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Misfit Challenges   Knock on Wood

DURATION: October 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018

Almost everyone has heard the superstitions about walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror and knocking on wood, but did you know that you should never light three cigarettes with one match or that wearing an acorn is supposed to bring good luck? While browsing the stacks at my local library awhile ago, I found the book 101 American Superstitions Understanding Language and Culture Through Superstitions and was intrigued enough to bring it home, and well... you know the rest of the story. Read on to learn why you should always pick up a pin, never leave an eggshell unbroken and more.

1. BIRD FLYING INTO A HOUSE : A bird flying into the house was considered a sign of death. Birds were thought to represent souls of the dead, and when a bird flew into a house, it was believed to be looking for another soul to join it.
* Read a book with a bird name in the title or author's name (ROBINson is ok) OR a book in which a character is looking for a specific person or thing; tell us who or what
Jessica's looking for her brother, Tyler. 
Red Blooded Amanda Carlson 10/29/17

2. BREAKING A MIRROR : It was long believed that a person’s reflection showed the soul, and that to break the reflection was to harm the soul. So a person who breaks a mirror and damages the reflection it gives will have seven years of bad luck.
* Read a book with a 7 in the total page count; tell us how many pages OR a book whose title begins with a letter in MIRROR (ALL WORDS COUNT!)
My Younger Lover Shelley Munro 10/12/17

3. CARRYING A RABBIT’S FOOT : One of the most common good luck charms is a rabbit’s foot. It is considered lucky because rabbits have many offspring, and having many children is a sign of wealth.
* Read a book with a character who has at least four children OR a book with double Os in the title
Cold Blooded Amanda Carlson 10/5/17

4. CROSS YOUR FINGERS : It is said that bad luck is trapped at the point where the two fingers meet. So when we cross our fingers, we stop the bad luck from escaping and allow our wishes to come true.
* Read a book with an X in the title or author's name; tell us the author OR a book with fingers or a hand that occupies at least 25% of the cover; post the cover
Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia Eliza and Her Monsters Francesca Zappia 11/25/17

5. CUTTING THE WEDDING CAKE : The wedding cake has always stood for good fortune and fertility. The bride, with the help of her groom, must cut the first piece as a sign that they will share all possessions in the future.
* Read a book in which a wedding takes place OR a book with a cake on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover
Bountiful Sarina Bowen 11/4/17

6. DESTROYING A SPIDER WEB : An old story says a spider made a web to hide the baby Jesus from King Herod’s soldiers when they came to kill him. For this reason, it is unlucky to destroy a spider web.
* Read a book set before the year 1000 A.D.; tell us when OR a book in which a human birth occurs
it's twins!
Just Breathe Susan Wiggs 11/23/17

7. DO NOT RETURN AN EMPTY FOOD CONTAINER : If one is given a gift of food, the container it comes in must not be returned empty. To return it empty would bring hunger to the house of the giver or the receiver.
* Read a book with a character who prepares food for a living; tell us the career OR a book with a negative word in the title (no, never, not, etc.)
Nowhere But Here Katie McGarry 11/10/17

8. FINDING A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER : The four-leaf clover is one of the most valuable of all good luck charms. The parts of the leaf represent four parts of life: fame, wealth, love and health. The owner of the clover will have good fortune in all four.
* Read book #4 from a series; tell us the series OR a book with a main character who works in a human health-related field; tell us the career
Night Huntress 
Destined for an Early Grave Jeaniene Frost 10/23/17

9. FINGERNAIL CLIPPINGS : An old American belief says that fingernails can be used to cast spells on their owner. The clippings must never be left around for the evil spirits to find. To be safe, they should be burned or buried.
* Read a book whose main character's first name begins with a letter in NAIL; tell us the name OR a book by an author whose first AND last initials can be found in EVILSPIRITS
Burn for Me Ilona Andrews 10/2/17

10. GIVING A KNIFE AS A GIFT : Because knives and scissors have sharp cutting edges, it’s bad luck to give either as a gift to a friend. To prevent “cutting” the friendship between two people, the recipient should “buy” the knife or scissors with a small coin.
* Read a book with an object on the cover that has a sharp blade of some kind (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover OR a book with two best friends as main characters; tell us who 
 Sunny and Taylor 
Where The Staircase Ends Stacy Stokes 11/21/17

