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RRRC 2016 December Word Hunt

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Monthly Word Hunt 
1 - 31 December 2016

This challenge is to see if you can find all the words listed below within your reading for the month. You do not need to preselect a level.

The maximum number of words for each book is THREE. There is no page limit.

0-3 words : better luck next time
3-5 words : warming up
6-8 words : getting hotter
9-10 words : CHAMPION hunter!

add Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 1155 Add a little ibuprofen and a good night’s sleep, and he’d be fine tomorrow.

bounce Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 290 “Bullets don’t bounce off Kevlar.”

deliver Long Time Coming Jayne Rylon 12/1/16 p 56 When you came to deliver me some treats, you realized I was hard for you.

horse Seduction and Snacks Tara Sivec 12/1/16 p 3 "Jesus Liz, he's not a horse," I moaned, rolling my eyes and taking a sip of luke warm beer.

kneel Well Hung Lauren Blakely 12/5/16 p. 189 She grabs the phone, kneels next to me, and plays the video.

 Long Time Coming Jayne Rylon 12/1/16 p 201 On the other side it was a needle with thread that mirrored it.

reduce Snowbound at Christmas Jennifer Ryan 12/4/16 p 66 Don’t you dare reduce me.

 Long Time Coming Jayne Rylon 12/1/16 p 124 “Here, have a sip.”

Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 105 Even the bullies stayed away from a guy who was crazy enough to thunder guys against the boards for a three-inch puck.

water Looking Inside Beth Kery 12/3/16 p 89 When he walked into his bedroom a minute later, two glasses of water in his hands, the first thing he saw was Eleanor scurrying out of his bed.

For our over-achievers who just need some extra words because the above weren't enough...

Unlike with the 10 words above - you must find the EXACT word to claim these bonus words, and I try to make them hard.

dolls Well Hung Lauren Blakely 12/5/16 p. 31 “The same place you learned to play with dolls,” she tosses back.


rot Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 942 Papop assured me there isn’t no dry rot.”


Snowbound at Christmas Jennifer Ryan 12/4/16 p 54 Knowing that the vague, unsettled feeling that would press itself over her chest sometimes was coming from inside her, rather than external forces. 

To prove that you have found the word, please quote the page, percentage or LOC (Kindle) and include the sentence in which it appears.

Audiobooks are allowed so long as you can quote the page/%/LOC and the sentence. (Eg Using whispersync or finding that sentence in some other way.)

You must find the actual word or the word's root word must be at the core with the meaning essentially remaining the same ~ just turned into a noun, adjective, adverb etc. No prefixes or hyphenated extensions. An extension is allowed where it is often the accepted spelling eg goodbye or good-bye.

Where a word has more than one meaning, either meaning may be used. Eg coast (beachfront) or coast (moving without effort) etc

Please post all entries, updates, final posts and questions in this thread.

Examples for 'Reversal'
Reverse - Laser Visions √ 15 May
p50-51 : There were a couple of bands Tam had that this person didn't, but none in the reverse.

Reversing - Sunset √ 10 Jul
p204 : Reversing his grip on his katana, he held it out to Nick. 

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