Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AMMP November 2017 Word Hunt - #80s

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November Word Hunt: Brat Pack edition

Growing up in the 80s it was impossible to ignore the Brat pack. Their movies were everywhere! And those seem to be the movies that stick with you for years. So this month our Word Hunt has been inspired by the actors, actresses, and movies that made up the Brat Pack.

As always, you may use a book up to five times. Page number (or location) are all that is required. You do not need to quote the sentence unless you want to. Badges may be claimed in any order, 5 words per badge.

Breakfast Flight p 56
Club Flight p 16
Fire Flight p 106
Sixteen Bountiful p 91
Candles Because of Him Loc 1781 
Oxford Bountiful p 56
Pretty Flight p 10
Pink Gathering Blue Ch 23 p 1
Blue Gathering Blue Ch 23 p 3
Weird Bountiful p 60
Science If There's No Tomorrow p 14
Day Gathering Blue Ch 23 p 1
Off Gathering Blue Ch 23 p 2
Zero Pivot Point p 17
Adolescent The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden p 25
High School Because of Him Loc 199
College Flight p 53
Outsider Because of Him Loc 1816
Gang Because of Him Loc 895
Computer Because of Him Loc 507 

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