Friday, March 31, 2017

AMMP April 2017 Word Hunt

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April is a month for celebrating. It is poetry month. It is also William Shakespeare's birthday. To honor the bard, we have compiled a list of 25 words associated with Shakespeare, his plays, and poetry. There is even a little bonus mini-challenge for those who read some Shakespeare during the month.

The rules are simple. Find the words in the text of the books you are reading. Standard AMMP guidelines apply. Plurals are fine. Five words per badge. Five words per book. A bonus badge is available for those who find all of the words.

The mini-challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Read a book to fit the task and collect the badge for that task.

Word List

Comedy Ill Wind p 60 
Error(s) A Mother's Conviction Loc 658
Labor Blush for Me p 160
Measure Velvet Kisses p 20
Merchant Ill Wind p 109
Merry Ill Wind p 227
Dream Velvet Kisses p 90
Shrew Wild Kisses p 59 
Tempest The Death Cure p 312
Gentlemen Velvet Kisses p 201
Night Blush for Me p 28
Winter Rock Candy Kisses p 23
King Ill Wind p 168
Romeo Spinning Out p 24
Henry Blush for Me p 111
John Velvet Kisses p 19
Richard The Death Cure p 119
Globe Ever After p 76
Theater Velvet Kisses p 168
London A Drink Before the War p 4
Actor Ever After p 240
Poem Ever After p 69
Author The Lake House p 16 

The Badges
 5 words found
 10 words found
 15 words found
 20 words found
 25 words found
 Bonus badge for finding all of the words

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