Monday, October 23, 2017

GN November Challenge of the Month: Build-a-Scarecrow

Game Night discussion on goodreads

Duration: November 1-November 30

Individual challenge

Object of the challenge is to build your very own scarecrow! In order to build one, you will need to complete each of the 4 areas (gender, head/face, arms & legs, and body). You only need to read 1 task per area. You do not need to read the areas in order, but you do need all 4 areas to complete a scarecrow. Once you are done building you can grab a trading card, and if you want, you can build another!

*In order for this challenge to be considered complete for the Challenge of the Month Challenge 2017, you need to complete 1 scarecrow (4 books).

#Standard AMMP Game Night rules apply
#Can I start a book before Challenge Start Date? Yes – but can’t be finished until after November 1st


1. Male or Female - Choose Your Scarecrow's Gender
Female - Read a book by a female author Shoot Don't Shoot J.A. Jance 11/1/17
Male-Read a book by a male author Woods Runner Gary Paulsen 11/15/17

2. Head/Face
Read a book with just a head/face on cover (not the rest of the body) OR
Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2) by Lois Lowry Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 11/3/17

Read a book that scares you (your interpretation)
If There's No Tomorrow Jennifer L. Armentrout 11/4/17

3. Arms & Legs
Read a book with arms and legs visible on the cover (at least 1 arm and 1 leg must be visible to count)
Flight Alyssa Rose Ivy 11/2/17
Read a book where the MC can be described as very patient
Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 11/3/17

Read a book where the MC has a boring job (your interpretation) 

4. Body
Read a book over 300 pages 
After the Game Abbi Glines 11/1/17

Read a book where the MC protects someone or something
Pivot Point Kasie West 11/5/17 


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