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TLC November Scavenger

The Lost Challenges discussion on goodreads

Monthly Challenges  November Scavenger

Each month we will give you a list of 50 themed words to find in your books. 

There is no limit to how many words you can get per book.

For each word please post a link to the book, the author, the date you finished it, plus the page number/location and sentence where you found the word.

Apple - A Touch of Ice - L.J. Charles (1/10/16) 
I had a weakness for apple pie, heavy on the cinnamon... (loc. 245)

Any genre/format is fine. 
Re-reads are OK. 
No page minimum.
To count a book towards the challenge you must read the majority of it after the start date of the challenge. 

At the end of the month please re-post your whole challenge as a new message so that we can award your Hall of Fame badge!

(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for, you can still claim a badge for the words you did get.) 

Appetizer - 10-20 words
Meal - 21-40 words
Dessert - 41-50 words

3. Bountiful
5. Chestnuts
6. Cornucopia
24. Mayflower

Flight (The Crescent Chronicles, #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy Flight Alyssa Rose Ivy 11/2/17
4. Carving p 122 Detailed carvings that looked a lot ...
8. Crow p 29 ... a black crow staring intently ...
11. Family p 94 “Uh, taking over the family business.”
15. Fortunate p 121 Fortunately, the elevator was empty when it opened.
16. Friends Loc 80 ... did, my friends from home, and ...
18. Grateful p 23 ... the seat, grateful that it was far ...
19. Happy p 28 I was happy to be in a skirt.
25. Memories Loc 83 ... my face as memories flooded my mind.
29. Past p 80 We walked out past the elevators ...
32. Quilt p 54 ... only saw the quilt; it was ...
35. Relax p 2 “Allie, I love you, but you have to relax.
40. Snuggle p 55 ... spent the night snuggled up with Levi. 
42. Stuffed p 41 I was so stuffed I could hardly move.
43. Sweater p 78 ... cropped cardigan sweater in a shade ...
44. Thankful p 98 ... chair, thankful for the awning overhead. 
45. Thursday p 62 On Thursday morning, she didn’t even get out of bed ...
46. Together p 12 But, we’re together now, Allie, ...
47. Travel p 12 ... know travel is part of my business.
49. Welcome p 54 “You are more than welcome to sleep in my bed.”
50. Wonderful p 56 Did you enjoy the wonderful accommodations of our living room?”

Because of Him (Fortunate #1) by Jessica Roe Because of Him Jessica Roe 11/2/17
9. Delicious Loc 154 ... it's delicious...he's delicious.
14. Football Loc 217 I bet he was a football player in high school.
39. Serving Loc 1088 .. process of serving him, gives ... 

Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2) by Lois Lowry Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 11/3/17
17. Gathering Chap 3 p 1 ... Song that was presented at the yearly Gathering
22. Lavish Chap 1 p 3 or to admire the lavish flower garden, ...

Bountiful (True North, #4) by Sarina Bowen Bountiful Sarina Bowen 11/4/17
27. Orchard p 23 And I’d just as soon hole up at the orchard for a while.
48. Turkey p 32 ... and carve the Thanksgiving turkey every year.

If There's No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout If There's No Tomorrow Jennifer L. Armentrout 11/4/17
30. Pies p 103 It’s only because Mom has her in the kitchen baking pies.

Split Second (Pivot Point, #2) by Kasie West Split Second Kasie West 11/6/17 
10. Decorations p 34 “If I were in charge of the decorations this year, I would not have gone all nineties with the balloons.

The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter The First Time She Drowned Kerry Kletter 11/6/17 
28. Parade Chap 16 p 3 ... still waiting for the homecoming parade to appear.
31. Pilgrims Chap 16 p 2 ... dressed like a male Pilgrim with no plan of ...

Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady, #4) by J.A. Jance Dead to Rights J.A. Jance 11/13/17
1. Aroma p 4 ... the aroma of popcorn quickly ...
2. Blessed p 134 ... Joanna Brady had been blessed with something to live for-
7. Custom p 124 ... a set of soft, custom-made body armor.
21. Homemade p 248 ... blocked by a homemade sandwich board sign.
23. Magnificent p 209 ... rambler with a magnificent view of the stately mountain peak ... 
26. Native p 15 When Bisbee native Dr. Amos Buckwalter ...
34. Rake p 83 Expecting to be raked over the coals ... 

Dire (The Dire Wolves Chronicles, #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy Dire Alyssa Rose Ivy 11/14/17 
13. Fleece p 17 ... and a dark green fleece glared at us.

McKettrick's Luck (McKettricks, #6; McKettrick Men, #1) by Linda Lael Miller McKettrick's Luck Linda Lael Miller 11/14/17
20. Hayride p 54 Barbeque, a hayride, that kind of thing.

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen Woods Runner Gary Paulsen 11/15/17 
36. Roasted p 13 ... would have been nice roasted over the hearth.

Once Dead, Twice Shy (Madison Avery, #1) by Kim Harrison
Once Dead, Twice Shy Kim Harrison 11/19/17 
37. Savory p 14 A girl named Madison Avery, deemed she was smart and savory.

There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones
There You'll Find Me Jenny B. Jones 11/22/17 
12. Festival Chap 11 It could be your last festival dance.

Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs
Just Breathe Susan Wiggs 11/23/17 
33. Raincoat p 314 ... zipped her backpack and put on her raincoat.
38. Seasonal p 309 ... housing for seasonal workers, ...
41. Stormy p 190 ... on a dark, stormy sea. 

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