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RRRC 2017 September Monthly Challenge

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2017 September Monthly Challenge​​

1. 'S' is for September: Read a book that starts with 'S' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'S'.
Sworn to Silence Linda Castillo 9/3/17

2. Happy Anniversary! Read a book that was published in September of any year or read a book of an RRRC member that joined in September of any year. Link to member list, beginning with September 2016 -
Playboy Pilot Penelope Ward 9/23/17

3. Featured Author Challenge (FAC) author- Sabrina Jeffries. Read one book written by Sabrina Jeffries or any author with her first or last name. Link to Sabrina Jeffries's backlist-

The Study of Seduction Sabrina Jeffries 9/4/17

Fun Facts about Sabrina-
* Sabrina Jeffries was born in New Orleans
* She has published over 50 novels
* She writes Historical Romance
* Sabrina has three major passions: jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music.
* She has a Ph.D. in English literature

You may also read a book set in New Orleans, or by an author who is from New Orleans. You can also read any book which is shelved as Historical Romance or a book which setting is university. Or you can read a book which has some of your own passion included.

4. September - Happy cat month. This special month is brought to us by the CATalyst Council to help spread education and awareness about the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats. A happy cat means happy household, right?
- Read a book that has a cat on a cover or in the story, or read a book that makes you feel either royal or fuzzy and happy. 
Ed the cat Y is for Yesterday Sue Grafton 9/10/17

5. 5th Sep - Be Late For Something Day. Be Late For Something Day reminds us that sometimes, just sometimes, it’s ok to let things slide and not quite be on time.
- Read a book that could make you either stay up late or be late from some appointment. 
Pray for Silence Linda Castillo 9/12/17

6. 6th Sep - Read a book day. Reading has been proved to lower stress, so...
- Read a book which relaxes you and/or takes you away from all the stress of the actual world.The Secret Life of Violet Grant Beatriz Williams 9/13/17

7. 15th Sep - International dot day. This special day has been invented to encourage people to harness their creativity.
- Read a book where there are a dot or dots in the cover (i.e. a dot on lowercase title letters i and j, exclamation point dot).
The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings, #1) by J.R. Ward The Bourbon Kings J.R. Ward 9/14/17

8. 20th Sep - Punch day. The word "punch" actually means "five", a word originating from the Hindustani word panch. It celebrates the traditional punch base recipe of five key ingredients: alcohol (usually spirits), lemon (or other fruits), sugar, water, and tea (or other spices, e.g. cinnamon).
- Read a spicy story or a book where the are a number 5 in either release day or in the page number. 
Hit the Spot J. Daniels 9/7/17

9. 25th Sep - One-Hit wonder day. This term was established by music journalist Steve Rosen back in 1990, and it means those musicians who have one hit and then nothing more.
- Read a standalone book or a book where the music plays some major part in the story. 
The Time Between Karen White 9/5/17

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choice.
Devil's Cut J.R. Ward 9/15/17

You can choose to complete any number of categories, depending on your reading speed, book availability and/or time commitment.

When posting your challenge progress, please make sure to put the date/s when you finished your book/s.

Please repost your progress as it helps when updating.

Happy reading everyone! 


Here are some lists to help you with the challenge.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, I'm happy to help. :)

9. 25th Sep - One-Hit wonder day.
Epic Rockstar Stories
Rock Star Romance 

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