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TLC Crazy Doughnut Flavors - Part One

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I love doughnuts! It's my favorite dessert to eat. First coffee shops exploded on every corner and now it's doughnut shops! My favorite is Krispy Kreme but we have no shop in my city, just the factory. 
I found some unusual flavors - would you try them?

crazy doughnut flavors

Crazy Doughnut Flavors - Part One
Duration: 3 months from starting date.

1. Black Licorice

Dun-Well Doughnuts in Brooklyn, NY, offers homemade, 100% vegan doughnuts in creative flavors, though certainly not for everyone, the intense black licorice version is a particular standout. Licorice is a confection usually flavoured with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant Glycyrrhiza glabra. 
🍩 Read a book with a black cover OR set in New York OR with a title that begins with L.
Thrill Ride (Black Knights Inc., #4) by Julie Ann Walker Thrill Ride Julie Ann Walker 12/24/17

2. Boss Hog 
This Austin food truck offers massive, over-the-top sweet and savory doughnuts. The Boss Hog doughnut is pilled high with pulled pork and potato salad, and drizzled with honey BBQ sauce. Sold at: Gourdoughs in Austin, TX
🍩 Read a book where a character eats pulled pork or potato salad (please give us the sentence and page/location #) OR with the word BOSS in the title or series name (Tell us the series) OR set in Texas.
A Very Daring Christmas Pamela Aares 12/13/17 (The grin he shot her as he unloaded potato salad, a huge jug of lemonade ... p 58)

3. Captain, My Captain 
The best of breakfast and dessert come together in this Voodoo Doughnut creation. This raised yeast doughnut is first covered in vanilla frosting, then topped with Captain Crunch cereal. Sold at: Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR
🍩 Read a book with a captain in the story (Tell us the captain's name) OR where cereal is eaten OR with CAPTAIN or MY in the title.
Holly and Ivy Fern Michaels 12/21/17

4. Dead Elvis 
Psycho Donuts in California veer far off the beaten doughnut path. Its cream-filled Dead Elvis version combines the King’s favorite sandwich items into one doughnut—bananas, bacon, peanut butter, and jelly. 
🍩 Read a book with a character that is dead but still active in the story (be creative!) OR that fits into more than one genre OR with a MC whose name begins with E.
(a ghost) Any Given Christmas Candis Terry 12/12/17

5. Foie Gras 
Food Network star Justin Warner put his Bed-Stuy restaurant, Do or Dine, on the map with this foie gras- and jam-filled doughnut. Warner collaborated with Brooklyn-based Dough bakery to create the insanely rich, sugary masterpiece. Despite early protests from animal rights activists, Warner kept the foie doughnut on the menu. 
🍩 Read a book with a character that loves animals OR with a foreign word in the title OR a book that can be called a "masterpiece".
Chasing Christmas Eve Jill Shalvis 12/9/17

6. Grilled Cheese - Barbara Blue 
Many people may already be familiar with the Tom + Chee chain, which specializes in grilled cheese and tomato soup. For the rest of you, prepare yourselves. Apart from standard sandwiches, Tom + Chee offers nine types of grilled cheese doughnuts. The classic cheddar and glazed doughnut is always an excellent option, but for the more adventurous eaters, there’s always the blueberry compote, ham, and brie doughnut—the perfect combination of sweet and salty. This chain has been featured on many TV shows.
🍩 Read a book whose title begins with a letter in BARBARABLUE (disregard A, AN, and THE) OR with a couple that can be described as a "perfect combination" OR with a character that gets on TV - does not have to be an actor.
Christmas on the Last Frontier J.H. Croix 12/3/17

7. Old Dirty Bastard 
A massive raised yeast doughnut slathered with chocolate frosting, sprinkled with crushed Oreo’s, and drizzled with peanut butter. Sold at: Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR
🍩 Read a book with a character that can be described as a "Old Dirty Bastard" OR a title that begins with an O OR that is set in Oregon.
Happy Pants Cafe Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 12/14/17

8. Orange Creamsicle 
East coast chain Fractured Prune (started in 1976) plays homage to one of summer’s greatest treats, the creamsicle. The cake doughnut is coated in powdered sugar before being dunked in orange glaze. 
🍩 Read a book where a character eats a popsicle or other frozen dessert (please give us the sentence and page/location #) OR a book set on the East Coast (can be any country) OR a book with a 1, 9, 7 or 6 in the page count.
Sea Change Karen White 12/4/17

9. Poi 
Kamehameha Bakery Inc. in Honolulu is known for its poi doughnut—a bright purple doughnut that gets its hue and starchy flavor from a mix of taro root and water. 
🍩 Read a book with a purple cover OR with a character that is a leader or baker OR whose author's first and last initials are STARCH.
The Christmas Room Catherine Anderson 12/8/17

10. Porkey's 
Gourdough’s in Austin, TX, fittingly named Porkey’s doughnut is coated with cream cheese and an absurd amount of Canadian bacon, then studded with jalapeño jelly. 
🍩 Read a book set in Canada or by a Canadian author OR a book that can be considered sweet and spicy OR with a title that begins with a J.
Just in Time for Christmas Kim Boykin 12/16/17    

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