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TLC 2018 Olympics Challenge

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Quarterly Challenges 2018 Olympics Challenge      

This challenge has been adapted from Dawn (Kat N Hat)'s Olympic Challenge 2012 and 2016 Olympics Challenge.


The PyeongChang 2018 XXIII Olympic Winter Games runs from 9 February 2018 through 25 February 2018.

2018 Olympics Challenge
Duration: 3 months from your start date.
Directions: Pick your option and level, then complete that many tasks.

Bronze Medal:
1-5 tasks
Silver Medal: 6-12 tasks
Gold Medal: 13+ tasks  18 tasks

Option 1:
Use all of the categories.
Option 2:
Select which categories you want.


Category 1:
Spell the word using author's first or last name and titles (disregard a, an, the).


M Susan Mallery Second Chance Girl 2/4/18
E The Exile of Sara Stevenson Darci Hannah 2/3/18
D Dignity Jay Crownover 2/14/18
A Absinthe Winter Renshaw 2/6/18
L Love Unbroken J.H. Croix 2/9/18


Category 2: Events
Biathlon: Read a book where a character runs and shoots a gun OR with a long gun (not a pistol) on the cover.

Big Air Snowboarding:
Read a book where a person gets tricked OR a book with a person in the air on the cover.

Every Day (Every Day, #1) by David Levithan Every Day David Levithan 1/30/18

Bobsleigh: Read a book where a character is part of a 2 or 4 person team OR a book with a character or author who has a name (first or last) that begins with a B.
Rookie Move Sarina Bowen 2/10/18

Cross Country Skiing:
Read a book where a character goes across the "country" - (like on a hike or travels from one place to another) OR has COUNTRY in the title.
I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons Kevin Hart 1/28/18

Figure Skating:
Read a book where a character goes ice skating OR where a character always seems to spin or just circles around things in their life. (Open to your interpretation.)
Holiday Hearts: A Fairytale Christmas\The St. James Affair Susan Wiggs 2/2/18

Ice Hockey:
Read a book where a character gets into fights OR plays ice hockey.
Closer Than You Think Karen Rose 2/5/18

Mixed Doubles Curling:
Read a book with a man and a woman on the cover OR a title that has a word that ends with ED, S or ING.
Rattlesnake Crossing J.A. Jance 1/26/18

Skeleton: Read a book where a character goes "head-first" into something that is probably not a good idea OR a book with a skeleton or skull on the cover.
Fire at Dusk Lila Ashe 2/9/18

Skiing: Read a book with a title that has a word that starts with SK OR a book where a character shows their special skills or style. Tell us what that is!

Speed Skating:
Read a book where a character does something very fast (tell us what that is) OR a book with a title that has a word with consecutive double vowels.
Booty Call Ainsley Booth 1/31/18

Category 3: The XXXIII Olympiad
Read a book that is 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a series.
Like a Memory Abbi Glines 2/1/18

Read a book that is written by an author OR set in another host nation, that is not your own. - Winter Host Nation List
Read a book where a main character is an athlete.
Read a book where a character participates in the Olympics.
Read a book with a torch, or other flame, on the cover.

Read an award winning book.
Nestlé Smarties Book Prize for 9–11 years (2001)
Journey to the River Sea Eva Ibbotson 1/27/18

Read a book published in 2018.
Sex, Not Love Vi Keeland 2/2/18

Read a book set in winter.
Wild Adriane Leigh 1/31/18

Read a book published in February of any year.
Dangerous Games Lora Leigh 1/29/18

Read a book with a bear or tiger on the cover.


Challenge Rules
*For each book that you read please post a link to the book, the author and the date you finished it.
*Each book may only be used for one task or letter
*To count a book towards a challenge you must read the majority of it after the start date of the challenge.
* Where more than one option is given for a task, please state which option your book relates to.
*If the task relates to the cover of your book, please post the cover AND the book link.
*All genres and formats are fine.
*Re-reads are allowed.
*No page minimum.
*Please update your original post as you go.

*When you have finished, please re-post your whole challenge as a new message and MARK AS FINISHED or you will not be considered to have completed the challenge and we will not be able to award your Hall of Fame badge

(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for by the deadline, please re-post your challenge anyway as you may still be eligible for a lower level badge.)

Please use the TLC STANDARD RULES when participating in this challenge.
If you are not familiar with these rules, please click on the link and read them over.

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