Monday, February 27, 2017

AMMP March Word Hunt

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Around the world, March is very diverse month, weather-wise. You can experience just about any weather you want, somewhere on the planet in March. So we're going to experience the weather, too! You can use a book for one word in each season. There is also a bonus badge available if you find each of the season names.

Word List:
Spring What Love Can Do Loc 2533
1. Shower What Love Can Do Loc 1102
2. Flower Darkest Journey p 67
3. Green All the Little Liars p 58
4. Allergy The Roots of the Olive Tree p 183
5. Umbrella Luck of the Draw p 12

Summer Luck of the Draw p 36
6. Rose Darkest Journey p 114
7. Hot All the Little Liars p 77
8. Sunshine Luck of the Draw p 185
9. Lightning Collision Course Loc 2116 
10. Picnic What Love Can Do Loc 471

Autumn The Bastard Billionaire p 71
11. Red All the Little Liars p 19
12. Leaf Collision Course Loc 2237
13. Rake The Bastard Billionaire p 40
14. Fall Luck of the Draw p 1
15. Crisp What Love Can Do Loc 2747

Winter Luck of the Draw p 201
16. White Luck of the Draw p 201
17. Cold All the Little Liars p 95
18. Ice What Love Can Do Loc 1681
19. Frozen Collision Course Loc 850
20. Snow Darkest Journey p 252






Bonus Seasons badge:

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