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AMMP Space Race - #60s

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September 1 - September 30

Space. The final frontier. 
The 60's kicked off the race for space domination, mainly between the United States and the USSR. Journey with us through the decade and make your own moon landing.

The Challenge
Complete the task for each of the years--1960 through 1969--as the USA and USSR fight to reach the moon first. Oh yes, there will be badges to earn along the way. 

What level will you achieve?

Complete 3 tasks - Backyard Skywatcher
Complete 5 tasks - Astronomer
Complete 8 tasks - Mission Control
Complete 10 tasks - Astronaut 

If you complete 3 tasks and earn the "Backyard Skywatcher" badge, you can claim your #60's badge for the decades challenge as well. 

Standard AMMP rules apply, as always. Good luck! 

August - Russian dogs Belka and Strelka spent a day in space aboard Sputnik 5 on 19 August 1960 before safely returning to Earth.

They were accompanied by a grey rabbit, 42 mice, two rats, flies and several plants and fungi. All passengers survived. They were the first Earth-born creatures to go into orbit and return alive.

To complete your journey to 1960:
Read a book with an animal on the cover.

Men in space! Russian Yuri Gagarin was made the first human spaceflight in April 1961. The US sent astronaut Alan Shepard in the first pilot controlled spaceflight in May 1961. Both men returned to Earth safely. 

To complete your journey to 1961:
Read a book with a single person on the cover (male or female).
Everything We Keep (Everything We Keep, #1) by Kerry Lonsdale Everything We Keep Kerry Lonsdale 9/1/17

In August 1961, the USSR completed the first dual-crewed spaceflight with cosmonautss Andriyan Nikolayev and Pavel Popovich.

To complete your journey to 1962:
Read a book with 2 people on the cover.
Only Yours (Fool's Gold, #5) by Susan Mallery Only Yours Susan Mallery 9/2/17

In June 1963, the USSR sent the first woman into space - Valentina Tereshkova. Now that's progress!

To complete your journey to 1963:
Read a book with a woman on the cover (can include other people, but must include at least one woman).
Nauti Temptress (Nauti, #6; Nauti Girls, #1) by Lora Leigh Nauti Temptress Lora Leigh 9/9/17

October 12, 1964, the USSR sent their first multi-person crew into space.

To complete your journey to 1964:
Read a book numbered 2 or higher in a series.
The Study of Seduction Sabrina Jeffries 9/4/17

On July 14, 1965, after traveling over 7 months in space, Mariner 4 complete the first Mars flyby for the United States.

To complete your journey to 1965:
Read a book with a red cover (50% or more).
Chasing Rhodes (Rock Falls, #1) by Anne Jolin Chasing Rhodes Anne Jolin 9/23/17

March 1, 1966, the USSR sent Venera 3 to land on Venus, making it the first spacecraft to impact on the surface of another planet. However, the communications systems had failed before planetary data could be returned.

To complete your journey to 1966:
Read a book with the letters found in VENUS in the title and/or author's names.
Trust Me Brenda Novak 9/30/17

October 30, 1967 First docking of two remote-controlled spacecraft

To complete your journey to 1967:
Read a book with a 2 in the page count.
392 pages American Queen Sierra Simone 9/11/17

December 21, 1968 First human-crewed spaceflight to orbit another celestial object: the Moon

To complete your journey to 1968:
Read a book with the moon on the cover.

July 20, 1969 First humans on the Moon - Apollo 11-NASA

To complete your journey to 1969:
Read a book that is first in a series.
Love You More Lisa Gardner 9/4/17

Find the following words in the text of the books you are using for this challenge. If you find all 5, you can grab this additional badge. You can use 1 book, or 5, as long as they are books used to complete these tasks.

Moon The Time Between Karen White 9/5/17 p 82 We spoke of how Gunter would open his own shop in America when the war was over, or we could live in Lindau and watch the moon rise over the lake.

Space Y is for Yesterday Sue Grafton 9/10/17 p 162 Are you telling me you need space

Race The Bourbon Kings J.R. Ward 9/14/17 p 70 And that had been his farm off to the races, as they say.

Flag The Angels' Share J.R. Ward 9/15/17 p 72 For a split second, a flag got raised, but Lane lost track of the warning or instinct or whatever it was.

Rocket The Time Between Karen White 9/5/17 p 105 He kissed me then, and we made love again beneath the planets and the rockets and the dreams of childhood that hung from the ceiling,... and within the light of the silvery moon and the North Star that guided the lost toward home.

 Backyard Skywatcher  Astronomer  Mission Control  Astronaut

Complete Bonus 

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