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WC All Aboard the Orient Express!!

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All Aboard the Orient Express!! 
You Choose the Start Date to Completion

Our Group Read this month: The Woman on the Orient Express inspired me to create this challenge. Throughout the years the Orient Express ran many different routes. But we are going to travel with Agatha and take the Simplon Route with a couple detours. 

Starting in Paris we will board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, a private company that has breathed new life into the legend of the Orient Express with their beautifully restored cars and their detail for luxury. They currently have routes between London, Paris & Venice and once a year they offer the historic journey from Paris to Istanbul.

Complete 10 tasks - one for each city. You can mix and match the type of task you use (series, MC or cover option). Let us know which task you are completing. 

Choose your challenge option:
Option One: Complete the tasks in any order.
Option Two: Complete the tasks in order of the trip. 

Challenge Rules: All forms of books are accepted as long as they are 100 pages or more. When posting updates of completed books, please include a link to the title and author’s name, along with the date you finished reading the book. Please post cover if it is task appropriate. When you have completed the challenge, please copy and paste your entire challenge and repost in a new message, letting us know it is completed

Enjoy Your Trip!


1. Our Journey Begins in Paris 

It’s mid-afternoon and time to board the impressive 1920’s blue carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Your personal steward will show you to your comfortable compartment which is rich in craftsmanship with plush sofas that provide the perfect spot to watch the scenery unfold. Get settled and relax with a delightful afternoon tea while watching the sun set as the train weaves through the Burgundy region of France.
❋ Read a series book #1.
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in PARIS.
❋ Read a book with a blue cover.

2. Paris to Dijon, France - 260 KM

As the train heads across France to Dijon it's time to dress for your dinner in one of the three luxury dinner cars. It's a formal affair so put on your best and be prepared for a 5* dining experience with stellar service. You will be served a delicious four-course dinner, prepared by skilled French chefs who use local, seasonal ingredients. Bon Appetite!
❋ Read a series book #2 or #6. Maverick Lora Leigh 11/30/17
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in DIJON.
❋ Read a book with a person on the cover dressed in formal wear (gown or tux).

3. Dijon to Lausanne, Switzerland – 150 KM 

After dinner linger in the lounge/bar car, listening to the sound of the baby grand piano. Then retire to your compartment which has been transformed into an inviting bedroom with soft lighting and crisp sheets. Sleep to the sound of the train on the tracks and be ready to wake up to the glorious sight of the Alps. 
❋ Read a series book #1, #5, or #15.
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in LAUSANNE.
❋ Read a book with a mountain scene on the cover.
Christmas Nights (Diamond Creek, Alaska #6) by J.H. Croix Christmas Nights J.H. Croix 12/2/17

4. Lausanne to Milan – 230 KM 

Leisurely enjoy your breakfast in your compartment while the train winds its way through the Swiss Alps. As you approach the border to Italy you will experience one of history’s great engineering feats and longest railroad tunnels in the world - the 20 km Simplon Tunnel. Lunch is then served and your view changes from mountain lakes surrounded by picturesque villages to the metropolitan city of Milan. 
❋ Read a series book #2 or #3 
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in MILAN.
Marley Christmas on the Last Frontier J.H. Croix 12/3/17
❋ Read a book with a village or city scene on the cover.

5. Milan to Venice – 164 KM

Your afternoon view is filled with orchards, vineyards and fertile countryside. As the sun begins to set you see towers and domes rising above the tiled roofs. It is time to disembark as the train pulls into Venice Santa Lucia station which is located on the banks of the Grand Canal, within walking distance to both the famous Rialto Bridge and St Mark's Square. You will be spending the night in a nearby hotel giving you all evening and a good portion of the next day to explore the wonderful sights of Venice.
❋ Read a series book #1, #6, or #4. 
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in VENICE.
❋ Read a book with water or a bridge on the cover.
Sea Change by Karen White Sea Change Karen White 12/4/17

Detour: At this point in our modern-day trip we need to take a different route than Agatha's trip. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express will take us to Istanbul by heading north east to Budapest, finishing our trip via the Original Orient Express route.

6. Venice to Budapest – 563 KM

After a glorious day in Venice you will board the VSOE just in time for another sumptuous four-course dinner - be sure to ask for a different restaurant this evening. You will spend the night onboard while the train crosses the Alps through Austria headings toward Hungary. After breakfast, spend the morning relaxing, gazing at the scenery or chatting with fellow travelers over coffee. You will arrive in Budapest after lunch and be transported to a luxury hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.
❋ Read a series book #5, #6, or #3. 
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in BUDAPEST.
Sabrina This Christmas Jeannie Moon 12/5/17

❋ Read a book with a white cover.

7. Budapest to Oradea - 225 KM

Today in Budapest, you will take a guided tour of this romantic city on the Danube, enjoying sights like Matthias Church, Buda Castle and Fisherman's Bastion. Your lunch will be an authentic Hungarian meal in a local restaurant. You will rejoin the train late that afternoon and perhaps enjoy an aperitif in the Bar Car before dinner as the train travels overnight to Oradea, Bulgaria. 
❋ Read a series book #2 or #5. An Ex for Christmas Lauren Layne 12/9/17
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in ORADEA.
❋ Read a book with a steeple or arch on the cover.

8. Oradea to Sinaia – 337 KM

While traveling through Romania, after lunch is served the train arrives at the charming town of Sinaia. Amongst the beautiful green forest of the Carpathian mountains, you find yourself stepping right into a fairy tale with a tour of the enchanting Peles Castle. You are actually reliving a part of history because this castle was also visited by the very first Orient-Express passengers in 1883. 
❋ Read a series book #3 or #7.
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in SINAIA.
Stacy The Designer Aubrey Parker 12/9/17
❋ Read a book with a green cover.

9. Sinaia to Bucharest – 112 KM

Rejoin the train to complete the short journey to Bucharest the capital of Romania. On arrival you will be transferred to the Athenée Palace Hilton Hotel where you will have dinner and spend the night. After dinner, you will visit the Strada Lipscani in Old Town. This portion the city was to be demolished during the communist reign so it was completely neglected. But within the last few years it has been restored and turned into a popular and trendy pedestrian zone with lots of fun shops and cafes.
❋ Read a series book #1, #2 , #11 or #12.
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in BUCHAREST.
Holiday Kisses in the Snow Lexi Buchanan 12/10/17 (2 books in one)
❋ Read a book with a street scene on the cover.

10. Bucharest to Istanbul – 446 KM

You rejoin the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for the last leg of your journey. The train travels south across the Danube and into the rural countryside of Bulgaria. Lunch and dinner are served and you will spend your final night on board. In the morning the train enters Turkey and crosses the beautiful Thracian Plain. That afternoon, the VSOE arrives at your destination ending a fascinating and unique journey across several countries and cultures. Have fun exploring the exotic city of Istanbul.
❋ Read a series book #4 or #6.
❋ Read a book whose Main Character's Name begins with a letter in ISTANBUL. 
Alf Duke of Pleasure Elizabeth Hoyt 12/11/17    
❋ Read a book that you think has an exotic cover. 

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