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June Scattergories

The Lost Challenges discussion on goodreads

The general rules of Scattergories are you are given a list of categories and a time limit. Then the letter dice is rolled and you have to come up with something that matches your letter and the category.

This “Challenge” works in conjunction with the other challenges you may participate in this month. You may use a book to fulfill multiple items (you don't have to read 12 books this month...don't worry!) While you are fulfilling the requirements of your other challenges, be on the lookout for the following items (they may be on the cover or mentioned in the book)

Rules: books must be 150+ pages, rereads are ok, as long as you read the whole thing, you must read more than 50% of the book in the month of the challenge, please post a link to the book and author and post the date you finished reading the book. Please repost your entire challenge to have the mods verify and to have badges awarded

The Challenge: I will post a list of 12 categories, 6 general relating to any book, and 6 specific to that month. You can start reading on the 1st. The goal is to get as many points as possible by the end of the month.

The scoring: for the first 6 tasks, you need to read 
1. A book with a title that begins with the letter of the month
2. A book with an author whose first or last name begin with the letter of the month
3. A book with a Main Character whose first or last name begins with the letter of the month (I will accept a nick name)
4. A book with a Secondary Character whose first or last name begins with the letter of the month. (I will accept a nick name)
5. A book that has a location beginning with the letter of the month (either a name or a place - library/Lincoln)
6. A book with an item on the cover that begins with the letter of the month. (you must post the cover & state what the item is.)
For 1-4, you can score additional points for more words starting with the letter of the month - the authors/characters first AND last name begin with letter of the month or the title has more words beginning with the letter of the month). Score 1 extra point per word/name beginning with letter of the month.
For the Specials Section, you can either find the given word in the text of your book for one point OR you can find a word that fits the given word that begins with the letter of the month for 2 points. 
(if the given letter is T & you are looking for "Chocolate" you can find the word Chocolate or find "Truffle" or "Turtle" (as in the candy kind.) If you find the word Chocolate you score 1 point. If you find a word that begins with the letter of the month, you score 2 points. 
Please give the location of the word and the sentence it is found in. For every word in that sentence that begins with the letter of the month, you get one more point per word. {Tyler found Tami's favorite TRUFFLES at the local pharmacy. Score for this sentence: 5 points: Tyler (1) Tami (1) Truffles (2) the (1)}

June 1, 2017-June 30, 2017

1. Book Title: Takedown Twenty Janet Evanovich 6/5/17
2. Author: T. Torrest Down the Shore 6/16/17
3. Main Character: Tabitha Chapel SEAL It With A Kiss Rogenna Brewer 6/8/17
4. Secondary Character: Eli Turner Finding Our Forever Brenda Novak 6/4/17
5. Place: Trenton, NJ Notorious Nineteen Janet Evanovich 6/3/17 
6. Cover: Trees The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert The Simplicity of Cider Amy E. Reichert 6/7/17

June Specials:

Hoooray for Summer!!!! At least for the Northern Hemisphere. Sorry to the Southern Hemisphere - they are going into Winter. June is National Candy Month. June 20th is World Father's Day, Many countries celebrate their Flag day this month and June's birth flower is a Rose

7. Summer On A Night Like This Barbara Freethy 6/2/17 p 230 "Having navigated Times Square on a summer day, I can definitely agree that the world can be too crowded."

8. Winter: After You Jojo Moyes 6/6/17 p 33 Winter loosened its grip and the spring was beautiful.

9. Candy Takedown Twenty Janet Evanovich 6/5/17 p 32 So I'm just eye candy?

10. Father's On A Night Like This Barbara Freethy 6/2/17 p 1 As a teenager, seeing her father’s car in the driveway when she came home from school had always made Sara Davidson uneasy.

11. Flag Takedown Twenty Janet Evanovich 6/5/17 p 79 A pirate's skull and crossbones flag had been tied to the antenna.

12. Rose Roman Sawyer Bennett 6/3/17 p 46 Her favorite flower is a yellow rose, her birthday is week after next—she’ll be twenty-seven—and she’s never had a relationship last longer than six months. 

And your letter is.....

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