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WRC Happy Summer Bingo

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Happy Summer Bingo
June 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017

We are starting a NEW series of Bingo Cards with NEW INSTRUCTIONS. Have fun!!!

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Each bingo space has a “Summer Activity" in it. You can complete a space using one of the tasks below:
1. The activity happens in the book. Please explain if it is not obvious by the title or cover OR
2. Author’s First AND Last Initials Found in the Activity Words OR
3. The first letter of EVERY word in the title (include a,an,the) must be found in the Activity Words (Two Word Title Minimum on this task).

You only need ONE of the above to complete the square AND you can mix and match tasks to complete a line. Please note that unlike regular Bingo there is NO Free Space

Choose a level of participation or work the levels as you go:
Level One: Complete One Line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
Level Two: Complete Two Lines
Level Three: Complete Three Lines
Level Four: Complete Four or More Lines


Challenge Updates: When posting updates for your challenge, please include the following information: a link to the title, the author's name, and the date you finished reading the book. Please post cover if needed for the task. If you want to share an update to your challenge, please copy and paste your update into a new message letting us know it is an update. 

Completed Challenges: When you have completed a challenge, please copy and paste your entire challenge and repost in a new message, letting us know it is completed.

We prefer that you do not post links or generic messages regarding updates or completed challenges. 


Enjoy the summer!

Row 1:
Island Adventure The Heart's Shrapnel S.J. Lynn 6/9/17 Author's initials
Pool Party Down the Shore T. Torrest 6/16/17 Activity
Movie Night Crow's Row Julie Hockley 6/29/17 Activity
Summer Love Head in the Game Lily Cahill 6/18/17 Activity
Boardwalk Fun Sin City Seduction L.L. Kellogg 6/9/17 Author's initials

Row 2:
Join A Book Club Love Me Again Jaci Burton 6/8/17 Activity
Make Ice Cream Turbo Twenty-Three Janet Evanovich 6/10/17 Activity - Stephanie works in 2 ice cream plants to help Ranger solve a mystery.
Water Park Robert B. Parker's Kickback Ace Atkins 6/13/17 Author's initials
Outdoor Concert Rock Chick Reawakening Kristen Ashley 6/9/17 Title
Bike Route Cure for the Common Breakup Beth Kendrick 7/12/17 Author's initials

Row 3:
Ride The Waves A Wild Ride Vivian Arend 6/22/17 Title
Explore A Museum The Girl Before J.P. Delaney 6/3/17 Activity
Happy Summer Mr. Match J.A. Huss 6/18/17 Title
Take A Hike The Simplicity of Cider Amy E. Reichert 6/7/17 Activity
At The Fair I Want It That Way Ann Aguirre 7/11/17 Author's initials

Row 4:
Beachcombing A Monster Calls Patrick Ness 6/23/17 Title
A Day At The Zoo As Long As You Love Me Ann Aguirre 7/10/17 Author's initials
Nature Trail Takedown Twenty Janet Evanovich 6/5/17 Title
Go Fishing Fading Starlight Kathryn Cushman 6/4/17 Title
Road Trip Riveted Jay Crownover 6/15/17 Activity

Row 5:
Picnic Time The Sound of Glass Karen White 6/19/17 Activity
Take Me Out To The Ballgame Tricky Twenty-Two Janet Evanovich 6/10/17 Title
Pitch A Tent On A Night Like This Barbara Freethy 6/2/17 Activity- went camping
Love The Library The Impact of You Kendall Ryan 6/24/17 Title
Summer Camp Under Pressure Lori Foster 7/3/17 Title

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