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December 2016 Scavenger Challenge - TOP 10 RESOLUTIONS

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December 2016 Monthly Scavenger Challenge - TOP 10 RESOLUTIONS
December 1-31, 2016

Kudos to Connie for this challenge!

Many people like to plan their goals for the year by making resolutions. Here are the most popular choices, with the percentages of people who chose them (based on 2015).

CHOOSE 7 of the following resolutions and complete the tasks to accomplish your goals for the month. (Please make your choices before the challenge begins.)

Stay fit and healthy - 37%
* Read a book with a character who works out or stays fit in some other way - OR - a book with "37" intact in the number of pages (tell us how many).
Lone Heart Pass Jodi Thomas 12/7/16

Lose weight - 32%
* Read a book that is slim, meaning between 150 and 200 pages (tell how many) - OR - a book with the first word of the title starting in the word WEIGHT (disregard A, An, The).
(179 pages)
Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16

Enjoy life to the fullest - 28%
* Read a book that is popular, meaning it has more than 10,000 ratings on GoodReads - OR - read a book with a "2" or "8" in the number of pages (tell us how many).

Spend less, save more - 25%
* Read a book that was free (library book, Kindle freebie, ARC) - OR - a book with some sort of money on the cover (show us the cover).
Looking Inside Beth Kery 12/3/16

Spend more time with family and friends - 19%
* Read a book marked FAMILY on the GR main genre page - OR - read a book featuring two best friends.
Crepe Factor Laura Childs 12/16/16

Get organized - 18%
* Read a book that has a clean, uncluttered cover (show us the cover) - OR - with 1 or 8 in the original publication year (tell us the year).

Will not make any resolutions - 16%
* Read a book with a negative word in the title (no, not, don't, won't, etc.) - OR - a book that is #16 or higher in a series (tell us the series). (Stone Barrington #35).
Foreign Affairs Stuart Woods 12/21/16
Learn something new/new hobby - 14%
* Read a book from a new-to-you author - OR - read a book where a character does some type of craft or hobby.
Cowboy, It's Cold Outside Katherine Garbera 12/9/16

Travel more - 14%
* Read a book where the character takes a trip of some kind (a vacation or moving, not just going to the store) - OR - read a book from a series that has at least 14 books.
Cold Days Jim Butcher 12/10/16

Read more - 12%
* Read a book that is more than 400 pages (tell us how many pages) - OR - read a book originally published in 2012.


♣ When you sign up for the challenge, please post a challenge template so we have a post to which to link your name; post #2 will list participant links which can then be used for making challenge updates.

♣ For each book you read, please indicate the title, the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item on the cover, include a link to the book cover.* If it’s not obvious from the book title or cover, be sure to explain how your book fits the task. If you don’t, you won’t get credit for completing that task. 

♣ Unless otherwise noted, books must be at least 150 pages long.

♣ Books may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged!

♣ If you want the challenge moderator to check your progress as you make updates, please copy/paste your update into a new message . We don't have time to scroll back through the entire thread looking for "message #15," or to follow links back to an original post. 

♣ When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you've read. If you don't repost your list, you won't be included in the list of those who have completed the challenge.

*If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title or cover, see the instructions here: Link Instructions 

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