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CCC Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Cocktails Challenge

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November 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018

With holiday festivities approaching it's time to make sure your bar is stocked. Find inspiration in the drinks below. Don't forget to make yourself a 'test' drink!

1) Bloody Mary: A good Bloody Mary mix is prepared in-house or at home from high-quality tomato juice and vodka. Among the more common additions to the juice base are salt or celery salt, cracked pepper, hot sauce (such as Tabasco), citrus juices (especially lemon or lime), Worcestershire sauce, celery seed, horseradish, clam juice or olive brine, brown sugar or molasses and bitters. 
※ Read a book featuring a ‘fancy’ breakfast or brunch scene OR read a book with a MC named Mary (reasonable variations accepted) OR read a book with a tomato-red cover.
Jane, Unlimited Kristin Cashore 11/19/17

2) Cosmopolitan: The Cosmopolitan is a cultural touchstone because once upon a time, Dale DeGroff got one into the hands of Madonna at the Rainbow Room and it became the drink to be seen with. Then HBO and Sarah Jessica Parker made the drink ubiquitous and clichéd. While the drink was a staple throughout the television series Sex and the City, at the end of the first movie the girls head out to a New York City bar to celebrate and order a round of Cosmopolitans. When Miranda asks, "Why did we stop drinking these?" Carrie responds, "Because everyone else started!" A traditional Cosmo à la the Sex and The City gals, is made with vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and a splash of lime cordial.
Read a book that takes place in NYC OR read a book that features a (real) celebrity OR read a book with a vivid pink cover (not pastel); remember to post the cover.
Full Package Lauren Blakely 1/12/18

3) Daiquiri: Daiquiri is a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum, citrus juice (typically lime juice), and sugar or other sweetener. The lime and sugar in a daiquiri should complement the rum and highlight its flavors. This drink was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway daiquiri – or papa doble – two and a half jiggers of white rum, juice of two limes and half a grapefruit, six drops of maraschino liqueur, without sugar.
※ Read any book by Ernest Hemingway OR read a book featuring family relationships OR read a book whose title or author’s last name start with Q.
The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden Jessica Sorensen 11/7/17

4) French 75: A French 75 is one of the most classic of champagne cocktails. It contains muddled sugar and lemon juice that is mixed with cognac and topped with champagne. The drink is refreshing and delicious but it was truly brought to fame in Casablanca when Yvonne’s boyfriend orders the drink.
※ Read a book with “Classic” on its main GoodReads page OR read a book that takes place in France (bonus for the Champagne region!) OR read a book with at least one bar scene.
Shoot Don't Shoot J.A. Jance 11/1/17

5) Gimlet: This essential gin-and-lime cocktail was created for sailors as a way to prevent scurvy. It didn’t take long to realize that the preventative drink was also quite delicious. Though scurvy may be a thing of the past, this tart tipple is here to stay.
※ Read a book with a lime green cover (post the cover) OR a book that takes place at sea OR read a book with something that used to be prevalent but is virtually non-existent today (i.e. an illness, a species, a fad; tell us what).
Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady, #4) by J.A. Jance Dead to Rights J.A. Jance 11/13/17

6) Hurricane: The creation of this passion fruit–colored relative of a daiquiri is credited to New Orleans tavern owner Pat O'Brien. The bar allegedly started as a speakeasy called Mr. O'Brien's Club Tipperary and the password was "storm's brewin'." The drink caught on, and it has been a mainstay in the French Quarter ever since. 
Read a book that takes place in New Orleans OR read a book that takes place during prohibition (1920-1933) OR read a book in which a hurricane or tropical storm occurs.
Flight Alyssa Rose Ivy 11/2/17 p 98 “Yes and a hurricane for her.”

7) Irish Coffee: Initially a breakfast / brunch cocktail, this drink has become a bit more “desserty,” although it’s anything but sweet. You only need a little sugar, Irish whiskey, coffee, and a dollop of lightly whipped cream atop.
※ Read a book that takes place in Ireland OR a book that takes place in a coffee shop or patisserie OR read a book with a dessert on the cover; remember to post the cover.
There You'll Find Me Jenny B. Jones 11/22/17

8) Lemon Drop: Meet the adult equivalent of your favorite childhood lemon candy. The sweet-tart blend of citrus juice, orange liqueur and vodka is a tongue-tingling adult version of the memorable treat.
※ Read a book with a lemon yellow cover; post the cover OR read a juvenile / middle school book (must be at least 150 pages) OR read a book with a character you would describe as “sweet and sassy.”
Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 11/3/17

