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WC Safari Bingo

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Travel Bingo Safari Bingo    

Safari Bingo
3 Months from Start Date

Everyone loves Bingo! Here's one with a safari twist. Look for an accompanying Safari Challenge next month.

Here's how it works:
Each bingo space has a “SAFARI” word in it - you complete a space one of FOUR ways & remember there is NO FREE SPACE:
1. Title Begins with the First OR Last letter of the Word (Use or Disregard A, An or The).
2. Author’s First AND Last Initials Found in the Word.
3. Word Found in the TITLE or TEXT of book. Please share "portion of text" with page/location if using the TEXT option.
4. Item found on cover - post cover.

You only need ONE of the above to complete the square AND you can mix and match tasks to complete a line. Be sure to tell us what task you used when posting completed squares. .

Choose a level of participation or work the levels as you go:
Level One: Complete One Line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
Level Two: Complete Two Lines
Level Three: Complete Three Lines
Level Four: Complete Four or More Lines

Challenge Rules: All forms of books are accepted as long as they are 100 pages or more. When posting updates of completed books, please include a link to the title and author’s name, along with the date you finished reading the book. Please post cover if it is task appropriate. When you have completed the challenge, please copy and paste your entire challenge and repost in a new message, letting us know it is completed.    

Safari Bingo
January 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Line One:
Opaki Title One of Us Is Lying Karen M. McManus 1/22/18
Helmet Title His Cowboy Heart Jennifer Ryan 1/3/18
Lantern Title Lilac Lane Sherryl Woods 1/3/18
Lion Title The Lullaby Girl Loreth Anne White 1/23/18
Sun Title Sex, Not Love Vi Keeland 2/2/18

Line Two:
Backpack Author's Initials The Lightkeeper's Daughter Colleen Coble 1/23/18
Hut Title Her Renegade Rancher Jennifer Ryan 1/6/18
Hippo Title Holiday Hearts: A Fairytale Christmas\The St. James Affair Susan Wiggs 2/2/18
Ranger Title Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do Michael Brandman 1/21/18
Giraffe Title The Girl From Ballymor Kathleen McGurl 1/12/18

Line Three:
Baboon Title Booty Call Ainsley Booth 1/31/18
Rhino Title Rattlesnake Crossing J.A. Jance 1/26/18
Safari Title Sweet Tea and Sympathy Molly Harper 2/10/18
Elephant Title The Escape David Baldacci 1/7/18
Binoculars Author's initials Full Package Lauren Blakely 1/12/18

Line Four:
Camera Title The Curse of Tenth Grave Darynda Jones 1/20/18
Cheetah Title Crown Jewels Ella James 1/25/18
Africa Title All I Want Is You Toni Blake 1/11/18
Fire Title last letter Every Day David Levithan 1/30/18
Crane Author's Initials Cherish Me, Cowboy Alissa Callen 1/13/18

Line Five:
Zebra Author's Initials Reaper A. Zavarelli 3/11/18
Stars Title Snow Angels James Thompson 2/15/18
Tent Title Tap Left A. Zavarelli 1/8/18
Jeep Title last letter Promise Not to Tell Jayne Ann Krentz 2/16/18
Hyena Title last letter Absinthe Winter Renshaw 2/6/18      

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