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Finish The Series Countdown

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Finish The Series Countdown
Duration: Start when you choose, no deadline 
Start Date: November 19, 2016

This challenge is to help you finish some book series. 
You will be reading 55 books if you finish.

Only series that you have already started when you sign up for this challenge will count.
Each book counts for one category.

Read 10 books from any series you have already started.
1. Cooper Juliana Stone 11/25/16
2. One Snowy Night Jill Shalvis 12/3/16
3. Game of Love Melissa Foster 12/18/16 
4. Long Lost Harlan Coben 12/23/16
5. X Sue Grafton 12/28/16
6. Rules of Contact Jaci Burton 12/29/16
7. Skin Game Jim Butcher 1/3/17

8. Reckoning Jeaniene Frost 1/15/17
9. Entice Ella Frank 1/25/17
10. Edible Ella Frank 1/26/17

Read 9 books from any series written by a woman.
1. Demon Hunting With a Dixie Deb Lexi George 2/1/17
2. Accidentally on Purpose Jill Shalvis 2/2/17
3. Dominance Never Dies Lexi Blake 2/16/17
4. Over the Edge Meredith Wild 2/19/17
5. Eighth Grave After Dark Darynda Jones 2/22/17
6. ASHER Olivia Chase 2/27/17
7. All the Little Liars Charlaine Harris 3/5/17
8. Satisfaction Lexi Blake 3/10/17
9. Silence Fallen Patricia Briggs 3/12/17

Read 8 books from any series that is the next book in the series.
1. Crimson Death Laurell K. Hamilton 11/24/16
2. Controlled Burn Shannon Stacey 12/15/16
3. Protecting His Own Cherise Sinclair 12/27/16
4. Twilight at Blueberry Barrens Colleen Coble 12/27/16

5. Broken Kelley Armstrong 1/14/17
6. One Foot in the Grave Jeaniene Frost 1/17/17
7. A Question of Honor Charles Todd 1/18/17
8. Ghost Killer Robin D. Owens 1/29/17

Read 7 books from any series published in 2014 or newer.
1. Crepe Factor Laura Childs 12/16/16
2. Darkest Journey Heather Graham 3/1/17
3. A Million Little Things Susan Mallery 3/22/17
4. Desire After Dark Marie Force 3/26/17
5. Where the Wild Things Bite Molly Harper 3/28/17
6. Wild Kisses Addison Moore 4/4/17
7. Blush for Me Kristen Proby 4/6/17

Read 6 books from any series that is for another challenge.
1. Grace Juliana Stone 11/25/16
2. Shadow Rites Faith Hunter 2/8/17
3. Whiskey Kisses Addison Moore 3/31/17
4. Rock Candy Kisses Addison Moore 4/1/17 
5. Velvet Kisses Addison Moore 4/2/17
6. Ill Wind Rachel Caine 4/3/17 

Read 5 books from any series written by a man.
1. Naked Greed Stuart Woods 11/30/16
2. Cold Days Jim Butcher 12/10/16
3. Killing Floor Lee Child 12/13/16 
4. A Death in Summer Benjamin Black 12/14/16
5. Foreign Affairs Stuart Woods 12/21/16

Read 4 books from any series published in 2013 or older.
1. A Werewolf in Manhattan Vicki Lewis Thompson 12/12/16
2. An Unmarked Grave Charles Todd 12/17/16
3. White Lies Jayne Ann Krentz 12/19/16
4. A Lot like Love Julie James 12/20/1

Read 3 books from the same series.
1. Rustler's Moon Jodi Thomas 12/7/16
2. Lone Heart Pass Jodi Thomas 12/7/16
3. Sunrise Crossing Jodi Thomas 1/12/17

Read 2 books from different series by the same author.
1. Imperfect Justice Olivia Jaymes 12/5/16
2. Hiding From Danger Olivia Jaymes 12/12/16

Read 1 book from any series published in 2017.
Garden of Lamentations Deborah Crombie 2/27/17

Challenge Rules:
If you want to participate in a challenge, sign up by posting a list of the challenge requirements. 
This gives us a message to link you to so you can use to update your tasks as the challenge progresses. 
Click on the edit link at the bottom of your message to add additional tasks or updates.

All books and formats are allowed (children's, manga, graphic novels, audiobooks, etc). 
Rereads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book. 
There is no page requirement.

When updating your challenge with the books you've read, please include: (1) book title link, (2) the author's name, (3) the date you finished reading the book.

If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. 
If the task calls for an item/color on the cover, please include a link to the book cover. 
A book may be used for only one task.

When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you’ve read and we can add finished to your name!

If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions HERE. 

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