9) Long Island Iced Tea: Though it looks like the iced tea your mom serves on a summer day, it is actually a combination of five different alcohols, with a splash of Coke.  The Long Island Iced Tea was invented by Robert Butt, while tending bar at the infamous Oak Beach Inn.  By the mid-1970's, every bar on Long Island was serving up this innocent looking cocktail, and by the 1980's it was known the world over.
※ Read a book that takes place on Long Island or any island OR read a book in which the main character works in a bar or at an inn OR read book number 5 on your TBR.
Sea Change Karen White 12/4/17

10) Mai Tai: It can be hard to find a tiki bar that makes a really good Mai Tai. Don’t fret, you can make these at home. The hardest part is finding everything you need: two rums (preferably, though one will do, if it's a rich-tasting dark rum), orange curaçao, and orgeat (try the one from Small Hand Foods). Shake everything and strain it over fresh ice.
※ Read a book that takes place in the South Pacific (list of islands in the SP) OR read a book with at least two rhyming words in its title OR read a book in which several items are required to produce a desired result (tell us the items and the result).
Coraline needs to find three souls and her parents to be able to return home. 
Coraline Neil Gaiman 11/12/17

11) Manhattan: No weak bourbons in this cocktail! Mix it sweet or mix it perfect (half sweet vermouth, half dry). Don’t forget the maraschino cherry. The drink was catapulted into the spotlight in Some Like It Hot and the famous scene in which there is only vermouth and bourbon at the ready and Dolores decides it’s a fantastic idea to make Manhattans. 
※ Read a book with a strong main character OR read a book in which a major party is held OR read a book that takes place in Manhattan (only! No other burroughs in NYC).
Long Way Home Katie McGarry 11/12/17

12) Margarita: The margarita is a simple recipe, just three ingredients. Get a good tequila (100% agave), a decent triple sec, and fresh limes, and you're almost guaranteed a great drink.
Read a book with a three word title (A/An/The DO Count) OR read a book with a character named Rita (exact match) OR a book that takes place in Texas or Mexico.
After the Game Abbi Glines 11/1/17

13) Martini: Within reason, you can mix this one up however you want, and it's still a martini. Make it extra wet with equal parts gin and vermouth. Make it ultra-dry with merely a wisp of vermouth. Shake. Or stir. Garnish with an olive, a lemon twist, an onion, a slice of cucumber. Ian Fleming immortalized this cocktail with James Bond proclaiming, “Shaken, not stirred.”
※ Read a book with “AND,” “OR,” “WET,” “DRY,” or “TWIST” in the title OR read one of Ian Fleming's James Bond books.
Eliza and Her Monsters Francesca Zappia 11/25/17

14) Mint Julep: A traditional cocktail associated with the south and making an appearance each year at the Kentucky Derby. The drink is muddled mint mixed with a simple syrup and bourbon.
※ Read a book in which the letters J,U,L,E, and P are in the title (letters do not have to be sequential or in the same order) OR read a book that takes place in the South (list states) OR read a book in which some kind of race occurs (tell us which race).
(Maryland) Ride Wild Laura Kaye 11/17/17

15) Mojito: The Mojito is sparkling enough to be refreshing but still boozy enough to make you know you're drinking. Mint, lime, and rum simply taste smashing together. It's the national drink of Cuba, a nation that's contributed so much to drinking culture it has to know a thing or two about booze.
※ Read a book you find refreshing OR read a book that takes place in Cuba OR read a book with a character who enjoys their drinking and seems to do plenty of it.
Where The Staircase Ends Stacy Stokes 11/21/17

16) Old Fashioned: As cocktails became more sophisticated and more complex, some drinkers came to prefer a simpler form of cocktail, the type their grandfathers might have enjoyed. They'd ask the bartender to make them an "old-fashioned" cocktail, of booze, sugar muddled into water to form a syrup, and bitters.
※ Read a book with a simply decorated cover OR read a book featuring an older protagonist (65 years or older) OR read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in OLD FASHIONED.
Dire Alyssa Rose Ivy 11/14/17

17) Planter’s Punch: A beautiful, and necessary, drink for summer. It’s made of dark rum, several juices, grenadine syrup, sugar syrup, and Angostura bitters. Agatha Christie's novel A Caribbean Mystery features the drink as a favorite ordered many times by several central characters.
※ Read a book that takes place during the summer OR read a book that takes place in the Carribbean (list of countries) OR read any book by Agatha Christie.
Nowhere But Here Katie McGarry 11/10/17

