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The Lost Challenges December 2016 Scavenger Hunt

The Lost Challenges discussion on goodreads


Each month we will give you a list of 50 themed words to find in your books. 

There is no limit to how many words you can get per book.

*Any genre/format is fine. Re-reads are OK. No page minimum.* 

For each word please list the book, date read, page number/location and sentence where you found it.

Apple - A Touch of Ice - L.J. Charles (1/10/16) 
I had a weakness for apple pie, heavy on the cinnamon... (loc. 245)

It’s December so our theme this month is CHRISTMAS!


Choose your Level:
Season's Greetings – 10-20 words
Happy Holidays – 21-40 words  Found 48/40
Merry Christmas – 41-50 words

DURATION: 1st December 2016 - 31st December 2016

**Books must be started and finished within this time frame.**

***Reserve your spot but no hunting till the 1st!***

Happy holiday hunting!

Word List

1. Advent Home For Christmas Melissa McClone 12/14/16 Loc 66 Decorating her tree, hanging lights on her apartment's balcony, counting down the days to December twenty-fifth with a chocolate-filled Advent calendar, hiking South Mountain on Christmas day...

2. Angel Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 379 “Sleep tight, angel.”

3. Bell Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 1198 He stepped into the darkened store to the familiar tinkle of a bell and the rasp of his own quick breath.

4. Candle Long Time Coming Jayne Rylon 12/1/16 p 98 When her medicines began to kick in and her eyelids grew heavy, Willie dragged the afghan over them and blew out the lone remaining candle.

5. Carols Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 2235 They've even got Giselle Diamond singing Christmas carols.

6. Chestnuts Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 2235 “They’re putting special lights on the tree, selling gourmet hot cider, hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts, s**t like that.

7. Chimney Greenglass House Kate Milford 12/2/16 p 126 The very oldest was nothing but three walls and two-thirds of a chimney, and it was pretty much held up by the vines that had grown around it.

8. Christmas Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 2235 It’s his Christmas Tree. In front of his house.

9. Cold Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 48 The man stopped and straightened out of the cold hunch that populated the streets of Holly this time of year. 

10. December Looking Inside Beth Kery 12/3/16 p 164 I think their electric bill for December must be about equivalent to all of the other eleven months of the year.

11. Decorations Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 49 And he was sure Holly dominated ninety percent of North Carolina’s power grid from Halloween through New Year’s with all the additional lights and moving decorations residents added for the holidays.

12. Eggnog Greenglass House Kate Milford 12/2/16 p 8 Eggnog bootlegger?

13. Elf Greenglass House Kate Milford 12/2/16 p 8 An elf on the lam from the North Pole?

14. Frost Cowboy, It's Cold Outside Katherine Garbera 12/9/16 Loc 802 He thought of himself like Jack Frost blowing into her life and spreading some wintery cheer and then he’d move on.

15. Garland Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 1798 For the next few hours, Ethan hung garland and decorated the tree.

16. Gift Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 99 A flower shop, chocolate shop, gift shop, bookstore, and coffee shop, and, of course, what would Holly be without a Christmas store?

17. Holly Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 58 Some of the best he had of his youth here in Holly.

18. Merry Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 2625 “I’d say this is going to be one very merry Christmas.”

19. Mince pies

20. Mistletoe Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 1933 “I found the mistletoe.”

21. Mulled wine Snowbound at Christmas Jennifer Ryan 12/4/16 p 39 The mulled wine isn’t going to drink itself.”

22. Nativity Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 1801 He’d found a nativity set, which he placed on the mantle over the fireplace where a fire now burned.

23. Noel Crepe Factor Laura Childs 12/16/16 p 62 A spicy duck gumbo; a colorful Noel salad topped with strawberries, cranberries, and walnuts; and an entree of blackened redfish with pommes Anna.

24. North Pole Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 47 Not much had changed about the storybook setting— one that belonged at Santa’s workshop in the North Pole.

25. Nutcracker Snow Angel Melanie Shawn 12/22/16 Loc 1152 She had actually been cast in the Nutcracker, which ran in San Francisco.

26. Pantomime Victoria Daisy Goodwin 12/11/16 p 43 Her uncle Cumberland had his hand to his ear in a pantomime of deafness.

27. Party Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 496 Grant looked down into her crystal-blue eyes and realized that if he didn’t know her, if they’d met somewhere else, like at a party in DC, he’d be all over the idea of getting her back to his place.

28. Pine Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 337 Loc Close enough to smell his spicy scent mixed with fresh pine.

29. Presents Greenglass House Kate Milford 12/2/16 p 170 Two presents in less than ten minutes?

30. Pudding Snowbound at Christmas Jennifer Ryan 12/4/16 p 32 A veritable treasure trove of stashed snacks: chocolate pudding cups, granola bars, pretzels, and an eclair from Haute Coffee and Bakery.

31. Reindeer Snowbound at Christmas Jennifer Ryan 12/4/16 p 9 Santas, reindeers, wreaths, and balls glistened with colored sugar and sprinkles.

32. Robin Long Lost Harlan Coben 12/23/16 p 19 The one with the bad cable-show dye job and Robin Hood facial hair.

33. Rudolph Snowbound at Christmas Jennifer Ryan 12/4/16 p 39 I just spied Rudolph’s nose.

34. Santa Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 47 Not much had changed about the storybook setting— one that belonged at Santa’s workshop in the North Pole.

35. Sled Greenglass House Kate Milford 12/2/16 p 193 “The sleds are in here somewhere,” Mr. Pine said, surveying the space.

36. Sleigh Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 1762 Sleigh rides, games, dancing in the barn, and lots of warm drinks and food.

37. Snow Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 91 Snow padded the cobblestone streets, but Grant could still feel the familiar roll beneath his feet.

38. Snowball Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 307 Outside, the air hit Faith like a snowball, but that didn’t do much to straighten out the buzz in her head.

39. Snowflake Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 92 Snowflakes drifted from the sky, and he pulled the brim of his ball cap lower.

40. Snowman Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 2695 It was wrapped in snowman paper with a bright red bow, and was the size of a shirt box.

41. Star Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 101 “Wait until everyone hears we’ve got a star in our midst this Christmas.”

42. Stocking Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 758 Makes a great stocking stuffer.

43. Tinsel Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 295 No stand, no ornaments, no tinsel.

44. Toys Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 327 They flashed their money and their shiny toys.

45. Tree Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 330 “Your mama’s tree is right out here.”

46. Turkey Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 812 He wasn’t a fan of turkey but ate it anyway.

47. Winter Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 427 “You remember, the biggest draw of the Winter Wonderland Festival?

48. Wrapping Quick Trick Skye Jordan 12/1/16 Loc 1514 He lost his balance and put out a hand to catch the wall, wrapping his other arm around Faith, and steadied them as they both floated back to baseline.

49. Wreath Snow Belle Jackie Castle 12/3/16 Loc 1800 A wreath hung on the front door.

50. Yule

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