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Spring Fun Bingo

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Spring Fun Bingo
March 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017

The flowers are blooming and it is time for our Spring Fun Bingo!!

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Here's how it works:
Each bingo space has a “SPRING” word in it - complete a space one of four ways:
1. Item Found on the Cover of Your Book (Post Cover) OR
2. Word Found in the Title - Partial Words or Variations Allowed OR
3. Author’s First AND Last Initials Found in the Word OR
4. Title Begins with the First OR Last letter of the Word. You can chose to use A, An or The OR you can disregard it. If the square has a two word item it must be the first letter of first word OR the last letter of second word.

You only need ONE of the above to complete the square AND you can mix and match tasks to complete a line. Please note that unlike regular Bingo there is no Free Space

Choose a level of participation or work the levels as you go:
Level One: Complete One Line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
Level Two: Complete Two Lines
Level Three: Complete Three Lines
Level Four: Complete Four or More Lines


Challenge Updates: When posting updates for your challenge, please include the following information: a link to the title, the author's name, and the date you finished reading the book. Please post cover if needed for the task. If you want to share an update to your challenge, please copy and paste your update into a new message letting us know it is an update. 

Completed Challenges: When you have completed a challenge, please copy and paste your entire challenge and repost in a new message, letting us know it is completed.

We prefer that you do not post links or generic messages regarding updates or completed challenges. 


Enjoy the challenge!

Row 1
Kite: Ever After Jude Deveraux 4/6/17 Title/Last
Rainbow: The Roots of the Olive Tree Courtney Miller Santo 3/16/17 Title/First
Joke: Johnny Abbie Zanders 3/31/17 Title/First
Duck: Darkest Journey Heather Graham 3/1/17 Title/First
Mom: My One and Only Kristan Higgins 3/28/17 Title/First

Row 2
Leprechaun: All the Little Liars Charlaine Harris 3/5/17 Author's Initials
Strawberry: Falling in Deeper Shayla Black 3/7/17 Author's Initials
Nest: Never Let You Go Chevy Stevens 3/26/17 Title/First
Gardening: A Gift of Time Beth Flynn 3/14/17 Title/First
April Showers: Spinning Out Lexi Ryan 4/13/17 Title/Last

Row 3
Seeds: Swept Away Robyn Carr 3/8/17 Title/First
Asparagus: Summer Desserts Nora Roberts 3/27/17 Title/Last
Spring: Silence Fallen Patricia Briggs 3/12/17 Title/First
Earth Day: Beautiful Day Elin Hilderbrand 3/16/17 Author's Initials
Window: What Love Can Do Virna DePaul 3/2/17 Title/First

Row 4
Tulip: Perfect Love Amanda Cowen 3/15/17 Title/Last
Puddle: Perfect Sense Amanda Cowen 3/14/17 Title/First
Umbrella: Wild Card Lora Leigh 3/21/17 Author's Initials
Four Leaf Clover: Flashpoint Jill Shalvis 3/17/17 Title/First
Ladybug: Luck of the Draw Cheri Allan 3/4/17 Title/First

Row 5
Picnic: Collision Course Chuck Gleason 3/9/17 Title/Last
Lawnmower: Creed's Honor Linda Lael Miller 3/18/17 Author's Initials
Bunny: The Bastard Billionaire Jessica Lemmon 3/12/17 Title/First
Rebirth: Rock Candy Kisses Addison Moore 4/1/17 Title/First
Easter Eggs: Summer Again Julia Gabriel 4/13/17 Title/Last 

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