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RRRC 2017 October Monthly Challenge

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2017 October Monthly Challenge
1. 'O' is for October: Read a book that starts with 'O' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'O'. 
One Stiletto in the Grave Jason Krumbine 10/11/17

2. Happy Anniversary!- Read a book that was published in October of any year or read a book of an RRRC member that joined in October of any year. Link to member list, beginning with October 2016-
Burn for Me Ilona Andrews 10/2/17 

3. Featured Author Challenge (FAC) author-Katie MacAlister: Read one book written by Katie MacAlister (or either of her pseudonyms, Katie Maxwell or Kate Marsh) or any author with her first or last name. Link to Katie MacAlister's backlist-
Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang Katie MacAlister 10/18/17

Fun Facts about Katie: 
* Katie lives in the Pacific Northwest 
* She published her first novel in 2002
* She writes mostly Paranormal Romance
* Katie has worked as a bird skeleton cleaner, a wave machine solderer, a Fortran programmer, and a sales assistant for Harrod's.

You may also read a book set in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia), or by an author who is from the region. You can also read any book published in 2002, or that is shelved as Paranormal Romance, or a book in which one of the MCs has an unusual occupation or works at something other than their preferred profession "just to pay the bills".

4. Oct 6 - World Smile Day: Read a book by a favorite author or part of a favorite series...something guaranteed to make you smile!
Accidental Sire Molly Harper 10/7/17

5. Oct 7 - International Frugal Fun Day: Read a book that you paid little or nothing for (freebie, borrowed from friend, library, second-hand purchase, etc.)
Cast in Angelfire S.M. Reine 10/3/17

6. Oct 17 - Wear Something Gaudy Day: Read a book with a character that is over-the-top or flamboyant, or who enjoys clothing and/or dressing well, or a book with a bright, colorful cover.
The Rules of Magic (Practical Magic, #0) by Alice Hoffman The Rules of Magic Alice Hoffman 10/14/17

7. Oct 24 - United Nations Day: Read a book set in a country other than where you live.
Scotland and Russia The Firebird Susanna Kearsley 10/5/17

8. Oct 28 - Make a Difference Day: Read a book with a MC that helps people...either because they are in an occupation that serves the public (medicine, law enforcement, firefighter, etc) or just to be nice.
Dark Rites Heather Graham 10/8/17

9. Oct 31 - Halloween: Read a book that is shelved as Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy, or a book with a child in the storyline, or with something sweet on the cover (and yes, you can interpret that however you wish!)
Prince of Wolves Quinn Loftis 10/1/17

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choice.
Dying Breath Heather Graham 10/8/17

You can choose to complete any number of categories, depending on your reading speed, book availability and/or time commitment.

When posting your challenge progress, please make sure to put the date/s when you finished your book/s.

You may update your initial post or repost as you progress, but please repost when you complete the challenge as it helps when updating.

Happy reading! 

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