11. HANGING CLOTHES FROM A DOORKNOB : An old custom was to hang clothes from a doorknob of a house or room as a sign that someone inside had died. When there has been no death, hanging clothes from a doorknob would invite misfortune.
* Read a book with a character who works in a clothing-related career; tell us the career OR a book with a door with a doorknob on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover
Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children, #1) by Seanan McGuire Every Heart a Doorway Seanan McGuire 11/25/17

12. KILLING A SPIDER : Tradition says that it is unlucky to kill a spider. This custom comes from the time when the population of flies, which carried sickness, was kept down only by spiders.
* Read a book in which illness plays an important role in the story OR a book with a six-word title; ALL WORDS count
The Summer That Made Us Robyn Carr 10/14/17

13. KNOCKING ON WOOD : People once believed that the spirits of the gods lived in trees. So when we talk of our good fortune, we knock on wood three times to ask the spirit inside the wood to protect our luck and not to punish us for praising ourselves.
* Read a book with a repeated word in the title OR a book with an unusually arrogant character; tell us who
Marcus Graham 
The Loneliest Alpha T.A. Grey 10/11/17

14. LEAP YEAR : Leap Year is believed to be a lucky time to begin new projects. A common tradition says that during this year a woman can propose marriage, and it’s bad luck for a man to turn down such an offer.
* Read a book whose title consists of words no more than four letters long; two-word minimum OR a book with a female main character who is the head of her household
Nearly Departed in Deadwood Ann Charles 10/20/17

15. LUCKY THREE AT THE CARD TABLE : To change their luck when they are losing, some card players get up from their chairs and spin them around three times before sitting down again. Others walk around the table three times before beginning to play.
* Read a book with a number in the title (One or 16 works; second does not) OR a book with a table and chair/s on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover
One Stiletto in the Grave Jason Krumbine 10/11/17

16. MOVING INTO A NEW HOME : To stop evil spirits from entering a new home, you should give the family a gift of salt, bread and water. This custom comes from the times when wandering peoples used charms and spells for protection.
* Read a book in which a character moves into a new home OR a book that was released less than six months before you read it; tell us the release date
Published July 24th 2017 
Accidental Sire Molly Harper 10/7/17

17. LEAVING AN EGGSHELL UNBROKEN : According to an old superstition, once an egg is eaten, it is important to break up the shell completely. If you don’t, a witch may use the empty shell as a boat, set sail in it, and destroy ships at sea.
* Read a book with a character who is a witch/wizard OR a book whose title contains at least one of every vowel (A, E, I, O and U)
BOTH The Rules of Magic Alice Hoffman 10/14/17

18. OPENING AN UMBRELLA INDOORS: Since the umbrella was first used to protect a person from the sun, it is an insult to the sun to open an umbrella indoors. To do so will bring bad luck to anyone who lives in the house.
* Read a book with the letters S-U-N in the title (not necessarily in that order) OR a book by an author whose last name begins with U
Country Kisses Addison Moore 10/6/17

19. PICKING UP A PIN : Pins are considered magical because they are made from shiny metal. Superstition says it is lucky to find a pin on the floor and pick it up: “See a pin, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck.” 
* Read a book with a verb ending in ING in the title OR a book with MAGIC or MAGICAL REALISM on its main GR page
Cast in Angelfire S.M. Reine 10/3/17

20. SETTING A HAT ON THE BED : Long ago people believed that evil spirits lived in the hair. Placing a hat on a bed would bring bad luck or cause an argument in the household.
* Read a book with a hat on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover; OR a book with at least one argumentative character; tell us who
One Grave at a Time Jeaniene Frost 10/25/17

21. STEPPING ON A CRACK : An old saying goes “Step on a crack; break your mother’s back.” A crack in the sidewalk represented the opening of a grave, and stepping on a crack meant inviting death to your family.
* Read a book with a main character who is a mother OR a book with at least two rhyming words in the title
The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop Kate Saunders 10/17/17

