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RRRC 2017 April Monthly Challenge

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2017 April Monthly Challenge

1. A' is for April: 
READ a book that starts with 'A' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'A'.
Velvet Kisses Addison Moore 4/2/17

2. Happy Anniversary!: 
READ a book that was published in April of any year OR read a book of an RRRC member that joined in April of any year. Here is a link to the member list, beginning with April 2016.
Blush for Me Kristen Proby 4/6/17

3. Featured Author Challenge (FAC) author - Larissa Ione: 
READ a book written by Larissa Ione or any author with her first or last name (link to Larissa Ione's backlist).

Fun Facts about Larissa: 
✱Larissa writes paranormal romance
✱She is an Air Force veteran and former meteorologist
✱She lives in Wisconsin but was born in small farming community in Oregon in the US.

READ a paranormal book or has supernatural/paranormal characters OR a book with a current or former military MC OR a book set in the US North or has a farmer/rancher MC or is set in a farming/ranching community,
A Wanted Man Lee Child 4/7/17

4. National Humor Month: Conceived to heighten public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor. Laughter and joy - the benchmarks of humor - lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills, and an enriched quality of life. It's no coincidence that the month begins with April Fool's Day, a day which has sanctioned frivolity and amusement for hundreds of years.
READ a humorous book OR with a person smiling or laughing on the cover OR has a prankster/jokester character.
The Undomestic Goddess Sophie Kinsella 4/25/17

5. Lawn and Garden Month: By spring we are all anxious to get outside and enjoy the nice weather and the rebirth of all things green. April is the perfect time to clean up your lawn and get it ready for summer.
READ a book with a lawn or garden or grass on the cover OR has a landscaping or gardener character (needs to have some import to the story – not where the gardener is mentioned in passing) OR a book with the letters L-A-W-N in the title.
If Not for You (New Beginnings, #3) by Debbie Macomber If Not for You Debbie Macomber 4/10/17

6. National Karaoke Week: Celebrated the fourth week of April each year, it is simply a pure celebration of this unique form of entertainment that offers a chance for everyday people to sing (often badly) and become their favorite musical artists!
READ a book with a character that likes to sing or perform in some way OR a book where music is important to the story OR a book with a bar/pub type setting (where karaoke often occurs).
All of the above!
Rock Candy Kisses Addison Moore 4/1/17

7. April 3 - World Party Day: Created in 1996 with the premise that humans have the right to joy and peace through social positivity and fun. A basic concept of this day, is that peace is not the opposite of war. Rather, "Party" is the true opposite. This day is intended to be a synchronized, worldwide day of partying. You can celebrate this day partying in any way you'd like, alone, or in groups. Or by reading a book!
READ a book where a party or other festive event takes place OR read a book with a 9 or 6 in the publish date.
Wild Kisses Addison Moore 4/4/17

8. April 9 - Name Yourself Day: This is your chance to give yourself whatever name you'd like...for a day. Participating is simple and easy. Go ahead, give it a try. Give yourself a cool and catchy nickname. Once you've selected your name, you've gotta communicate it to all your family and friends. This could prove to be the hard part. It will likely take time for your new name to catch on. Don’t worry, you can use it again next year!
READ a book with a character who has a name that matches any of your names (first, last or middle) OR where the character has a name you WISH you had OR where the author’s initials are the same as yours (any order).
Ill Wind Rachel Caine 4/3/17

9. April 27 - Take Your Daughter to Work: Acting on research that showed adolescent girls received less attention than boys, this day was initiated in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The intention was to give girls additional direct attention and an insight into work world opportunities available to them.
READ a YA book OR a book that has a young female character OR read a book where the MC has a child.
Fool Me Once Harlan Coben 4/5/17

10. Reader's Choice:
READ any book of your choice.
A Mother's Conviction Karen Lenfestey 4/9/17

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