Read a book with a character in the medical field OR a book that includes some sort of sorcery or poison in the plot. Harry is a wizard and he gets poisoned.
Cold Days Jim Butcher 12/10/16

7. Playground – Modern playgrounds often have recreational equipment such as the seesaw, merry-go-round, swing set, slide, jungle gym, or sandbox, many of which help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment. 
*Read a book with a character who is a parent OR a book with the first letter of every word in the title in PLAYGROUND (3-word minimum, you may use A, An, The).
The Guest Cottage Nancy Thayer 12/16/16

8. Arcade – Video games were introduced in amusement arcades in the late 1970’s, becoming popular with young adults. Many video arcades began closing in the late 1990’s as the technology of home video game consoles began to rival that of arcade games. However, video arcades remain popular in Japan, where they are called game centers
* Read a book where some sort of game is played (sports, video games, board games, etc., NOT mind games or manipulation) OR a book with a MAIN character under the age of 13.
On the Fly Catherine Gayle 12/18/16

9. Optical services – The first wearable eyeglasses were invented in Italy around 1286. This was the start of the optical industry of grinding and polishing lenses for these "spectacles" 
*Read a book with eyeglasses on the cover (show us the cover) OR a book with at least two of these numbers--1, 2, 8, or 6-- in the total number of pages (tell us how many pages). 
(236 pages)
Quarter Mile Hearts Jenny Siegel 12/25/16

10. Art gallery– In the second half of the eighteenth century, many private collections of art were nationalized and opened to the public. 
*Read a book with a character who an artist of any sort OR a book with a painting or frame on the cover (show us the cover).
Imperfect Justice Olivia Jaymes 12/5/16

11. Movie theater – Most but not all movie theaters are commercial operations catering to the general public, who attend by purchasing a ticket. The movie is projected with a movie projector onto a large projection screen at the front of the auditorium. 
*Read a book about someone in the entertainment industry (real or imaginary) OR a book with a character who goes to the movies.
Snow Angel Melanie Shawn 12/22/16

12. Phone service center – Phone service centers now cater to cell-phone users, offering new products and plans as well as expert technicians and quality parts.
*Read a book with a 5-letter word in the title OR a book where the character mentions using a telephone or cell phone in some way. BOTH
When All The Girls Have Gone Jayne Ann Krentz 12/6/16

13. Engraving – Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it. 
*Read a book with the title written in cursive OR a book with some sort of actual texture on the cover (for example, raised lettering, fuzzy background).
A Werewolf in Manhattan (Wild About You, #1) by Vicki Lewis Thompson A Werewolf in Manhattan Vicki Lewis Thompson 12/12/16

14. Tailor – This term dates back to the 13th century and took on its modern meaning in the last of the 18th century. 
*Read a book set more than 200 years ago OR a book with some sort of sewing item on the cover (such as scissors, tape measure, sewing machine, etc.) (show us the cover).
Crepe Factor (A Scrapbooking Mystery #14) by Laura Childs Crepe Factor Laura Childs 12/16/16

15. Day Spa – This is a business providing a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments. A day spa is different from a beauty salon in that it usually contains facilities such as a sauna, pool, steam room, or whirlpool that guests may use in addition to their treatment. 
*Read a book that relaxes you OR a book from your favorite genre.
Crave Me M. Robinson 1/7/17

**All general information was gathered from Wikipedia. 

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