22. THREE ON A MATCH : There is a superstition that warns us never to light three cigarettes with one match. The belief comes from soldiers who knew that the light of the match could show the enemy where they were.
* Read a book with a character who is in the military (must be active duty!; any service, any country, any era) OR a book you added to your TBR on the 3rd of any month; tell us when you added it
The Selection Kiera Cass 11/13/17

23. THROWING A COIN INTO A FOUNTAIN : In the old days people would throw coins into a well as a gift to the sea gods, asking that they not cause the wells to dry up. Today, the tradition is that if a person throws a coin into a well or fountain while making a wish, the sea gods will make the wish come true.
* Read a book with TRAVEL on its main GR page OR a book set in a location that begins with a letter in COIN; tell us the location
California and Iceland 
Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang Katie MacAlister 10/18/17

24. THROWING SALT OVER THE LEFT SHOULDER : Because humans and animals need salt for life, spilling salt was considered a serious misfortune and a sign that evil spirits were trying to take away the household’s salt. To avoid them, you should throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder because that is the side where the spirits live.
* Read a book in which a character has really bad luck; without giving away any spoilers, tell us how OR a book with one of these words in the title: LEFT, RIGHT, UP , DOWN
People around Samantha always seem to get hurt. Bad things always seem to be happening. 
How to Hang a Witch Adriana Mather 10/19/17

25. TOASTING WHEN DRINKING : When the custom of toasting began, the host and guest each poured some of their own wine into the other’s glass to prove that neither was poisoned.
* Read a book in which an intentional poisoning occurs OR a book with a beverage of some sort on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover
The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson, #9) by Darynda Jones The Dirt on Ninth Grave Darynda Jones 10/20/17

26. A TWO-DOLLAR BILL : In the United Sates, the two-dollar bill is considered unlucky since it a reminder of the two or deuce in a deck of playing cars; “deuce” is an old name for the devil. To change the bad luck, the corner of the bill should be torn off.
* Read a book with a 2 in its average GR ratings on the day you finished reading it; tell us the rating OR a book that has been well-read: either a book that you have read at least three times before (tell us when) or a print book that has seen better days (dog-eared corners, etc.)
Woods Runner Gary Paulsen 11/15/17

27. TYING OLD SHOES TO THE NEWLYWEDS’ CAR : This custom began in a time when the father of the bride gave her old shoes to the groom as a symbol that he was now responsible for her care.
* Read a book that was originally published more than 25 years ago; tell us the publication date OR a book with more than one unworn shoe or other footwear on the cover (must be visible in the GR thumbnail); post the cover
The Sleuth Sisters (The Sleuth Sisters Mysteries, #1) by Maggie Pill and Spelled (The Storymakers, #1) by Betsy Schow would work
Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and Ruby's Misadventures with Reality (Emerald City Mystery, #1) by Samantha Bohrman would not

Misadventures of a Backup Bride (Misadventures, #4) by Shayla Black Misadventures of a Backup Bride Shayla Black 11/29/17

28. WALKING UNDER A LADDER : A ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle with the wall and the earth. According to traditional belief, the three sides of the triangle represent the family, so passing through the triangle destroys the wholeness of the family. This belief is the root of the superstition that walking under a ladder brings bad luck.
* Read a book with FAMILY on its main GR page OR a book in which a family is destroyed in some way; without giving away any spoilers, tell us how
A secret was kept which hurt a child and caused a murder 40+ years later. 
Tombstone Courage J.A. Jance 10/26/17

29. WEARING AN ACORN : Because the strong oak tree, which grows from a little acorn, lives for such a long time, it is believed that wearing an acorn as a charm will bring good luck and a long life.
* Read a book with a main character who is over 65 years old; tell us the character's name OR a book over 450 pages long; tell us how many pages
539 pages 
The Firebird Susanna Kearsley 10/5/17

30. WHISTLING BRINGS MISFORTUNE : People used to think that whistling was the noise made by evil spirits and that it invited misfortune. Whistling was considered very unlucky in a closed place such as a house or a ship. It was considered especially unlucky, for example, to whistle in a theater dressing room.
* Read a book in which EVERY WORD in the title begins with a letter in MISFORTUNE; 2-word minimum OR a book with a character who earns his/her living in the theater
Full Moon Rising Keri Arthur 10/13/17

See this thread for more detailed rules for all CCC challenges.

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