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May 2017 Scavenger Hunt - Weddings

The Lost Challenges discussion on goodreads

Each month we will give you a list of 50 themed words to find in your books. 

There is no limit to how many words you can get per book.

*Any genre/format is fine. Re-reads are OK. No page minimum.* 

For each word please list the book, date read, page number/location and sentence where you found it.

Apple - A Touch of Ice - L.J. Charles (1/10/16) 
I had a weakness for apple pie, heavy on the cinnamon... (loc. 245)

At the end of the month please re-post your whole challenge as a new message so that we can award your Hall of Fame badge!
(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for, you can still claim a badge for the words you did get.) 

Our theme for May is...


Choose your Level:
Flower Girl – 10-20 words
Always the Bridesmaid – 21-40 words
Here Comes The Bride – 41-50 words  ***MY CHOICE***

DURATION: 1st May 2017 - 31st May 2017

**Books must be started and finished within this time frame.**

***Reserve your spot but no hunting till the 1st!***

Happy hunting!

Word List

1. aisle Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 2704 I don’t want to walk down the aisle alone or with someone who isn’t really my father.
2. altar Cold Reign Faith Hunter 5/11/17 p 122 The altar area was a huge arch. 
3. bells All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 165 Is that ringing any bells, A?
4. best man
5. bouquet All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 82 Deanna crossed over to the desk with the bouquet of white roses and handed me a sealed envelope.
6. bride All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 202 But you fantasizing about shucking this life to become the Bride of - don't say it - Siberia somehow makes perfect sense?
7. bridesmaid Sea Glass Sunrise Donna Kauffman 5/24/17 p 67 Remember, I sent you a note telling you to bring the worst bridesmaid dress you owned, ...
8. cake What it Takes Shannon Stacey 5/2/17 p 71 Because there was room to write in Ben and Laney’s names on the big sheet cake.
9. ceremony Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 2698 Before today, Madison had been putting off making a decision on anything to do with the actual ceremony.
10. champagne All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 65 He stopped a server and snagged two glasses of champagne, handing me one.
11. chapel
12. church Blood of the Earth Faith Hunter 5/7/17 p 12 "Is that why won’t you help us with intel on the church?” Rick asked, his voice gentle.
13. confetti
14. congratulations What it Takes Shannon Stacey 5/2/17 p 71 “He’s such a handsome boy,” she said in a quiet voice. “Congratulations.”
15. couple Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc More than a couple of times?”
16. dance Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 1568 They paused by the dance floor.
17. dress Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 1496 Especially the dress she’d thrown in at the last minute just in case they went out for fun in Manhattan.
18. elope Shadow Rider Christine Feehan 5/28/17 p 103 I really understand the concept of eloping, but Stefano doesn’t get it.
19. flowers Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 1894 ... keys, and a small arrangement of flowers.
20. garter Ryder L.A. Casey 5/29/17 p 102 Your dress is something new, your garter is something blue,...
21. gift Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 1891 “Just let me grab my purse and the gift.”
22. groom Cold Reign Faith Hunter 5/11/17 p 107 Maybe he’ll groom your feathers for you.
23. guest Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 2274 He parked in a guest spot at her building, and they walked inside and up to her place.
24. honeymoon Dangerous Curves Ahead Ines Johnson 5/11/17 Loc 1067 ... during my honeymoon, not after I’d watched a ...
25. honour Summer of Change Elena Aitken 5/4/17 Loc 1811 “Please raise a glass in honor of the sun and may your days be hot…”
26. invitation Summer of Change Elena Aitken 5/4/17 Loc 676 She’d never turned him down and if he’d come in and offered her the same invitation a month ago, ...
27. kiss Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 301 The desire to kiss the dimples on either side of her mouth was strong.
28. knot Summer of Change Elena Aitken 5/4/17 Loc 1517 “Sam was just about to tell me about sex with Trent and why it has her all twisted up in knots.”
29. license Summer of Change Elena Aitken 5/4/17 Loc 2070 He hadn’t even checked her license or registration.
30. love Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 59 She didn’t believe in love at first sight.
31. march Until There Was You Kristan Higgins 5/22/17 p 49 It's March.
32. marriage Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 1068 ... older, but basically his marriage was one of convenience only.
33. matrimony
34. nuptials Sea Glass Sunrise Donna Kauffman 5/24/17 p 65 I could blame your impending nuptials for making me all mushy, but ...
35. obey Blood of the Earth Faith Hunter 5/7/17 p 26 I didn't obey anyone.
36. photographer All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 70 “Fair warning, there’s a photographer off to the left side snapping pictures of us.”
37. reception All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 2 Why couldn’t I cool my heels in Peter’s reception area?
38. registry
39. rehearsal Sea Glass Sunrise Donna Kauffman 5/24/17 p 67 It’s for this afternoon’s rehearsal.
40. ring What it Takes Shannon Stacey 5/2/17 p 71 Your ring is gorgeous!
41. speech Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 177 She was able to give her speech to the man by rote, ...
42. toast Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 2683 I’ve stayed out of their way for the most part, but Riley wants me there for cake and a toast.
43. tuxedo Love Bats Last Pamela Aares 5/20/17 p 313 The tuxedo he wore set off his rugged, handsome features, but he looked uncomfortable.
44. union Cold Reign Faith Hunter 5/11/17 p 234 ... as the original fifteen countries of the European Union.
45. usher Until There Was You Kristan Higgins 5/22/17 p 409 Jon and Henry were ushers, as was James.
46. vicar
47. veil Blood of the Earth Faith Hunter 5/7/17 p 138 My unbunned hair was tangled in a snarl and draped around me like a lank veil, sweaty and full of twigs.
48. venue Summer of Change Elena Aitken 5/4/17 Loc 220 ... and of course, the venue.
49. vows Cold Reign Faith Hunter 5/11/17 p 228 You will do as he says and obey him in all things so long as they do not conflict with your service and vows to me.”
50. wedding What it Takes Shannon Stacey 5/2/17 p 71 Their wedding.

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