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TCF Your Box of Books Arrived!

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♦Odds and Ends Challenges♦ Your Box of Books Arrived!    


Imagine you receive a box of books in the mail and they all fit into a certain theme.
What is the theme and what books have you received?

The box is as large as you would like but it must contain at least 4 books.
You may have up to THREE boxes of books at one time.

After you finish reading all the books in a box, you may create a new one. You have 3 months to finish a box.

Use your sign-up post to keep track of your boxes.    

Since this is imaginary mail, your books can be shipped to you in any sort of container; no postage required!

some Box of Books examples:
Picnic Basket - books with food on the cover
Beach Bag - books that are "beach reads"
School Books - books set at a school
Barrel of Monkeys - animal books
Doctor's Bag - books that revolve around the medical field
The Mystery Bag - all kinds of mystery novels
It Came From the TBR! - books from your TBR pile
Big Box of Books - books that are 450 pages and up
Serial Box - all the books from one series
Media Mail - hardback and paperback books only
Barrel of Laughs - full of humorous books
Comfort in a Box - books that you feel are comfort reads
My Name is _____ Box - books with first names as the title
Sea Chest - books set by the ocean
My 2nd Box of Books - 2nd books in a duology, trilogy or series
Address Unknown - books by authors new to you
Shoe Box - books where shoes are prominent on the cover
In a Suitcase - travel books
Recycle Bin - re-read your favorites
Box of Chocolates - sweet reads
Hope Chest - books where someone gets married
Box of Baked Goods - books that take place in a food industry
Trunk of Treasures - anything you consider to be a 5 star book

You may have up to THREE boxes of books at one time.   

Your Box of Books Arrived!
Duration: 12/15/17 - 3/14/18

Box #1: It Came From the TBR!
1. Winter Solstice Elin Hilderbrand 12/23/17
2. Christmas Ever After Sarah Morgan 12/28/17
3. Her Renegade Rancher Jennifer Ryan 1/6/18
4. The Escape David Baldacci 1/7/18
5. Yesternight Cat Winters 1/8/18
6. All I Want Is You Toni Blake 1/11/18
7. The Last Camellia Sarah Jio 1/15/18
8. A Stranger in the House Shari Lapena 1/17/18
9. The Curse of Tenth Grave Darynda Jones 1/20/18
10. Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do Michael Brandman 1/21/18

Box #2: Christmas Books (I have a bunch I want to read yet.)
1. Just in Time for Christmas Kim Boykin 12/16/17
2. Merry Random Christmas Julia Kent 12/16/17
3. A Drakenfall Christmas Geralyn Corcillo 12/18/17
4. The Christmas Shoppe Melody Carlson 12/18/17
5. Holidays at Crescent Cove Shelley Noble 12/20/17
6. Santa In Montana Janet Dailey 12/20/17
7. Holly and Ivy Fern Michaels 12/21/17
8. Escaping Christmas: The Peakton Village Trilogy - Book One Alice B. Ryder 12/25/17
9. My Christmas Fiancé Serenity Woods 12/26/17
10. A Season Of The Heart: Rocky Mountain Christmas / The Christmas Gifts / The Christmas Charm Jillian Hart 12/28/17
11. His Christmas Present Serenity Woods 12/29/17
12. Getting Wrapped Up: A Sapphire Falls Holiday Bundle Erin Nicholas 12/31/17

Box #3: Serial Box - Joanna Brady series
1. Skeleton Canyon J.A. Jance 12/20/17
2. Rattlesnake Crossing J.A. Jance 1/26/18
3. Devil's Claw J.A. Jance 3/3/18
4. Paradise Lost J.A. Jance 3/12/18

Box #4: Address Unknown - books by authors new to you
1. Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore Matthew J. Sullivan 1/1/18
2. Why Did You Lie? Yrsa Sigurðardóttir 1/10/18
3. The Girl From Ballymor Kathleen McGurl 1/12/18
4. Cherish Me, Cowboy Alissa Callen 1/13/18
5. Strangers Paul Finch 1/14/18
6. Full Tilt Emma Scott 1/16/18
7. One of Us Is Lying Karen M. McManus 1/22/18
8. Journey to the River Sea Eva Ibbotson 1/27/18
9. I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons Kevin Hart 1/28/18
10. Every Day David Levithan 1/30/18
11. Wild Adriane Leigh 1/31/18
12. The Exile of Sara Stevenson Darci Hannah 2/3/18
13. Emma in the Night Wendy Walker 2/13/18
14. Snow Angels James Thompson 2/15/18

Box #5 -The Mystery Bag - all kinds of mystery novels
1. The Lullaby Girl Loreth Anne White 1/23/18
2. The Lightkeeper's Daughter Colleen Coble 1/23/18
3. Alone In the Dark Karen Rose 2/12/18
4. I Am Watching You Teresa Driscoll 2/13/18
5. Promise Not to Tell Jayne Ann Krentz 2/16/18 
6. This Fallen Prey Kelley Armstrong 2/17/18
7. The View from Rainshadow Bay Colleen Coble 2/18/18
8. Every Dark Corner Karen Rose 2/23/18
9. Lost Souls Lisa Jackson 2/24/18         

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