Thursday, June 1, 2017

AMMP June 2017 Word Hunt

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June - Size Matters

Have you ever noticed the number of words out there related to size? Here is a collection of 25 "big" words. 

Five words per badge. Five words per book. If you find all of the words, you can collect the "Size Matters" badge as a bonus.

Word List

ample The Girl Before p 10
awesome On A Night Like This p 76
big Notorious Nineteen p 118
enormous Top Secret Twenty-One p 27 
giant Notorious Nineteen p 134
gigantic Roman p 38
great The Girl Before p 106
huge On A Night Like This p 36
humongous Notorious Nineteen p 129
immense Love Me Again p 260
jumbo Sin City Seduction p 31
king-size Sin City Seduction p 187
large Notorious Nineteen p 153
mammoth Rock Chick Reawakening p 97
massive Roman p 26
profuse Notorious Nineteen p 181
substantial Love Me Again p 286
super Fading Starlight p 70
titanic Fading Starlight p 138
tremendous On A Night Like This p 38
vast The Girl Before p 180
voluminous The House on Tradd Street p 14
wondrous Roman p 6

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