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TLC Monthly Challenges: January Easy As 1, 2, 3 - January Scattergories

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Monthly Challenges      January Easy As 1, 2, 3


"Easy As 1, 2, 3" Monthly Challenge
Duration: January 1, 2018-January 31, 2018

This challenge is an ongoing monthly mini-challenge to keep us all motivated to start, (and then continue), some of the many series in our TBR.

1) You must read one of each: a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd book in a series.
2) Any genre of series is acceptable.
3) 'Half-step' short-stories (i.e., shorts in anthologies), do not count.
**For uniformity, the numbering on GR will be the judge of this.**
4) Rereads do count.
5) No more than 2 of the 3 books each month can be from the same series.
6) Please post a link to the book and the author and also the date you finished the book.
7) Please repost your entire challenge when you are finished to get your badge.   

My List:1. All I Want Is You Toni Blake 1/11/18 (Coral Cove #1)
2. Cherish Me, Cowboy Alissa Callen 1/13/18 (76th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2)
3. The Escape David Baldacci 1/7/18 (John Puller #3)

1. Strangers Paul Finch 1/14/18 (Lucy Clayburn #1)
2. All In Emma Scott 1/18/18 (Full Tilt #2)

   January Scattergories      


The general rules of Scattergories are you are given a list of categories and a time limit. Then the letter dice is rolled and you have to come up with something that matches the letter and the category.

The object of this challenge is the same sort of thing as the board game. We give you a list of 12 categories/words and a letter and you find items that fit those categories in your books. The goal is to find all 12 items. You may use a book to fulfill as many categories as it fits (you don't have to read 12 books this month...don't worry!)
The first 6 categories will stay the same, the second 6 will be announced each month.

Please remember to add a link to the book, the author and give the date you finished reading it.

January Scattergories
Duration: January 1, 2018- January 31, 2018

Recurring Items:
1. Book Title: Full Package Lauren Blakely 1/12/18

2. Author: Tammy Falkner Tall, Tatted and Tempting 1/13/18

3. Main Character: Ford Kendrick His Cowboy Heart Jennifer Ryan 1/3/18

4. Secondary Character: Fletcher McCloud All I Want Is You Toni Blake 1/11/18

5. Place/Setting: Florida All I Want Is You Toni Blake 1/11/18

6. Item on cover: Fence
Her Renegade Rancher (Montana Men, #5) by Jennifer Ryan Her Renegade Rancher Jennifer Ryan 1/6/18

And the Specials for January are:
7. A reason to call 911 - fire Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore Matthew J. Sullivan 1/1/18 p 47 ... smelling, like a fire pit in the rain.

8. An item you take on a road trip - fresh clothes The Escape p 46 ... into his duffel, along with some fresh clothes and other travel essentials.

9. An everyday item - fork His Cowboy Heart Jennifer Ryan 1/3/18 Loc 734 Ford picked up his fork and a big bite ...

10. A tourist attraction - Fall Festival Lilac Lane Sherryl Woods 1/3/18 Attendance at the fall festival had never been higher.

11. Something you would buy for a child: Fireman's hat All I Want Is You Toni Blake 1/11/18 p 99 ...wearing a fireman's hat but otherwise dressed normally...

12. A shade of brown - flaxen The Last Camellia Sarah Jio 1/15/18 p 112 ...little Janie, who held a doll with flaxen hair in ...    

Your letter is:
marquee letter - f   

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