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10 toys

Duration: December 1-31, 2017
Read 2 or more books.

Before Santa was stuffing the latest electronics into stockings on Christmas Eve, he was gifting kids with simple treasures.

The Fifties were a decade that saw some of the greatest and most enduring toys hit the market. Hula hoops, Barbies and Matchbox cars first found their way under the tree on Christmas mornings in the 1950s.


The decade started out with a bang, as Fisher-Price released one of the most popular toys of all time. Little People started out in 1950 with three little figures and a fire truck. 
By the end of the decade, the company produced the popular school bus and the entire Play Family. 

🎄 Go to Genres, pick your favorite, choose a book that is listed with a heading that says POPULAR OR a book with LITTLE or PEOPLE in the title OR with a main character whose age is between 19 and 50.
Flame in the Dark Faith Hunter 12/7/17


Colorforms® was born when two inspired art students, Harry and Patricia Kislevitz, began experimenting with a new medium, a flexible vinyl material. In 1957, Popeye, with his bulging biceps and iconic can of spinach, became the first licensed character to be featured in his very own Colorforms® cartoon set.

🎄 Read a book with a character that is an art student/artist OR with an author whose first or last name begins with a C OR with "bulging biceps" on the cover.
The Christmas Room Catherine Anderson 12/8/17


Known by kids today as the character from Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head was all the rage for kids in the 1950s. Hitting the market in 1952, the interchangeable toy was the first to be advertised on television. Back then, you had to use a real potato.

🎄 Read a book with "MR." in the title OR a book that is advertised (can be from an email, an ad on GR, in a sales flyer from the newspaper, etc.) OR a book from Recommendations on Goodreads
(from an email) Chasing Christmas Eve Jill Shalvis 12/9/17


Before Hot Wheels raced onto the market in the 1960s, Matchbox was the go-to brand for toy cars. The popular miniscule automobiles originated in Great Britain in 1953, and quickly jumped across the pond to high demand around Christmastime.

🎄 Read a book set in the UK OR with a car on the cover OR whose author's first and last initials are in MATCHBOXCARS.
Duke of Pleasure Elizabeth Hoyt 12/11/17


Product placement started to take off in the 1950s with a line of Gumby toys making Christmas extra special for many boys and girls. Gumby toys quickly hit the market in 1955 after the character appeared on Howdy Doody and The Gumby Show.

🎄 Read a book with a green cover OR a book set during Christmas OR a book that was made into a TV show.
Kisses for Christmas: A Holiday Boxed Set Skye Warren 12/2/17


Before Play-Doh was used a toy, it was marketed as a wallpaper cleaner. That all changed in the mid-1950s, when the product was used in Cincinnati schools. It quickly expanded around the country, with television advertisements boosting sales by the end of the decade.

🎄 Read a book where a character changes from one thing to another (can be a job, schools, spouse, etc) OR set at a school/college OR a cover that is a primary color - RED - YELLOW - BLUE.

Football player to owner of an animal ranch to help autistic children.Any Given Christmas Candis Terry 12/12/17


Kids all over the world have learned to walk with the assistance to this popular toy by Fisher-Price, which came out in 1957. We all may not have been old enough to truly remember getting this Christmas present, but it sure made growing up a lot more fun!

🎄 Read a book where a child is learning to walk OR with a MC whose name begins with a C or P OR has a 1, 9, 5, or 7 in the page count.
195 pages Christmas on the Last Frontier J.H. Croix 12/3/17


The modern pogo stick was invented by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall, from Germany. The modern design of the pogo stick came about in 1957, and kids (and adults) have been injuring themselves atop them ever since.

🎄 Read a book where the story centers on 2 people OR with a 2 word title OR a book that kids and adults like. Helper: 50 Children's Books You Should Definitely Reread as an Adult
Christmas Nights J.H. Croix 12/2/17


The 1950s were a much simpler time, weren't they? A fad was started in July 1958, when the lightweight, plastic design of the hula hoop hit the market. 25 million plastic hoops were sold in less than four months. 

🎄 Read a book that is a "fad" - (that everyone is reading) OR with something round on the cover OR with 2 words in the title that begin with the same letter.
Wreath Christmas at Whisper Beach by Shelley Noble Christmas at Whisper Beach Shelley Noble 12/8/17


The first Barbie doll was introduced in March 1959. You could purchase either a blonde or brunette version of Barbie in the classic black-and-white striped bathing suit. 

🎄 Read a book published in March (of any year) OR with a blonde or brunette on the cover OR a woman in a swimsuit on the cover.
Sea Change by Karen White Sea Change Karen White 12/4/17


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