18) Ramos Gin Fizz: The Ramos Gin Fizz is a complex drink, of gin (naturally), lemon and lime juices, simple syrup, orange flower water, cream, an egg white, and (optionally) vanilla extract. Traditionally, it is shaken hard, first without ice, so that the ingredients emulsify, and then with ice, so it gets extremely cold and frothy. It’s acceptable to just throw all the ingredients into a blender.
※ Read a book whose title starts with a letter in CITRUS (Exclude A/An/The) OR read a book with a ‘complex’ character OR read a book that leaves you feeling shaken (be as creative as you wish, but please explain your response).
The book is about the choices teens make and the repercussions of those choices. 
If There's No Tomorrow Jennifer L. Armentrout 11/4/17

19) Sex on the Beach: Hard to order with a straight face, this vodka highball has proven to be a timeless crowd-pleaser, thanks to its fruity mix of peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.
Read a book that takes place on or near a beach OR read a book marked “Erotica” OR read a book with a title that makes you giggle (or at least smile).
The First Time She Drowned Kerry Kletter 11/6/17

20) Sidecar: An unlikely cousin to the Margarita, the Sidecar falls into the same Sour family as the tequila classic; they're basically the same drink. One uses tequila and lime, whereas the other calls for cognac and lemon, but the template is spirit, orange liqueur, and citrus. Because of the warmth and mellowness of cognac, this is a drink to sip, if not by a fire, then definitely in a dark bar on a cool fall night.
※ Read a book that takes place in the fall OR read a book with a fireplace on the cover; remember to post the cover OR read a book whose main character has a faithful sidekick.
The Redemption of Callie & Kayden Jessica Sorensen 11/8/17

21) Singapore Sling: A Singapore Sling is made with gin, cherry brandy, orange liqueur, Benedictine, angostura bitters, grenadine, lemon juice, and topped with pineapple juice. Not surprisingly, the drink is known for being highly alcoholic. The Singapore Sling makes an early appearance in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which chronicled Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo journalism in Las Vegas. 
※ Read a book with a long title (8+ words; may include the subtitle) OR read a book that takes place in Singapore or in Las Vegas OR read a book featuring a journalist.
Happy Pants Cafe Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 12/14/17

22) Tequila Sunrise: Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most successful. Take the famous trio of tequila, orange juice and grenadine, which channels a picturesque sunrise in your glass, no matter the weather.
※ Read a book whose cover shows sunrise or sunset; remember to post the cover OR read the third book in a series OR read a book where the first letter of each title word (include A/An/The; 3 word minimum) is in TEQUILA SUNRISE.
The Destiny of Violet & Luke Jessica Sorensen 11/8/17 (The Coincidence #3)

23) Tom Collins: Collinses, historically, are a class of cocktails calling for a spirit, simple syrup, lemon juice, and soda water. The Tom calls for gin, of course. Historically, that would have been Old Tom gin, hence the name, but these days London dry is common. This drink is so refreshing and so easy to make.
※ Read a book whose author’s first name is Tom (reasonable variations okay) or whose last name is Collins (exact match) OR read a book that takes place in London OR read a book with a “4” in its publication year.
2014 Because of Him Jessica Roe 11/2/17

24) Whiskey Sour: The Whiskey Sour calls for bourbon or rye, lemon juice, and sugar, with an optional splash of orange juice. Like the Manhattan, this drink was also mentioned in a Marilyn Monroe film, The Seven Year Itch. When Richard Sherman is talking to Miss Morris he states, "Miss Morris, I'm perfectly capable of fixing my own breakfast. As a matter of fact, I had a peanut butter sandwich and two whiskey sours.”
※ Read a book with a cardinal number in its title (one, two, three – not first, second, third) OR read a book a piece of fruit mentioned in the title or on the cover (remember to post the cover if using that option) OR read a book with two complementary words in the title (i.e. sugar and spice, heart and soul).
The Holiday Brides Collection: Books 1-4 Ginny Baird 12/7/17

25) White Russian: A typical White Russian is made with ice, vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk. "The Dude" liked his White Russians so much he ordered them throughout the entire film The Big Lebowski.
※ Read a book with a white cover (post the cover) OR read a book that takes place in Russia or has a Russian character OR read a book with a title word that is “BIG” or a synonym of big.
The Impossible Vastness of Us Samantha Young 11/16/17



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♣ For each book you read, please indicate the title, the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item on the cover, include a link to the book cover.* If it’s not obvious from the book title or cover, be sure to explain how your book fits the task. If you don’t, you won’t get credit for completing that task. 

♣ Unless otherwise noted, books must be at least 150 pages long.

♣ Books may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged!

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*If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title or cover, see the instructions here: Link Instructions 

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