Saturday, January 20, 2018

GHRWAK Top Ten Favorite Reads of 2017 Challenge     

Gotta Have Romance with a Kick discussion on goodreads

Gotta Have Challenges Top Ten Favorite Reads of 2017 Challenge      

Challenge Runs: 1/1/2018 - 3/31/2018

In December, each person that joins the challenge lists their top 10 reads of 2017. Don't have 10? List as many as you can. We'll spend the month of December creating and adding to our lists.

In January, we read! And in February and March also!

Count points in the following way. For each book you read that

1) is on a fellow challengers list (exact book) - receive 3 points
2) is one that is part of a series that includes a book that is on one of your fellow challengers lists - receive 2 points
3) is by an author of a book on one of your fellow challengers lists - receive 1 point

BONUS: ADD another point for a book counted above:
1) if the book read is the first one you've read from that challengers list (i.e. try to read a book, a series book, or an author from as many fellow challengers lists as you can) - receive 1 point

How many points can you collect?


My Reads from friends:
From Penni:
Separation Games C.D. Reiss 4/2/18
also read Book #1
Marriage Games 4/1/18

From Carmen:
Even the Score Beth Ehemann 2/19/18

From Renégade ♥:
Witness in Death J.D. Robb 3/29/18 same series different number

Charley Davidson Series:The Curse of Tenth Grave Darynda Jones 1/20/18

From BarbaraAnn :
Stillhouse Lake Rachel Caine 5/6/18

From JC:
Once Burned Jeaniene Frost 3/4/18 same series different number

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