Saturday, September 30, 2017

AMMP October 2017 Word Hunt (#70's)

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The 1970's were a great decade for horror films. Classics such as The Exorcist, Jaws, Halloween, and Alien are still popular today. The word list comes from words that are in the titles of horror movies listed in the 100 Top Horror Movies of the 1970s. Since the words are coming directly from titles, they should be found as is. 5 words per book. 5 words per badge. Also, there is a mini-challenge to read some of the books these films were based on.

Word List

Wicker Cast in Angelfire Loc 843
Texas Burn for Me p 1
Chainsaw Nearly Departed in Deadwood p 109
Dawn Prince of Wolves Loc 1594
Dead Cold Blooded p 15
Halloween Dying Breath p 174
Jaws Prince of Wolves Loc 2746
Alien Cast in Angelfire Loc 1459
Scars Cast in Angelfire Loc 440
Dracula Cold Blooded p 33
Vampire Cold Blooded p 17
Circus Accidental Sire p 22
Scream Cold Blooded p 13
Midnight Prince of Wolves 143
Bell Prince of Wolves 419
Hell Cold Blooded p 9 
Curse The Firebird p 16
Devil Burn for Me p 6
Blood The Firebird p 75 
Stained Prince of Wolves p 148
Shadow The Firebird p 92
Invasion Up from the Grave p 197
Attack Country Kisses Loc 662 
Killer Cast in Angelfire Loc 1317
Tomatoes The Summer That Made Us p 216
Omen Country Kisses Loc 2198
Horror Cast in Angelfire Loc 1180 


Bonus Mini-Challenge
1. Read The Amityville Horror
2. Read The Exorcist
3. Read Carrie


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