Sunday, December 25, 2016

AMMP January Word Hunt

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This month's word list is based on cruise-related words. You may use a book for up to 5 words from the regular list. Bonus words may be found in any books (even if you've already found 5 regular words). There is no limit to how many bonus words you can find in a book.

Word List
1. Depart Skin Game p 581
2. Ocean Skin Game p 86
3. Boat Lancelot of the Pines Loc 249
4. Buffet Hell on Wheels p 249
5. Captain Lancelot of the Pines Loc 119
6. Cabin An Island Christmas p 62
7. Deck Galahad in Jeans Loc 1907
8. Port Complicate Me p 24
9. Lounge Lancelot of the Pines Loc 313
10. Luggage An Island Christmas p 48
11. Souvenir Galahad in Jeans Loc 1757
12. Caribbean Lancelot of the Pines Loc 1227
13. Pool Galahad in Jeans Loc 673
14. Seasick
15. Embark The Year We Fell Down p 207
16. Customs Lancelot of the Pines Loc 1241
17. Journey Skin Game p 222
18. Vacation Galahad in Jeans Loc 51
19. Harbor Skin Game p 16
20. Shore Skin Game p 14

Bonus words. Also known as the possibly tricky words! :)

21. Iceberg Hell on Wheels p 268
22. Lifeboat
23. Gamble/Casino 31 Days of Winter Loc 1922
24. Itinerary The Year We Fell Down p 121
25. Shuffleboard

BADGES - Please feel free to take the badges in whatever order you like, for every 5 words found. Yes, there are extra badges. I just found too many pictures I loved, so you may pick the ones you like the best! :)

Bonus Badge

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