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2017 Summer Camp Challenge

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2017 Summer Camp Challenge
Duration: June 1 - August 31

You must read 3 books - one each month - to participate in this challenge.
Select your level.
You must start with Happy Camper.
You may use each task as many times as you want. You do NOT have to use all of the tasks. 
You may raise your level as you go along. Have Fun!!

Camp Cabin Levels:

3 books - Happy Camper 
4-8 books - Fox Path
**9-15 books - Dakota Shack** Completed
17-24 books - Sundance Bungalow
25+ books - Timber Villa 

☀ 1. Read a book with "SUMMER" in the title.
That Summer Lauren Willig 6/26/17

☀ 2. Read a book with a summer word in the title - like camp, tent, beach, swimming etc. eg. Summer Fun Words
Down the Shore T. Torrest 6/16/17

☀ 3. Read a book with the first letter of each title word in "SUMMERVACATION" (3 word minimum).
The Simplicity of Cider Amy E. Reichert 6/7/17
A Monster Calls Patrick Ness 6/23/17

☀ 4. Read a book where the author's first and last initials are in "SUMMERTRAVELS".
The Heart's Shrapnel S.J. Lynn 6/9/17
Archer's Voice Mia Sheridan 6/24/17

☀ 5. Read a book published in June, July or August of any year.
Sin City Seduction L.L. Kellogg 6/9/17 
Mr. Corporate J.A. Huss 6/16/17
Revenge Lexi Blake 6/21/17
The Impact of You Kendall Ryan 6/24/17

☀ 6. Read a book from a beach/summer read list. Let us know the list you chose from. eg. Beach Reads OR Summer Beach Reads

☀ 7. Read a book that is set in a place you've never been but want to visit.
Colorado Rock Chick Reawakening Kristen Ashley 6/9/17
UK The Girl Before J.P. Delaney 6/3/17
UK After You Jojo Moyes 6/6/17

☀ 8. Read a book you already have at home or on your e-reader but haven’t gotten around to yet.
Riveted Jay Crownover 6/15/17
Honor Jay Crownover 6/12/17
A Wild Ride Vivian Arend 6/22/17

☀ 9. Read a book with a number in the title. This could be an actual digit or a number like “hundred” or “thousand.” 
 Notorious Nineteen Janet Evanovich 6/3/17
Takedown Twenty Janet Evanovich 6/5/17
Top Secret Twenty-One Janet Evanovich 6/5/17
Tricky Twenty-Two Janet Evanovich 6/10/17
Turbo Twenty-Three Janet Evanovich 6/10/17

☀ 10. Read a book first published in 2017. 
Master of Solitude Cherise Sinclair 6/2/17
Betting on a Hot SEAL Cat Johnson 6/22/17
What I Need J. Daniels 6/25/17

☀ 11. Read a book with a food or drink in the title. eg. Playing for Pizza

☀ 12. Read a time travel book. eg. Best Time Travel Fiction
The Rose Garden Susanna Kearsley 6/12/17

☀ 13. Read a book with the name of a place in the title. eg. Mystic River or New York to Dallas
The House on Tradd Street Karen White 6/28/17

☀ 14. Read a book in a genre that you rarely read.
☀ 15. Read a travel book OR a book where a character travels. eg. YA Road Travel Novels OR Best Traveling Vicariously
☀ 16. Read a book with a first AND last name in the title eg. Being Sloane Jacobs 

☀ 17. Read a book with a cover that shows the beach or ocean. 
SEAL It With A Kiss (SEAL It With A Kiss Book 1) by Rogenna Brewer SEAL It With A Kiss Rogenna Brewer 6/8/17
The Sound of Glass by Karen White The Sound of Glass Karen White 6/19/17

☀ 18. Read a book with bare feet on the cover. Bare Feet Lists

☀ 19. Read a book from your TBR - a pile at home or on GR.
Fading Starlight Kathryn Cushman 6/4/17

☀ 20. Read a book recommended by a friend.
☀ 21. Read a book with at least one person outdoors on the cover. eg. Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch (Valentine Valley, #6) by Emma Cane

On A Night Like This (Callaways, #1) by Barbara Freethy On A Night Like This Barbara Freethy 6/2/17
Love Me Again (Hope, #7) by Jaci Burton Love Me Again Jaci Burton 6/8/17
Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard Duncan's Bride Linda Howard 6/23/17

☀ 22. Read a book that is set on an island.

☀ 23. Read the first book in a series that is NEW to you.
Hard to Hold Nicole Edwards 6/20/17
Crow's Row Julie Hockley 6/29/17

☀ 24. Read a book with an airplane on the cover.
☀ 25. Read a book that everyone is reading.

Challenge Rules:
If you want to participate in a challenge, sign up by posting at least THREE of the challenge requirements. 
This gives us a message to link you to so you can use to update your tasks as the challenge progresses. 
Click on the edit link at the bottom of your message to add additional tasks or updates.

All books and formats are allowed (children's, manga, graphic novels, audiobooks, etc). 
Rereads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book. 

When updating your challenge with the books you've read, please include: (1) book title link, (2) the author's name, (3) the date you finished reading the book.

If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. 
If the task calls for an item/color on the cover, please include a link to the book cover. 
A book may be used for only one task.

When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you’ve read and we can add finished to your name!

If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions HERE.

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